Top Ten Creepiest Just Dance Videos

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1Let It Go

THIS IS A SUPER, ULTRA, MEGA, HYPER VIDEO! In the beginning, they showed us the Frozen logo. Then we join Elsa and Anna dancing to the song, let it go. It was really scary because they edited the song to make Elsa look bad!
Pen from bfdi

V1 Comment

The guy that was dancing didn't scare me, but sometimes, the camera zoomed on to him to make it look like he was coming after you. But when the camera stopped zooming on to him multiple times, the video scared me no more.
Pen from bfdi


The scariest part was when the dancers stared shaking. The ice cream on the ice cream truck looked creepy. Don't even get me started on those people peeking out of the windows.
Pen from bfdi

5What Dose the Fox Say?

The number 1 scariest thing about it is that the people are wearing the wrong colored gloves. The blue kid have been wearing the blue one, the red kid must have been wearing the red one, the green kid must have been wearing the green one, and the gold kid must have been wearing the gold one.
Pen from bfdi

9What Makes You Beautiful
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