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1The Beliebers

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Haha that's all I can really say. I mean I am not trying to hate but they're are many... Many girls who flip... And I mean flip when one of his songs is on the radio or something... Haha

If you are crazy enough to cut yourself because some deranged celebrity it's smoking weed, or if you have no respect for yourself to let him spit on you, or put your phone down his pants. Then, you need help. Like lots of it.

I am sure that when it comes to talking about Justin Bieber you are going to die because you messed with the wrong fanbase and I know because I'm a belieber

I can't believe there are girls lonely enough to be okay when an ass spat on them

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We should be like number 1, 2 or 3. We're like psychotic barbarians. We are definitely crazy, we are like the craziest person you'll ever met. I mean like, have you seen a directioner account on twitter/tumblr? We are totally cray cray. Yup! We talk about 1D non-stop, all day all night. The fandom that has a fandom in it. We're also the awesomest fanbase ever! Hahajk. But seriously though, we are.

Everyone on here seems to think that being number one most crazy is a compliment. I don't think so. One Direction's fanbase is definitely crazy, and not in a good way. They told Alex Gaskarth to kill himself, and a five-year-old girl while they were at it. All of you Directioners should feel ashamed because 1) you are horrible to people who don't like One Direction and 2) you listen to 5 irritating boys who can't even sing, much less write their own songs.

All the "Directioners" (what an absolutely idiotic name) talking about how crazy you all are like it's something to be proud of. Um, it isn't. You're insane and not in a good way. Have fun telling people to kill themselves over people 5 years older than you how don't even know you exist. - TheStupidHobo

Actually not all fans hate people for not liking one direction its just a small majority. Also I'm sure if one direction couldn't sing they wouldn't win so many awards. And they have started to write there own songs too

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3Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom

Look up fan art. I will stress it again and again, robots are genderless. Also how is a creepy animatronic possessed by the spirit of a dead child attracting (looking at you foxy and chica). I don't know ask the fandom! I'm not gonna get started on the purple man but let's just say if you give these crazed females anything human, they will make you rethink ever playing this game again. In conclusion, please stop doing this to the games. Scott didn't ask for this. I'm thrilled that these games have attracted such attention. I love the games myself, but people turn it in the opposite direction. Please help fix this fandom.
A concerned fnaf fan

I like FNAF the game but what I don't like are the crazy fans that ship Foxy with every girl in the game. There is so much fan art, which some of it can be good, but most of it is ridiculous. However, FNAF fans do make some pretty cool songs though.

1. FNAF isn't even scary
2. How can you make porn out of robots!?
3. Why would you even do it in the first place!?
4. All those little kids who've never played a horror game before (not even their beloved FNAF) being proud that they were scared of the game and anyone who opposes deserves to die
5. All those mainstream YouTubers who introduced FNAF to the innocent children...

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4Pokemon Genwunners

Play Emerald and be enlightened genwunners!

You insult Generation 1 Pokémon in front of a genwunner?
Arceus have mercy on your soul.

These guys literally have no room in their hearts for anything after the original 151 Pokémon. Anything post gen. 1 is crap by default according to them.

They believe the R/B/G/Y had the best soundtrack (far from it, Gen. 5 wins that award in my opinion), graphics (OR/AS takes the cake there) and story (G/S and HG/SS are WAY better). They pretty much think that Gen. 1 is the only good gen. It isn't. It's probably my least favorite in all honesty, though I respect it in the sense that they were the first games.

But genwunners are like people who use old phones rather than new ones simply for the sake of nostalgia, thinking they're the best kind there is. Nevermind the technological limitations at the time, everything after gen. 1 is terrible trash, they think.

It's absolutely ridiculous. Probably the worst part of the Pokémon fandom, alongside Poképhilliacs.

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5Football fans

They show no mercy.
They will smile as they slowly drain the life from you.
They are..
Football fans.

They are so stupid! What's the big deal about football? A lot of people at my school (even the girls, and EVEN the girly girls) are GOING CRAZY when there's a big game going on. They say to the teachers, did you see the game? Who's team do you like? And if they like a team they don't like they think they're weird. It's so annoying! Me and my family, (even my dad) are not fond of football. We never go to games. And I'm glad.

Ya know, when people keep talking about things you're not interested in, it tends to be annoying. That doesn't mean it's bad- you've probably got interests other people think are crazy.

Yes, I am a (aussie) football fan, and yes, I am probably biased, but you are more so. - Flamesofsilver

I live in Nebraska, where literally everyone wears a Huskers shirt on game day. And if you don't know every single team member, you're considered kinda weird. It. Sucks. So. Hard. Seriously, throw a rock in any directions, you will either hit a Huskers fan, or some Huskers merch. Also, you can't get anywhere downtown on game day. It's packed. - AngryNerdGirl

Yeah! Were crazy and PROUD of it! ! Because everyone knows it's the BEST GAME EVER

Football isn't terrible. I won't deny that it brings joy to many people. But "the BEST GAME EVER"? No. As many people as it makes happy, it also gives concussions, occasionally inspires violence, and bores the rest of us to tears. - AngryNerdGirl

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6SkyDoesMinecraft Fans

Are you kidding me?! Nobody Cared about SkyDoesMinecraft and his fanbase since 2015
and his fanbase isn't violent like they used to be. - Aguythatpeopleignores

It's BUDDER NOT GOLD you NOOBS! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1

Every time you call it gold.
Call it "Aurum"
You can blacklist it on your server if you hate sky fans spamming "budder"

7Sonic fans

"New Sonic character... Must... Draw... PORN OF IT! " (probably, most of the time at least, has something to do with a foot fetish)

There's rants on characters, rants on games, arguments, dumb stories and fan art. OOH, THE FAN ART!

I love Sonic but I don't make characters of it. I just play the games.

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God, no. He screams in his mic like a girl and 5 year-olds love it. How is this not higher?

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990's Kids

They are always complaining about how bad this generation is. There is nothing wrong with this generation can you guys please get a life.

If I see one more 90's kid complain about how trashy today's music is, I will lose it. All these people like to do is talk about how this generation, and how amazing stuff was 'back in the day''.

They need to accept the fact that we're now in the 21st century, and we don't want to listen to your classic rock.

Don't get me wrong, you can listen to whatever you want, but I'm not going to go and buy a vinyl Guns 'N Roses CD just because you're a pushy little ass.

They're just a bunch of nostalgiatard hipsters. Face it, the 90s are never coming back. If they want the 90s so bad, they should build time machines and stay in the 90s.

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If you don't think that Whovians are crazy, go look up "Doctor Who Twelve Dancing Princesses".

I only found out about doctor who a month ago and I fell in love with it

We WHOVIANS are crazy, especially SUPERWHOLOCKIANS. We're downright sociopaths

The Newcomers

?Patriots Fans
?Call of Duty fans

They think every FPS that's not Call of Duty is terrible and they fall for the cash grab? If I get a Call of Duty game and then I start to become a pro "whoops! A new one came out! "

The Contenders

11Twilight fans

They are really obsessive and literally ignore whoever said anything bad about Twilight. No offense but the books or the movies weren't great. Over-used plot story with another cliche love triangle. They act like there is nothing better than Twilight but in honesty those movies are for hormonal teens.

They are crazy! I have heard of 3 different accounts of twilight fans trying to kill non-fans for just saying they don't like it. I mean come on kill people?

I'm understand why they are annoying. Because twilight is like trash, and their fans is like trash, too. How pathetic

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12Team Mindless

The absolute craziest of them all! Mindless Behavior fans will tear any other fan base to absolute shreds. NO COMPARISON!

13Little Monsters

I'm a proud and devoted Little Monster, and Gaga is my queen and goddess... But girl we cray! Me included!

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They are the CRAZIEST fans on earth! They can accidentally call you Harry or Hermione... Or even forget functions of Muggle (human) ordinary objects! You can never insult their fandom in front of them. With the highest grossing movie franchise and best-selling book series in the world, no-one will question their devotion to their fandom!

They are weird. Sometimes I think they are crazy. No offense - Alexandr

A Potterhead is the actual HP fan, and Pottermania is like the entire fandom... I'm in a heck of a lot of fandoms, books/movies/video games, etc. and I'm proud to be a Potterhead.

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15Michael Jackson fans

After MJ's death they became extremely rude to other artists and their fan bases. Get a Life guys! You only give a bad name to MJ fan base. I don't think Michael would appreciate it - Alexandr

Poor MJ, a music god yet his annoying fan base that will go crazy if you dislike the slightest thing about him, makes him look bad, you never know, his ghost could be watching over his fans, and he may be insulted or laughing AT the extremists

We're not crazy ok? Why people think that? We're sad because we lost our idol. A true singer!

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16Kamal Haasan Fans

I am proud to be a kamal fan.

17Bad Brains Fans
18Beatles Fans

They always say rude things to other artist. I don't think John Lennon will appreciate what you fans are talking crap on other artist. Get a life and just listen to their music.

They think their music is best, and they always have an open mouth for praise of it. But say one thing bout these guys and they will go insane. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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Someone had to say it. This group of 30 year olds finds out you don't watch a show for 5 year old girls and they will attack you like a pack of rabid dogs.

And don't even get me started on all the "original characters" and the group of this type so large that they have a name for it... "Cloppers"

Dope? Seriously!? It's an overrated piece of JUNK! To know that many people even like this crap so much, including grown men, at around an estimate of over 30 million, it's just very depressing, and it really makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.

My description: a bunch of middle-aged men who watch a show meant for 6 year old girls.

I'm surprised that this isn't higher

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20Sones (Girls' Generation fans)

Always wanted to support and protect snsd no matter what happen. Right now snsd. One of the loyalty fanbase in Korea. SONE

Be patient, stand. SNSD is trash and Sone more than worst better than trash

Craziest fanbase ever. When you criticize them, they will cut your head and curse you. Besides they do violence on other fans who dislike their 9 sluts

Don't even get me started on these ones. It hurts my soul to even talk about them.

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