Top 10 Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players


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1 f0rest

No one like him. The ultimate natural talent you can see.

By far longest career at the top and still going strong!

Gtr/f0rest, this time I chose f0rest

This player is retarded. But his good

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2 GeT_RiGhT

Got put into a random lobby with this guy. Flat out destroyed us 52-4. Incredible player

I voted for GeT_RiGhT because I'm not retarded.

GeT_RiGhT Aka the clutch machine, if you ever have seen a clutch for nip it gotta be get_right doing it!

Constantly plays at such a high level for such a long time

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3 shox

Shox is my favourite player, he have the best reaction shot and the most deadly skill in my opinion

Moved out of Titan because he wanted sex life with his girlfriend

I really enjoy to watch him play he is probably the best I've ever seen last night he just had a bad game.

One of the best in game leaders of today

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4 jw

Jw is as of right now the lead player on fntaic he is carrying them and he is the best right now.

As of right now he is the best in the world.

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5 ScreaM

I believe he has the best aim here, however; he doesn't have the movement skills and knowledge to truly reach his full potential. I think he should be in a solid 4th place.

ScreaM has the best aim when it comes to Counter Strike, and he's really improved a lot since he got swapped from Titan to Epsilon~! He outranks the entire Titan team now, ScreaM really deserves number one spot.

Scream: They talk about my one taps

ScreaM has unreal onetap talent. Absolute brilliance. Deserves the number 1 hands-down

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6 KennyS

His reaction time is the best I've ever seen. He is the whole team of Titan. Without him, his team would be nothing.

Nobody carries his (/her, gotta acknowledge the gamer girls out there) like KennyS does. He's on a whole other level than everyone else. Best AWPer in the world, bar none

More people need to vote for KennyS.. He's not the best rifler in the world but he's pretty kick ass with an AWP.

720 no scoped me across the map through the wall 0.02 seconds after the round started with a zeus on Dust 2 10/10

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7 Hiko

Does things that no1 else can do! Incredible clutch player!

Hiko are you kidding, it was a eco not for winning

Too good in those clutch moments

Hiko is simply de_best

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8 device

He is one of the best, he is one of the top 5 players I would say

I will eat his booty if he teaches me how to play

He is rlly good at both AWPing and Rifling so therefore he deserves to be in the top ten C:

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9 GuardiaN

A player like GuardiaN comes 1 in trillion!

I think his reaction is not as good as KennyS but his ability to stay calm and land clutch snipes. Also how he beat kennyS in a 1v1

The best AWPer in cs:go history, will be named among the likes of Markelof and Roca of AWPing (I'm aware that those guys play in 1.6) - Unseptium

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10 Olofmeister

He should be in the first place this list is outdated he is the best players his USP shots are just amazing

Very Versatile Player just Incredible

Can handle any weapon, just incredible

He is one of the only players in the world who can master the awp rifles and pistols (tec-9meister)

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? stewie2k

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11 Dosia V 3 Comments
12 n0thing

Consistent at supporting and always trades/frags when he needs to

Really beast when he play, also pro rapper

His rifling skills are the best

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13 FalleN

The leader of the best organization in the world.

He is the best player in the world

Ultimate skills provided by hard work and determination. on top of this he has grown fancy with all firearms and practices with teamates to get the best strategy

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14 dupreeh V 3 Comments
15 Pasha

Pasha is that guy that is not your friend, but your brother, my friend

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16 flusha

Is Flusha better at eating Hotdogs or fragging in CsGo, I honestly don't know

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17 KQLY V 9 Comments
18 xyp9x V 1 Comment
19 Snax V 7 Comments
20 markeloff V 5 Comments
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