Craziest People of All Time


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The Top Ten

Adolf Hitler
Hitler is a *insert-very-super-horrible-drastic-unbearable-word here*

2Justin Thompson

3Lindsey Lohan

4Suddam Hussein

5Omar Al Bashir

6Moamarr Qadoffi

7Joseph Stalin

8Charlie Sheen

Come on someone who thinks his ego is as big as he even though he is addicted too booze and drugs must be crazy.

9Anton Lavey
Anton Lavey is notr crazy at all. You clearly haven't read his philosophy and think he is a "Devil Worshipper".

Purely insane. He tried electing a horse to the senate
Hi, Senator Horsey! *neigh* What?

The Contenders

11Osama Bin Ladin

12Jeffrey Dahmer

13Charles Manson

14Ted Bundy

15Lady Gaga

16Justin Bieber
This guy is so crazy I can't stand him because he is darn basted with no humor

17Mao Zedong

18John Wayne Gacy

19GG Allin

20Paris Hilton


22Jesus Christ

23Barack Obama

24Idi Amin
To him taking a life was like blinking an eye!

25Nicki Minaj

26Trayvon Martin
He who walks like a gangster deserves to die

27Pol Pot

28Bob Berdella

29Richard Speck

30Jerry Sandusky

31Ed Gein

32Jane Fonda

33Mike Bloomberg

34Charles Koch

35Rupert Murdoch


37Katie Price

38Cyrus Teed
Was pretty whacked... Had a vision in which it was revealed to him the world was inverted. A cult leader long before Manson, though was not associated with followers' deaths. This man also claimed to have achieved the goal of all alchemy.

39Carrie White

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