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Canada. Proud to live here. One of the most natural countries. I live in Vancouver, and for all of the people who say it's boring, it's not. Rain is a downside but that also means that we can plant tropical plants in a colder country! Plus, we are used to that. (Everybody realizes that the people not wearing jackets are tourists. ) yes the housing, but places like Toronto have cheaper housing, so that evens it out. We are not racist, though I was very sad to see Our people being racist to Chinese, but now, it's changed. Plus, where else in the world can you ski in Canada where you can't anywhere else? I can't tell you much about other places, but I know at Vancouver, we can ski in a averagely warm weather. Bring a jacket in case! If you don't want something simple like Seymour and grouse or cypress, go to whistler, an amazing resort unquestionably the best resort in the world. Sun peaks resort at okanagon is a very good place as well. Meet loons, ducks, Eagles, Hawks, songbirds, ...more

This year I studied in Australia for 6 months, visited New Zealand for a month, spent two months in South East Asia and I spent another month divided between France, England, the Netherlands and Italy. Although I loved each country for its unique qualities, none of them compared to Canada, where I was born and raised. We have a vast array of landscapes, residents from every country in the world, year round festivals and fun activities to do. Also, if you like sports, we have the best of both worlds with outdoor activities in the summer and hockey, skiing and snowboarding in the winter! Although excessive pride may be a very dangerous thing, I very much love being Canadian

One of the comments I read is that "Canada is strong and free, has good people, good economy, amazing natural areas," etc. And I definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY agree with the person on that one. :) Canada is the best country hands-down. Not only that, but aside from economical terms and healthcare systems compared to other countries, there are virtually no arrogance, just assertiveness. No bashing, just acceptance. Rather than being indifferent and inconsiderate, the Canadians in general are friendly and creative. Canadians are truly independent, good at the heart and mind (with their amazing manners and etiquettes), and of course, polite.

To simplify it all, Canada is even better than my home country. And I'm PROUD to admit that. Besides... Living in Canada for 6 years in my life is MUCH better than even living a year here. Great childhood. Memorable middle school years. Don't get me wrong; a part of me is still patriotic and willing to love my own country, but ...more

Canada is rich with the most important thing in life: kind and caring people. I think our climate has shaped us in this regard. Canadians have an innate sense of cooperation and a strong sense of community, because they quickly realize that if they don't work together, they would not survive the harsh winters, with 6 feet of snow and brutal cold. That is why we don't have a massive homeless problem in Canada, and people work to get along, because anyone physically homeless is basically a popsicle stick by late fall. If not by fall, then definitely by January or February, our two coldest months of the year, where temps can reach -35C with a wind chill factor. Those 2 months I would probably like to be in a warmer climate like Cuba or Florida, but for the other 10 months it's pretty amazing. Except they are geoengineering (aka Solar Radiation Management, cloud seeding, albedo enhancement, high altitude aerosol spraying, etc.) our climate now, keeping us colder, even in summertime, so ...more

Just spent the last year in North America. It's mind-boggling how many Americans (people from the USA have assumed laid claim to the demonym for people from the Americas) truly believe everyone in the world wants to live in the USA. After a few months in various locations across their country, you get a complete picture of how ignorant, arrogant, and self-serving these people are. Follow this with the same amount of time in Canada and you quickly realize who has quietly become the mature, intelligent, and confident true leader of North America. With 10% of the population, sure they aren't the economic engine or military power of the world. But they have the stability, vision, and leadership qualities of a country that people around the world respect. Thank you Canada for my experience in your beautiful country. USA, I will do what many others around the world do... Pitty you.

Canada is the best country ever! Its even got the 2010 winter Olympics coming to Vancouver - gunsnroses44

I like Canada because I live there and I see no racism and there not much crime so its quite peaceful and have a really great education for kids and teenagers and Canada is a mixed economy which means that all kinds of religion, colors and kinds are allowed and are not always being offended by other religions

In Canada you can always make a friend, find someone of your own nationality and get what ever you want. If you live in Canada you get the best possible health care and financial aid. In Canada you won't find any racists, rebels, terrorists or anarchists. We are the second biggest country in the world ( after Russia ) and we are only touching one country; our ally the USA. We are oil rich and have a strong Economy. Our great nation has not had a single blight on its beautiful history of unison and diversity at the same time. That is something no other country has and ever will achieve. Canada truly is the best country in the world:)!

Canada is definitely the best country. (Especially the province Alberta) We have free health care, we are peaceful and we don't have wars with any countries. I fail to see how the U.S. is above us. Our province has no debt, (unlike USA) and along with our health care we are just all around better then any other country.

I vote for Canada because of the people. The nicest most welcoming and most tolerant people in the world live in Canada.
Now it's not just the people, the quality of life in the country is the highest in the world (along with Australia) and comparing to other countries the job market and the economy are both great, taxes are pretty low.
And let's not forget.. The best national anthem in the world!
Love you Canada!

I'm not just voting for Canada because I'm canadian because its a country that has a lot to offer. It is a place that has a lot of fun urban parts like Vancouver, Toronto Ottawa but it also has great landscaping like imagine the beautiful pacific coast in British Columbia and the boats docking in the Maritimes I love my country! It is a pretty neutral and welcoming country! Visit if you can!

A Canadian of Indian origin (Second-Gen) Canada has to be one of the best countries to live in. A lot of people claim multiculturalism can't work? It's not perfect but the fact that so many races/religions can live in one country in relative peace and minimal isolation is great. Canada is the best country ever! Proud to be Canadian.

Errr... No racism? Really? Did you live in the same Canada as I did? Vancouver was pretty diverse and accepting but Quebec wasn't much better than when I lived in the states. As far as wars go we get involved in almost every war the U.S does. Honestly, I think we have a lot of the same problems but get away with it cause our population is smaller. We might even be WORSE than the U.S in the way we treat our indigenous population. I have dual citizenship in the U.S and Canada, but I've always identified more as Canadian. I think we're about the same as the U.S in a lot of ways and that neither of us should be the #1 country. Maybe Switzerland or something, their standard of living is super high. If Cascadia (Vancouver, Washington State, Oregon, and Northern California) was a country like I wish it was then I would vote for that.

There is no feeling like touching down on a lake in Northern Ontario, knowing that, perhaps, you are the first human ever to see this place. So much of our great dominion is still untouched and pure.

Politically, we have close ties to both Britain and America. Our system of government, a constitutional monarchy, is second to none. It combines ancient traditions with modern freedom, and the two have a seamless boundary.

God keep our land, glorious and free. - beatles

Canada should be #1 because everyone sees us as eskimos and polar bears. In California, if its below 9 degrees celsius its like "GET ON YOUR COATS, WERE GONNA GET FROST BITE! " I mean come on! Whats the big deal about Canada being cold. Were 2nd biggest country in the world, we have amazing weather (Everyone thinks its cold because we do the celsius thing and U. S uses fahrenheit), and we are VERY sorry for Justin Bieber, not everyone can predict when an ass will be made (who cares anyways, america was tons anyways)

I'm Italian and I think Canada is the best place in the whole Earth.

Sure, their food and weather sucks, and their history is poor (well, I'm used to Italy so understand me...) but it's a safe country, with a strong economy and job opportunities, the people are nice and polite, beautiful houses, breathtaking landscapes, Nature everywhere. I'm planning to move there soon. Canadians are maybe the most friendly people you could ever meet!

Their "cousins" should learn how to be good people from them:

Canada is the hat? No, is the HEAD.

USA is the bum.

Canada is the best Country in the world hands down. Other Countries don't have stability, security and multiculturalism like Canada does. It's the Country of freedom and pluralistic. Look at our backyard, it's got Canadian rockies everywhere.

Over all I say Canada, we get along with everyone, unless they try stepping on us, then look out, we are easy going, have much land and lots of water is usually clean for swimming in and fishing, our forests are rich with woods and also our farms are rich with harvests, and usually the worst we have to face is a little cold and snow, and most of our snow comes to us by way of the USA to the south of us.

Canada is amazing, are nice people nice FOOD! And nice city's. This country is Number one! A site won't tell us wrong! Are you with me CANADIANS we must push Canada to number one make Canada 100% Nice and Amazing. Are you with me. Make the people rule! No government no Harper only CANADIANS! WELCOME EVERYONE! WE ARE CANADIANS WE ARE THE BEST!

Canada is the best country in the world, because is one of the most safest country in the world and it is very easy for a student to get a job in Canada. Canada is my dream country, I would like to spend the rest of my life in Canada.

Politics aside, Canada is a beautiful country and it's been a mixed immigrant land for so long that no one cares where you come from, where you've been, what colour your skin is etc. True North Strong and Free indeed. Mind you, hockey is pretty much the one time you DO see people get ugly with each other! Laugh out loud

Most fighter plane aces of the 20th century.
Ended WW2 with the 3rd largest navy in the world.
During both WW, started with a tiny military and ended with a huge one.
Despite the majority being civilians with no military experience, quickly became the most feared enemy of Germans and their allies.
When the Germans saw Canadians brought to the front, they prepared for an attack.
Despite their small size, were given their own beach (juno) on D-Day, and despite the facing the second toughest resitance (after omahah), pushed farther inland and completed more objectives than the US or Brits.
2nd battle Ypres, Germans used chlorine gas. French retreated while Canadians held, reformed the line and held of the Germans.
Many battles like Vimy ridge (ww1) and battle of Ortana (ww2)
Many military innovations such as Platoons and urban warfare (ortana)
Much much more, not to mention economy, natural beauty, and culture
The colonial nations (Australia, New Zealand, ...more

Canada should be number one. We don't have trillions of debt, *cough*, U. S. A. We certainly don't have any child labor, like India. Free speech, freedom of religion, education is a must, how are we not number 1?

Canada should be the #1 country in the world because it has good benefits that the people need most especially in health care and the government takes good care of the people. There are a lot of immigrants living in Canada and I'm glad that Canada has Anti-discrimination law and people here know their rights and can be able to protect themselves. In terms of the environment, Canada has a very clean environment and has many places that the country is proud of.

Canada is the best country! More people around the world move to Canada then any other place. We're not racist, healthcare is great and it's beautiful. I've actually heard of people on vacation pretending to be Canadian so people will like them, people like Canada and therefor, Canadians!