Best Cover Songs by Robin Ariel Ross St. Claire Holgate On Youtube

This is a list of ten of the most popular cover songs sung by Robin Holgate on Youtube, based on global recognition, comments, and views.

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1The Innocent Prisoners Lament

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard about Truth Justice and the American Way! Well Written and beautifully sung with Heart Soul and Integrity, Go check it out Ya All, Robin Ariel is a Rising Star!

The singer of this song sounds horrid but the song itself is awesome. Fabulous, meaningful lyrics that convey an important message about the innocence of some prisoners

This is a great protest type song which holds a message loud and clear about how the sytem unfolds it's wrongful convictions without searching for the truth. Innocent victims are sent to prison for crimes uncommitted and we wonder just how long it can go on.

2All Winter Long In Vermont

This is an awesome song in relation to one of the Great States of the Republic of The United states Of America "Vermont" and I thought that as a state that recieves little attention from the world this might bring some of that attention to a Hard Working people of a Great State.

3Dallas Days and Fortworth Nights

This was a phenomenal live sing performance by Robin Ariel and can still be found on some internet sites. Fantastic high energy show

This song has Country Rock Flare and a little EXTRA Awesome Entertainer.

4Big Ole' Truck
5Follow Me
6Drinkin Bone
7All My Friends
9Summer's Comin
10Who's Cheatin Who?
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