Top Ten Creepiest Animated Movies


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1The Barbie Diaries
2Tappy Toes

Oh man, for a pg movie, it gave me more nightmares than the shining did! - keycha1n

4Animal Farm

This was made into a movie? - keycha1n

5Watership Down

Lots of blood, killing, and eating each other alive. And it all of a sudden gets away with a PG rating.

6FoodfightV1 Comment
7The Black Cauldron

I don't really remember why I put this here. I loved this as a kid. - RalphBob

9The Nightmare Before Christmas

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11The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Movie
12Where the Dead Go to Die

You know, the moment when you see "Starring: Jimmy Screamerclauz" and also directed by him, you know you're in for one hell of a ride. Computer animated visuals chock-full of blood, gore, necrophilia, bestiality, sexual abuse, and pure downright hellish visuals makes for one twisted film. I'm surprised it wasn't on top ten lists by now.

Excuse me, why isn't this film #1? you think The Barbie Diaries is more creepy that THIS?!

How are The Barbie Diaries, Tappy Toes, Spider Web: A Pig's Tale, Monster House, Coraline, Raggedy Ann and Andy, and Pinocchio more creepy than THIS demon summoned from hell?!

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13Monster House
14The Secret of NIMH
15Dora the Explorer: Pirate Adventure
16Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
19Raggedy Ann and Andy: a Musical Adventure
20Norm of the North
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Top Remixes

1. Coraline
2. The Black Cauldron
3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
1. The Barbie Diaries
2. Tappy Toes
3. Animal Farm



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