Top Ten Creepiest Rock Songs

Rock songs that have lyrics or noises that give you chills.

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1Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
2Daddy - Korn

I'm am a korn fan and god I can't take it black sabbath is a doom song but this is a messed up song it made shake for over 3 hours and goosebumps I can't believe I didn't have nightmare but trust me if you hear this song you'll freak out 9 min. Of darkness

3Welcome Home - King Diamond
4Electric Funeral - Black Sabbath
5End of the Beginning - Black Sabbath
6Dead Skin Mask - Slayer

Slayer isn't Rock. They're Thrash Metal.

So what? Thrash Metal came from Heavy Metal, which came from rock music. - VHrulz

7Enter Sandman - MetallicaV1 Comment
8Raining Blood - Slayer
9The Invisible Guests - King Diamond
10Karma Killer - Robbie Williams

Crazy song but good

The Contenders

11Revolution 9 - The BeatlesV1 Comment
12God of Thunder - Kiss
13Timothy - The Buoys

A story of cannibalism.
3 men are trapped in a mine cave-in with no food.
The first two EAT their friend, and when they are rescued, don't tell anyone that he was in there with them.
Timothy, Timothy:
Where on Earth did you go?
Timothy, Timothy:
God why don't I know?

Timothy, Timothy,
Joe was looking' at you,
Timothy, Timothy,
God what did we do?

14Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett

What made you people think this is a scary song?

15Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
16Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group
17In the Year 2525 - Zager & Evans

The world IS coming to an end.

18Self Control - Laura Branigan
19Helter Skelter - The Beatles

Inspired Charles Manson and his gang to commit mass murder.

20Run for Your Life - The Beatles

If these lyrics appeared in a modern-day song release, the writer would be arrested for making threats!

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1. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
2. Daddy - Korn
3. Welcome Home - King Diamond



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