Craziest People of All Time


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1Adolf HitlerV1 Comment
2Justin Thompson
3Lindsey Lohan

'Could have had it all, and threw it all away.

4Suddam Hussein
5Omar Al Bashir
6Moamarr Qadoffi
7Joseph Stalin
8Charlie Sheen

Come on someone who thinks his ego is as big as he even though he is addicted too booze and drugs must be crazy.

9Anton Lavey

Anton Lavey is notr crazy at all. You clearly haven't read his philosophy and think he is a "Devil Worshipper".

He doesn't even believe in the devil. LaVeyan Satanism does not worship or believe in a god or a devil.

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10Justin Bieber

This guy is so crazy I can't stand him because he is darn basted with no humor

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11Miley CyrusV1 Comment

Purely insane. He tried electing a horse to the senate

Hi, Senator Horsey! *neigh* What?

13Salman Khan
14Osama Bin Ladin
15Jeffrey Dahmer
17Harry Styles
18Parineeti Chopra
19Beyonce Knowles
20Charles Manson
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1. Adolf Hitler
2. Justin Thompson
3. Suddam Hussein
1. Miley Cyrus
2. Justin Bieber
3. Eminem



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