Creepiest Vocaloid Songs

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81Here Comes Slendy - Gumi
82Virus Code - Luo Tianyi

Okay, even the pictures creepy...

83Paganism - Kaito and Miriam
84Corpse Attack!V1 Comment
85The Secret Goldfish

I Love this song because I Love super creepy songs

86Wide Knowledge of the Late Madness

This is one of the only vocaloid songs that ever scared me. How is this not at least in the top ten?!

Oh wow, this song is very creepy. The first time I watched this, I was very scared!

Just saying this has absolutely NO connection to dark woods circus

The screams in the middle of it... - SeeUandMiki

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87Po Pi Po

What! This isn't creepy at all! I love this song, its cute, and I love dancing to the cute dance and its cute melody! SO WHY IS THIS HERE!

Why is this creepy? As far as I know, it's about Miku singing about veggie juice

This song... It made me hide in a closet. No joke.

Not creepy just plain catchy

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88Story About a Poor Blue Rabbit

My 8-year-old brother finds this so scary that he loves it

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89Fear Garden - Kagamine Rin

When I first listened to this song I had earphones on and then this really high pitched bit came... need I say more?

I think it's catchy, but I scared my friend with it once, lol

THIS SONG ISN'T CREEPY AT ALL! Sure, it was about cannibalism, but still, really?!? - gakupo4eva

This song sounds like some Terraria boss fight music

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90Trick and Treat

I personally think the song's about two neglected children, Miku being their mother. The Luka doll in the video is their younger sister. Miku loved Rin and Len, but after she had Luka she left them. Miku didn't get that 'Trick' and 'Treat' were her children at first, that's why she was frightened by the shadows (that were child like).

Little Miku with her head in a sack looking sad represents the sadness of the twins, the sack representing them to be closed-in. In the end,the song goes: "Now it's time to take what's mine so hand it over here, give it to me". I think that means that the twins killed Miku by taking her heart, representing her love that they had the right to have.

Anyway, the song's got a nice catchy beat, but the lyrics pretty deranged - SeeUandMiki

Creepy, and the video, but it was about Miku, as a young child she had 2 dolls (Rin and Len) she gave them up for another and basically she got older and they killed her for revenge

I love it but I've been scared since to throw away any stuffed animals even if they are falling apart

This is catchy and a bit scary so I wouldn't expect it to be in the top ten

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91Gigantic OTN

This isn't creepy who put this here? It's just hot

B-but he MURDERS YOU at the end! This isn't... Dear lord what am I doing here...

WHAT? This isn't creepy it turns me on

Not creepy, just straight up weird

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