Creepiest Vocaloid Songs

I heard about 50 million creepy vocaloid songs but what do you think?

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1The Spider and the Kitsune Like Lion

Don't watch it when you are eating. I'm dead serious

I didn't even watch the video, but I looked up the lyrics in English. That's terrifying enough. Gumi eats miku but gets turned on by it... So disturbing, disgusting, scary, creepy, and any other word you could come up with. Is this related to the fox's wedding? It's quite similar.

I just listened to It and it was creepy. I thought I'd be neutral with the violence because I tend to watch those kind of animes and rather like dark songs. But this is so gruesome and brutal, I couldn't sleep well! It was so scary! - MLPFan

I was eating chicken noodle soup while I was watching this and I had to force it down my throat to be able to eat it.

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I made a huge mistake in listening to this song. It is quite short but listening to it backwards (or forwards, but backwards is even creepier) you can hear distorted cries 'help me' 'thank you for watching' 'look behind you'. Each word is sung all warbled and odd and I felt like I was about to die from fear or something!
And now this song shows up in my recommendations after everything I listen to. Yes, even after Double Rainbow by Kaito.

My curiosity had made the best of me by listening to this song. Bad Mistake. I listened to it and it's just creepy it has a creepy atmosphere, the words are creepy, and I just got a whole lot of shivers down my spine. I couldn't even get up from where I was sitting

This song is literally the scariest thing ever I've heard it once backwards and forwards and I swore to God never again this showed up when I looked at the comments of love love nightmare and that was the only reason I clicked it the thumbnail was creepy enough

I made the mistake of watching this in my room at midnight. I was paranoid for the next hour.

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3Gomen Ne Gomen Ne

The lyrics are creepy as hell, because otherwise you can just eat lunch to the nice tune... Unless you read them, you read it once, you can't forget them and goodbye lunch.

Also known as I'm Sorry I'm Sorry... this isn't really creepy. It is sad and just depressing! If you understand the lyrics, you'll realize why it is...

In a way depressing but creepy I am pretty sure anyone would become a boy and be scared for life when they find out about the lyrics

Especially scary because it's realistic and tells about something that happens in real life.

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450/50 - Hatsune Miku

Scariest part is where the song only just starts to get creepy when you don't fully expect it. As soon as that happened and I spotted what was in her hand I knew something was going to go wrong.

Mistake watching this without looking at the description or comments or not even knowing what it was about. AND at night. Welcome, Nightmares.

It was actually pretty cute in the beginning. When the lights were dimming I felt nervous, and after three minutes I was hyperventilating.

My first reaction was terrified but when I watched it again and again My thought was "Miku that is not how crushes work lol"

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5Ant Observation

According to this one, I'm screwed. I hate ants.

I laughed so hard at this song I thought it was funny I don't know why

I showed this to my cousin and her face was so funny

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The name would never made me think this was going to be creepy. I was wrong, this is actually one of my favorite songs now, it's actually pretty nice to hear and all.

Not too popular but the name of the song just tells you that it will be creepy

I LOVE THE SONG / even though its creepy/

I don't get this song...

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7Bacterial Contamination

I mean, I like the song, but what's happening to Miku during it just looks really creepy! I mean, at the beginning, her skin looked like it was covered with parasites, she lost her eyes, her mouth became a dark endless hole, IT WAS JUST CREEPY. - gakupo4eva

Aha, the song it's self isn't too scary, but if you understand the lyrics then it may be a bit more, it's more the video that is a bit off putting. I personally like the video though, despite its weirdness.

This song is not as scary, people just don't like it cause of the video. ITS JUST A VIDEO!

The song isn't creepy at all, but the video is creepy

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8The Secrets of Wysteria

This song is absolutely terrifying. In a good way though. I have always LOVED creepy things and this song really deserves to be in at LEAST the top 10. The song has a creepy vibe to it and it's about a real serial killer! Oliver's voice sounds absolutely amazing singing this and it adds to the creepiness of the song. I was sitting in my living room and singing this song and everyone thought I was nuts. This song is very disturbing to listen to and I love it! The lyrics are just incredibly scary to listen to and the video along with it adds to the eeriness of the song. If you ever want to give someone a good scare I suggest walking down a dark hallway at night while playing this song and humming along to it. It takes quite a bit to scare me, but this song is pretty frightening. There are a lot of creepy Vocaloid songs out there (many of them sung by Oliver), but this one takes the poisoned cake.

This is number one in my opinion. The fact that it's about a real killer/ rapist/ cannibal/ kidnapper, is just horrifying to think of. And if you reverse the ending, you see the words found in a letter sent from the killer/ rapist/ cannibal/ kidnapper (Albert Fish) to a child's family (the child being Gracie) who he had killed and eaten. She was ten years old I believe. Albert Fish is known as the Gray Man and the Boogeyman, one of the worlds most infamous serial killers. He kidnapped raped and killed a five year old, Cyril Quinn I think his name was. And more. So so so disturbing.

This song... is a work of art in my eyes. But it's disturbing all the same. It's... beautiful. In a unique way. It feels slightly broken... Personally, I've never heard anything like it. It truly stands out among many other songs. Every time I listen to it, my imagination starts to run wild. It's a very interesting song, well put together at that. Out of all the vocaloid songs I've heard, this one is easily my favorite.

This song ruined Oliver for me! Dammit

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9Jisatsu Shoujo - Hatsune Miku

Although the song sounds creepy, the lyrics are extremely depressing. When Miku says "drug scandal rumour", she means that the other students are spreading lies about her being involved with some sort of drug scandal. She starts cutting and using other forms of serious self harm. She even tries to drown herself. She has written many songs about her scary experience, but nobody seems to care. She's being bullied over the phone, at school and basically everywhere she goes. the bullies even put a fake tongue in her mailbox to scare her. She is injured mentally (from the horrendous bullying) and physically (due to self harm). She actually mentions Len in the song a couple of times. This song made me HATE him, because it gives an idea that Len is the head bully. When she says "the desk long forest of flowers" it refers to a Japanese tradition that involves putting a flower on one's desk if the person has died. But if the person is still living, that means they want the person to die. In ...more

I've looked on several YouTube videos of 'top ten most creepy Vocaloid songs' and never once saw this song. Most people wouldn't know this one. But for the people who have, they know full well how gruesome the lyrics are and how the video and the picture is goals for nausea. Songs like Bacterial Contamintation are only judged as creepy because of the video, but songs like this and Okaasan are both scary because of the picture and the lyrics. This one even has jump scares throughout the song.
The first time I watched this I was hyperventilating. I got a headache and a stomachache, somehow I just felt really sick. The next day I tried watching it again (I don't know why...) and got an amplified result. I'm about to watch it again (I am truly dumb) and I recommend it for a scare.

Honestly, a few nights after listening to this, I couldn't stand being in a dark room because of the creepy Miku picture. And I DID keep the lights on.

Oh god not this

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10Greetings from the Bottom of the Well

My theory is that Miku, Rin and Meiko were mentally and physically scarred by a traumatic childhood and decide to kill theirselves. They later are revived as ghosts who haunt the well that they drowned themselves in

I think the song's about a man who cheated with three women and then threw them in a well... - SeeUandMiki

I really love this song, it has a great atmosphere to it.

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11Crushed Mary

This one is pretty creepy. But I suggest not to watch with headphones.

Its vibe is pretty disturbing it gives me a throbbing gristle kind of vibe from the music.

Though its not a song it is extremely horrifying so it earns my vote

This used to be my biggest nightmare.

12Song for Great Satan

Kind of cute, okay song. Besides the name and the weird lyrics, I wouldn't say creepy, I think it was only made creepy by the creepypasta behind it.

The only really creepy thing about it is the fact that it is so catchy that it makes you want to listen to it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again...

I remember the first time hearing it and just sitting there just staring at my computer screen like "what did I just listen to? ".

When I'd listen to this one, I was like, What, Rin!?!

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13The Tailor Shop of Enbizaka

This song is not so creepy. It's BEAUTIFUL and so TRADITIONAL. Oh well, this is for Luka.

The creepiest song in the 7 deadly sins series. Evil food eater conchinta is nothing.

It gave me awful nights of bad sleeping.

This wasn't creepy, just had a creepy concept.

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14Rugrats Theory

Kaai Yuki sounded amazing singing this... I just love her songs! But that song, Calalini...

Why does Yuki sing so many creepy/disturbing songs?!

I don't know why but this song comes off cute to me

Lol it's so creepy

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15Mother of Pearl Bones

I watched this and it gave me such a Gorillaz vibe, from the beginning of their career. Well, people will think funny cartoons, but the real fans know about the creepy chilly atmosphere of the less known songs. And THAT's what I'm talking about

I agree with the comment below, this song does remind me of Gorillaz in the Phase 1 part of their career.

16[Luka + Miku] Kagome Kagome [Vocaloid Horror]

I always say Kagome, Kagome when someone says circle up in school and my friends look at me as if I'm a sociopath

Also isn't Kagome the name of an Inuyasha character?

First time reading the creepypasta was because of this song, it's a classic to me and I love it, the video is creepy too. Gives me the chills with the reference to the girl that was killed personally by the military during the experiment...
Even the song is great, Luka and Miku's voices fit just perfectly

This is based on a true story, apparently. I used to think that this song wasn't that scary, but... Whenever a song is based on a true story, I think it makes it automatically creepy.

I'm surprised this didn't make the top 10. My ex-girlfriend watched this video with my friend and I. We had to stop the video because my ex was out.

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17Guard and Scythe

About the hell's guard who bring the scythe for punish the sinner. And their hearts its getting black

This song actually got me into vocaloid

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18Alice In Wonderland

This song is amazing and disturbing. And I watch Alice in Wonderland MV, is so disturbing and a bit scary. I regret it, but I loved the song! ^_^

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19In a Rainy Town Balloons Dance With Devils

It's not creepy at all! I really like it, it has a cute atmosphere. I mean, even the demons being beheaded have a nice cute dance.

If you know the true meaning of this song, you'll understand how terrifying it is. I don't have the guts to explain, just Google it up or something...

I like this horror song but just the video gives you nightmares but the song itself (with no video) is cool.

The song is cute, but the video scarred me... *laugh*

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20The Fox's Wedding

Watched this at night once... I regret it with my life. I honestly DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND THIS SONG. And that's saying a lot because I have the most psychotic mind which pretty much understands everything, real or not. DON'T LISTEN TO THIS AT HOME KIDS

Yay! This is my one of my favorite vocaloid songs! Its still creepy though, but I think the clear demonic mirror is creepier...

I'm serious, don't watch this at night - iCanSeeYourPixels

2nd after kitsune and in front of secret of wysteria

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