Top 10 Creepiest Baby Einstein Moments

Baby Einstein is a franchise created by Julie Aigner-Clark. She created it as entertainment for babies and toddlers, so it must be all fun and games, right? Wrong. Baby Einstein has some scary parts in it, but babies don't even realize it until later. And it can scar you for life, like it did for me. So I'm counting down the top 10 creepiest Baby Einstein moments.

NOTE- I only found exactly 10 creepy moments in Baby Einstein, and that was perfect! The problem is...they were from the very first four movies: Language Nursery, Baby Mozart, Baby Bach, and Baby Shakespeare.

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1Bard the Dragon (Baby Mozart)

BLAH! Bard the Dragon tops as the creepiest moment in Baby Einstein. The puppet shows starring him, (A New Friend and Blah! ) scared me equally as a baby. I've had nightmares about him, and I remember one like it was yesterday. He appeared one day in front of me, and I tried to blah him away. Worst mistake. He started blahing at me just like he did in Baby Mozart. Several times. Then, I ran away, and the last thing I saw was Bard. Then I woke up. - theendoftime

I was more scared of him walking into the screen than his blah.

2Zylon Dragon (Baby Bach)

AHHH! I am half screaming and half singing like he does. This is the second creepiest moment in Baby Einstein, but don't get me started on #1. You all saw this coming. - theendoftime

3Bard Jumpscare (Baby Shakespeare)

The six note opening introduces Bard the Dragon, host of Baby Shakespeare. But don't let my description fool you. Watch and you'll see yourself. - theendoftime

Which is symphony 9, 2nd movement, Beethoven

4Bard Plush Toy (Baby Mozart)

Right after Turkish March, a Bard the Dragon plush randomly falls to the ground and scares everyone with a loud noise. - theendoftime

5Dolls (Language Nursery)V1 Comment
6Pecking Rooster (Baby Mozart)

The rooster pecks three times, each making a loud noise. The first two would surprise someone, but the last peck waits a couple seconds so it can make you pee your pants. - theendoftime

This is the creepiest scene in the entire Baby Einstein series! The 3 pecks sometimes give me nightmares. - JackJack8ack

7Meep Meep the Chicken (Baby Bach)

The very beginning of Baby Bach. With that background music, this is pretty creepy stuff. - theendoftime

8Robots (Baby Bach)

The robots just creep me out for some reason. - theendoftime

9Talking Sunflower (Baby Bach)

Creepy, but it wasn't the scariest thing that happened in Baby Bach. - theendoftime

10Knocking Over Stacked Letter Blocks (Language Nursery)

It didn't scare me until the hand knocked over the blocks. - theendoftime

The Contenders

11Dancing Cacti (Baby Van Gogh)
12Goldfish Popup (Baby Neptune)

Yeah it's scary the goldfish popup was terrible just like your chance at catching a ditto in pokemon go

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13Clowns (Baby Bach)
14Kinetic Sculptures (Baby Bach)

These things gave me one nightmare, mainly on the end.

15Jack-in-the-box (Baby Van Gogh)
16Bugs (Baby Van Gogh)
17Wooden Boy (Baby Da Vinci)
18Jane the Monkey Jumpscare

So creepy that Jane popped up out of nowhere and I got so scared that I had nightmares of her popping up on the screen.

19Walking Duck (Baby Dolittle)
20Possessed Van Gogh (Baby Van Gogh)

At the beginning of baby van Gogh he comes out with paint all over his face

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1. Bard the Dragon (Baby Mozart)
2. Zylon Dragon (Baby Bach)
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