Top Ten Countries with the Best Lifestyle

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Canada is a free country. Canadians are very friendly, I live there, and we have a lot of stuff that other nations lack. A nation of freedom and no corruption, I would recommend people to immigrate and live in Canada.
I think exactly the same, I've been there 3 times and loved how the people of Canada treated you, unlike the UK, Canada actually had people that where very very helpful, at the house we stayed in, the neighbor brought us a Christmas cake even though we only talked to her once. The beauty of Canada is amazing, as well as the amazing buildings and waterfalls.
What a country!
Canada is awesome, its unique lifestyle and the way the Canadian natives associate with us is simply awesome! It is naturally beautiful with its surroundings as well as arts and architectures.. We as humans living with Canadians are better!
[Newest]Canada is awesome! But... I never been there.
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Simple life and very low crime rate! The best country to visit despite the fact that it is the most expensive country in the world, that is. Also, contrary to popular belief, Japanese people are not as racist than people think and it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Hurrah! Banzai!


They have many beautiful sight seeing places to seek, low crime rates, very delicious and healthy foods, and they have the longest life spans in the world.
In america, there are very talented individuals who have many envious enemies that puts them down, in japan, all you do is hardwork, lesser fights, lesser accidents, lesser trolls and crazy individuals


[Newest]Seems like a beautiful, almost magical lifestyle and place to be. I love the outgoing fashion and the beauty of their culture.


I love Italy! I have been there about a hundred times. The people are so emotional and so funny and the architecture is beautiful and the language too. The food is the best in the world and the ice cream can be called ice cream. If heaven was in earth, it would probably be in Italy.
The old streets and plazas make it a great location for lovers of the old
Japan? U.S.A? I know... a lot of U S.A. and Japan citizen vote for our country. But Italy are better than Japan...
[Newest]It's a country where you feel the History everywhere, I prefer to live in a country with billions of ancient paintings and ancient things than in a place with brand new supermarket, and moreover, the capitalism in Italy is different then in other developed countries

I live here, and I couldn't ask for a better lifestyle. I have a great education and health care is free, well unless you count the taxes, the history behind England is immense, there is so much to do and learn and a nice quick escape from the cities is the countryside which takes little less than an hour. There are some amazing people who live around here and honestly it's truly awesome.


Actually I have been to England ^^ to me I think it's the best country I ever imagined it could be ^^ plus it's my favourite comparing with the others. So I hope who ever goes there will love it! Cause I do laugh out loud! The greenary places, the culture, the style it's incredible to me ^^ everyone else. Guess what I'm a student actually but my mom promised me if I get good marks at all subjects then my dream must ^^ will be fulfilled for sure! Yay! My dream is: to settle in uk/ England! Forever! So for sure I will make good marks and that's a promise to my parents! Won't give up! So everyone please pray for me!
And may yours be the same as mine! Thanks a lot everyone! Please vote for England like I did everyone! Thanks! So much!
I live in the states. but England is by far where I want to live when I grow up. Everyone there is so sweet and they all eat so healthy. It really helps you to stay fit. You walk everywhere and there are so many sights to see. I can't believe England isn't first on this list.

Germany is the best exporter in the world, and why?
Because of high tech stuff, sports clothing and CARS CARS AND CARS!
They make the definitely best cars in the whole world, Audi rules!
So much brands are from Germany, THEY have the best lifestyle!
[Newest]Germany should be number 1, and I'm Canadian!

Having been to many other countries and having lived in Australia for over twenty years I can safely say that Australia is a really good place to live. Its on par with France for food. Great weather and a sound medical system. No one can match that at present.
Australia by far the best lifestyle. Laugh out loud at number 7? , guys, we need to get australia to number 1. Australia is so awesome. This is very inaccurate, a country with best 'lifestyle' should be a country with an unemployment rate
I have been to 50 countries, and stayed in all the top 10 countries in this list for good duration of time. Australia is the most outsanding amongst the all. Aussies are super nice and smart. Good food and lots lots of space. Medical system is good, although at the expense of higher tax. Overall, I would recommand evey serious life style oriented people to vist Australia!
[Newest]Australia has a great Lifestyle with all those migrants it's in peace so far I'm lovin the weather ♥

7United States of America
You know, once you get past the fact everyone hates America, it's a pretty nice place to live. It's the richest nation in the world with (probably) the best living space, and chances are, if you can afford to live in America, you're kinda already rich, globally speaking.


America isn't as great as it used to be. The only thing that we're good at is that we have at least some jobs, thought they're low paying, and education.


I love how all the Americans saying their country is SO great don't explain why it's great. As for other countries, you get well-written comments about why the country in question is a good place to live. The USA is an awful country, and it's a FACT!

I live in France, it's a very varied and beautiful country. You can enjoy the longest holidays in the world, go skiing, go to the seaside and there's the best food in the world, truly!
I can't believe France is not N.1 or at least N.2.
The only reason I'm learning French is so I can come to France! (; I'm from the US

I been to Sweden about 6 times in my life and I'm thinking of moving there, the people are so nice and friendly and its a really beautiful country. Maybe even the best place to live ever.
Oh nice place, too green, airy places wide range of wild life, excellent infrastructure I never assume a country before sweden Best Love places, nice culture
Have been there about a hundred times. The people are so emotional and so funny and the architecture is beautiful and the language too. Best climate in the world from the snowey mountains to the green pacific coast or the tropical rain forest.
[Newest]I moved to Sweden soon. This is lovely country and very hygienic.

Rich cultural heritage and most diverse country in the world. Anybody in search of PEACE comes to a country with 2nd highest population//sounds BIZARRE? ,

Besides we are always your YOGA and KAMASHUTRA guru...
Easy going lifestyle of india is INCREDIBLE. Most diverse country in world. Full of different cultures and lifestyles. India is one country whose heritage, culture and lifestyle is to explore for.
India is a most famous country there are many places to seen and india is a best all activities and indias life style is very good
[Newest]I love the life rural India.

The Contenders

Spain is amazing! I love it so much. The laid-back lifestyle, the great people, the delicious food. It's a beautiful country with so much to offer. I want to move there after college.. It's an awesome country
By far the most hedonistic lifestyle in the world

Best country in the world!

13Costa Rica

14South Korea
This is really a good place especially at night/midnight because Koreans really have fun. There are videoke bars, restaurants, parks. I love to go to South Korea because they are greeting and welcoming you nicely! And because there's KPOP you will really have fun.. They are pretty and really HANDSOME! You can search about kpop :)) their music and dance craze are really unique.. In the park, you can taste their street foods and things that are made from Korea
Maybe not the best homes to live in, but tons to do if you live in a big city.
I love kpop and the culture visit namsan tower at night

Socially the best country in the world!
Liberalization for EVERYONE!
Relax in the parks with some marihuana and some heineken!
I agree Holland is the best country in the world! 100% totally! it's only not so big as America or Canada
Great place, recommend it! Canals, water, nice people and really respect foreigners. Fantastic lifestyle.


Happy, friendly and safe, you can feel relax and at peace but never bored, they have an interesting culture and don't desciminate against it maori people. It is the most diverse and beautiful country with great city, it
Takes care of its people and landscape and is really well developed and has high education levels. You will have a great lifestyle and be able to enjoy the landscape, its the best country.
Philippines is a great place to live because...
-the filipinos
We have one unique character. It's being hospitable.
-the beaches
Yes, very awesome beaches especially El Nido, Palawan thta you'll always want to come back.
Its more fun here in the phil., very religious people.. And hospitable
[Newest]This country is the best we love helping each other

Freedom, alcohol at any place, good food, good drugs, everything is cheap, women are beautiful, you need something else?
the attractons in mexico make it the perfect place to getaway
Mexico is fun to go to have a vacation

18New Zealand
Why isn't New Zealand on the list. Its an amazing country. So amazing that its city Auckland was voted 3rd Best City to live in 2012. There's plenty of wide space and it ain't polluted like cities in Asia. New Zealand is peaceful!
Um why isn't new zealand on this list? If there's China then why isn't there New Zealand? Its probable one of the only places where you can see the stars clearly in the most populated city!
I come from the UK and from what I know New Zealand is Heaven on earth with its small population, most beautiful and diverse landscapes, a good and safe government, frieldnly and happy atmosphere with beautiful cities. Auckland is the best in landscape, creativity and welcoming atmospere where london is all work and no play. Greatest nation EVER! Better than australia
[Newest]13th is an insult!

Highest life expectancy, not that much war going on. What more could you ask for?
Monaco is small, but a great place to live.
Expensive but still a great place to live. Monaco has casinos and beacches and exitement A warm climate, unnlike Gerrmany or Sweden. And No horrible diseases or slums unlike India.

Nice place and lovely weather.
Great country! Clean! Nice weather! Great scape! Friendly very friendly!

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