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The Beliebers
Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Haha that's all I can really say. I mean I am not trying to hate but they're are many... Many girls who flip... And I mean flip when one of his songs is on the radio or something... Haha
I am sure that when it comes to talking about justin bieber you are going to die because you messed with the wrong fanbase and I know because I'm a belieber
If you are crazy enough to cut yourself because some deranged celebrity it's smoking weed, or if you have no respect for yourself to let him spit on you, or put your phone down his pants. Then, you need help. Like lots of it.
[Newest]We do not mean crazy in a good way you idiots! And I can't believe the majority of people commenting here are Beliebers! I hate Justin Bieber so much!

Everyone on here seems to think that being number one most crazy is a compliment. I don't think so. One Direction's fanbase is definitely crazy, and not in a good way. They told Alex Gaskarth to kill himself, and a five-year-old girl while they were at it. All of you Directioners should feel ashamed because 1) you are horrible to people who don't like One Direction and 2) you listen to 5 irritating boys who can't even sing, much less write their own songs.
We should be like number 1, 2 or 3. We're like psychotic barbarians. We are definitely crazy, we are like the craziest person you'll ever met. I mean like, have you seen a directioner account on twitter/tumblr? We are totally cray cray. Yup! We talk about 1D non-stop, all day all night. The fandom that has a fandom in it. We're also the awesomest fanbase ever! Hahajk. But seriously though, we are.
We're pretty crazy, but I good kind. I'm surprised we're not like at number 1, 2, or 3... We know almost everything about them... And we're the biggest and we're just not like the peaceful fandoms... Why are we not at 1 though? Has anyone SEEN our twitter accounts? We're the craziest, most perverted, strangest fan base EVER.
[Newest]Why are we number 2 I think we should be 1
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3Football fans
They are so stupid! What's the big deal about football? A lot of people at my school (even the girls, and EVEN the girly girls) are GOING CRAZY when there's a big game going on. They say to the teachers, did you see the game? Who's team do you like? And if they like a team they don't like they think they're weird. It's so annoying! Me and my family, (even my dad) are not fond of football. We never go to games. And I'm glad.
Ya know, when people keep talking about things you're not interested in, it tends to be annoying. That doesn't mean it's bad- you've probably got interests other people think are crazy.

Yes, I am a (aussie) football fan, and yes, I am probably biased, but you are more so.


They show no mercy.
They will smile as they slowly drain the life from you.
They are..
Football fans.
They will tear all of you to shreds


4Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom

5Michael Jackson fans
Poor MJ, a music god yet his annoying fan base that will go crazy if you dislike the slightest thing about him, makes him look bad, you never know, his ghost could be watching over his fans, and he may be insulted or laughing AT the extremists
After MJ's death they became extremely rude to other artists and their fan bases. Get a Life guys! You only give a bad name to MJ fan base. I don't think Michael would appreciate it


We're not crazy ok? Why people think that? We're sad because we lost our idol. A true singer!

6Pokemon Genwunners

7Sonic fans
There's rants on characters, rants on games, arguments, dumb stories and fan art. OOH, THE FAN ART!
"New Sonic character... Must... Draw... PORN OF IT! " (probably, most of the time at least, has something to do with a foot fetish)
I am sick and frigging tired of people who act like all Sonic fans are furries. Just because I like a video game doesn't mean that I am turned on by animals!

They are the CRAZIEST fans on earth! They can accidentally call you Harry or Hermione... Or even forget functions of Muggle (human) ordinary objects! You can never insult their fandom in front of them. With the highest grossing movie franchise and best-selling book series in the world, no-one will question their devotion to their fandom!
They are weird. Sometimes I think they are crazy. No offense


They're called Potterheads. Not Pottermania.

9Twilight fans
They are really obsessive and literally ignore whoever said anything bad about Twilight. No offense but the books or the movies weren't great. Over-used plot story with another cliche love triangle. They act like there is nothing better than Twilight but in honesty those movies are for hormonal teens.
They are crazy! I have heard of 3 different accounts of twilight fans trying to kill non-fans for just saying they don't like it. I mean come on kill people?
Totally! They are so addicted.

10SkyDoesMinecraft Fans

The Contenders

11Brutal Video Games fans

Hows this not number 1


We WHOVIANS are crazy, especially SUPERWHOLOCKIANS. We're downright sociopaths

14Little Monsters
Of Corse.. Hell yaa I amm to

15Team Mindless
The absolute craziest of them all! Mindless Behavior fans will tear any other fan base to absolute shreds. NO COMPARISON!

1690's Kids
They are always complaining about how bad this generation is. There is nothing wrong with this generation can you guys please get a life.

17Sones (Girls' Generation fans)
Craziest fanbase ever. When you criticize them, they will cut your head and curse you. Besides they do violence on other fans who dislike their 9 sluts
Sones is a most craziest fandom
Most craziest fandom forever! They like fanwar with other fandoms. Go to hell yeah SONES!

18Kamal Haasan Fans
I am proud to be a kamal fan.

19Miley Cyrus fans
Yeah we are crazy! And crazy people are not boring. So stupid minded people shouldn't comment rudely. Many haters just say why we are still support Miley. We support Miley because we love her. Love never changes. We are crazy about Miley. Yeah true. We are crazy about her songs. She is most talented and amazing singer in the earth. We love you Miley. Don't care about the haters. We'll always love you.
I'm obsessed with Miley Cyrus she is so amazing
They are boring like snail, they are unhealthy, stupid like nerd and they do that with tongue
[Newest]We are crazy for Miley and we are proud with that.

20Bad Brains Fans


22Howard Stern Fans
Have you heard his talk shows or watched America's Hot Talent?!


23Beatles Fans
They always say rude things to other artist. I don't think John Lennon will appreciate what you fans are talking crap on other artist. Get a life and just listen to their music.
Their fans go crazy and mad when they see the fab four

24Slayer Fans
Slayer! They have awesome fans unlike Megadeth fans.
One word. SLAYEEERR! Oh and Dave kicks ass
Megadeth is great their fans suck big time
Slayer fans are the best headbangers ever

Someone had to say it. This group of 30 year olds finds out you don't watch a show for 5 year old girls and they will attack you like a pack of rabid dogs.

And don't even get me started on all the "original characters" and the group of this type so large that they have a name for it... "Cloppers"
My description: a bunch of middle-aged men who watch a show meant for 6 year old girls.

26Arianators (Aireyanuh)
The moon clique thingy. Ariana rocks
"I'm an arianator and proud to say that we are cray cray :P"

I'm not an Arianator, but I can agree that the fans are "cray cray."

Hetalians are crazy, but they know more about history then you ever will.


We're the kids who giggle nonstop in history class, refer to group discussions as world me things or G8 meetings, actually resech things for fun, and use history as shipping fuel.
As a Hetalian, I sometimes feel that I'm ashamed to be one. I hate it when other Hetalians shove their Yaoi pairings down our throats, mainly because some of us (ME) hate yaoi and get annoyed with hearing "USUK IS SO KAWAII-DESU! 1! ". I REALLY REALLY hate it when they think that "War is kawaii! " and "Nazis are Kawaii-Desu~". WAR IS NOT CUTE. NEITHER ARE NaziS. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE DIED IN WAR AND IN THE HANDS OF NaziS, HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT BOTH OF THOSE THINGS ARE CUTE? Ahh... Now that I've got that out of my system, let's move on. I also hate it when they start screaming on and on about which nation is theirs. I do admit to having a big crush on America, but I don't start screaming and squealing on and on for 4 hours on how he woiuld be mine... Doing that is a bit creepy... Also, come on guys. Hurting other people just because they don't like your your favorite character or pairing? The final thing I hate about the fanbase is that I get really annoyed with how the fangirls portray France as a rapist... He just loves love, okay? It seems that they always forget important things that France sai. They only think "HONHONHONHON~" (I watch the sub, I don't know) when they think of him. They should think about the most important thing he has ever said, which is "Love is something that shouldn't be forced on others." Wow. If only the fangirls listened to that... Then the Hetalia fanbase wouldn't have as big of problems as it already has...

28Rihanna fans
Nobody fans go harder than Rihanna Navy baby! #NavyRDie

Okay I think this fandom is the weirdest and craziest fandom I've ever been in.. The people are all nuts and are probably on crack 24/7. And I love them all.
These kids are scary. Being the worst stalker fans out there. Talk about a nightmare
Some just annoy me to the max. Some.

Can we tie this in we Sherlock? Not only the UK. I'm an American teenager
In the UK at least anyway.
The fan base of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch


We're fearless that's why were CRAZY, and were Happy, Free, Confused, Lonely at the same time :D
I freak out whenever Taylor comes on! I love her so much. Best. Fanbase. Ever.!
GO SWIFTIES! I am an absolute freak-out when it comes to Taylor

They are a bunch of retarded things
ELF is stupid. Bisa2nya ngebunuh orang. Dasar bego

34Apple fanbase

Every time when they meet Shia LaBeouf, they always think of him as Sam Witwicky! When he gets in serious situations, they always expect to see Bumblebee come rescue him, when in reality it didn't happen. They always repeat his lines from the movies and they can't stop letting him go! When they see him, they don't just think of him as actor, they even think of him as Jesus Christ the saviour!

36Bacon Fans

Maybe there is some other crazy fan bases on other planets.
I mean, damn... The Aliens will seriously cut, bite, scratch, and/or kill whoever insults their boys! Wheter it's a comment on Bill's style and use of makeup, their accents, or Tom's style. Even their music! Tokio Hotel's Aliens area truly dedicated and CRAZY fanbase, needless to say... Not that it's essentially a terrible thing;) But it's all in dedication! Many Aliens owe their lives to these boys, not to mention their good looks! So if you decide to insult them, EVER... RUN. FAR. For your own sake. Words of wisdom.

We are crazy for our queen, like we would do anything to meet her. We're dedicated.


39Supernatural Fans
I think that this quote by our overlord sums is up: "I think cult is probably a fair term to apply to the Supernatural fandom."
Yes. Yes, we are a cult. That's the perfect term.

40Black Veil Brides
How are they crazy? Not crazy enough to go around looking for information like the Directioners... I'm not even going as far as telling you what people know about 1D... Or think they know

My chemical romance, enough said.

42Michael Bay Fans
Most of them dissed on his first Transformers film just because there's not enough explosions and not enough giant robot fights. Pathetic. Which is why they praised Revenge of the Fallen just because they have what they wanted. They refuse to get enough explosions and anything else Michael Bay has in store. They are that crazy.

43The Ramones fans

44Sex Pistols Fans

45The Stooges Fans

46Jonas Brothers Fans

47Lil Wayne Fans
They go around saying "n**** and they're not even black.

OK we might don't be a huge fandom but we are quite a big family! The girls are the pure definition of talented, beautiful, funny and much more!
" I mean their fans are totally obsessed with them. And Perrie's engagment to One Direction's Zayn Malik just makes them even more obsessed and crazy. MIXER'S! WOHOO!

49Rush fans
Even the band itself is held hostage, and has been for decades. Their fanatics are everywhere, and if you do not accept the band as your Lords and Saviors then prepare for the worst in nerd rage. Oh, and did I mention there's fanfic? Google "Dirxst" and be traumatized for life.

50Team Breezy
Team Breezy is the best fan base in the whole entire world. We go hard and we never go home. We are with Chris until the end. Team Breezy For Life. Chris will always be my fave no matter what. ♡
"The most dedicated fan base since Michael Jackson" that's pretty LOYAL if you ask me
We 're The Most Craziest Fan Base All Over The Nation 💖

Record sales don't lie. Stans understands what really a music is.
How come Belibers and Directioners top the list with such record sales?
What kinda hardcore obsessed fans doesn't buy their records? Believe me they just like the young surgical faces and nothing more.
10 years from now, they will be known as the lamest fans.

52Warrior Cats Fans
Idiots all the way


54Madders (Madonna Fans)
All hail the queen and her gays. Best and the most solid fanbase for over 30 years now

55Britney Army (Britney Spears Fans)

56Kpop Fans

57Team Crafted Fans

58Lupita Nyong'o Fans
They are always talking down people with dark skin.
They talk down people with light skin. We don't care stupid Lupita. Quit bragging

59Earthbound/Mother Fans

60Percy Jackson Fans
We will literally Photoshop Percy's face on the Little Mermaid and worship Greek gods. Also, Perssasy, Annafab, Piperlicious, and many others. That's all you need to know.

6190s fans


We may not be THE craziest, but we are pretty crazy! Who doesn't love that precious angel-faced gentleman? Ehehehe nobody.

64Duck Dynasty Fans

65Hello Kitty Fans

665SOS Fans
I have a friend who will not shut up about these people. THEY'RE NOT EVEN THAT GREAT!


67Rocko Fans

68Frehley/Criss Purists
These guys can be kind of nasty, even to other KISS fans
I personally think that all of the members of KISS, former and current, have brought something new and unique to the table, or have at least held up their position. I liked the KISS lineup with Ace and Peter, but the fact is, they don't want to be in KISS anymore.
Ace is working on his own projects, and Peter has more or less retired.
If the other members of KISS want to keep going without Ace amd Peter, that is their right. Tommy and Eric have done just as good a job as Ace and Peter. Some people just want to go see the band they
Liked growing up, so of course Tommy and Eric will use the original makeup.
The F-C purists can't accept that people differ from them. They are super nasty to Paul and Gene, and try to curse out people that like anyone besides Peter and Ace.
Look, if you don't like the current lineup, don't listen to them. It's that easy. You don't have to start flame wars with people who like the current lineup. I stopped listening to Guns n' Roses after Slash, Duff, and Izzy left, but I don't go around randomly insulting people who like Chinese Democracy! People have a right to their opinion.
Note: this pod t is not meant in any way to insult Ace, Peter, or their fans. This is only against those who are nasty to other fans for liking different lineups.

69Clannad After Story Fans
Equivalent to directioners only worse.


70Anime Fans
These people.. I hate how they constantly say that anime is better than Western animation. Do you know what makes the style of Western animation good? That's right. YOU CAN TELL THEM APART. Take Ren and Stimpy and compare it to CatDog. You can tell the characters apart, right? If you were to Photoshop one anime character's head onto another's, it would still look the same. I mean, I don't hate anime, but stay with me here. What I'm trying to say is the fans act like it is the best thing ever when it's not. They swarm up on you like bees when you say the smallest thing about it, so I'm taking a risk here. The comedy? I remember watching a few comedy anime, and I never laughed once. It might have been the anime themselves, but I tried to watch a few and I didn't crack a grin once. The action anime are boring and hard to sit through, I give up at the halfway mark. Otakus, it is okay that you like anime, but look at your own fandom before you bash others.
Not really. They hate on you if you don't like anime then threaten you and tell you that you just haven't been watching the write ones. They aren't cool. They are annoying. They aren't cute. They are creepy. Yes they are random
They are the coolest, cutest and most random people you could ever meet. They never seem to cause any trouble and don't hate on anyone. You'll always hear them fangirling over fictional characters in mangas if they are in a group of anime/manga fans.

71Transformers Fans
Depending on anything, the fanbase can get separated. For instance, the live action films separates between fans who root for the main human characters and the fans who root for the Transformers. They both demand more screentime of what they devoted themselves to, and they both want what they loved so dearly to be brought back and they won't accept changes. They will go really crazy when something bad happens or when Transformers 2 gets criticized. Very shameful... They can't take criticism and won't accept any changes. For instance, when they found out that Shia Labeouf as Sam Witwicky quits Transformers and get replaced by Mark Wahlberg, they complain about it! I'm serious! They might write and sign petitions just to get what they want so very dearly.
Transformers rocks!
Optimus Prime is the best character.
There are 21 action figures.


73Coca-Cola/Pepsi fans
I like BOTH Coke and Pepsi! Enough said!

74Kim Kardashian Fans

Insanity at it's finest.

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