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1Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is the new resolution of cricket. He is very consistent batsmen after Sachin Tendulkar he can score good score in any type of pitch and any type of bowler. He may be the next captain of Indian Cricket Team. He is the best fielder and catcher. And right now he is the best Cricket Batsmen in the world and until he retires.. - paasadani

He times the very well he also hits the in all corners of the stadium and he shots are a joy to watch

I like it's before century when he will give flaying kiss in audience and I like it's batting style

He is the best and future of India

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2AB de Villiers

He is the man who can change the game in seconds. He is a dam and no ball can pass through him. He is THE fielder which everyone wants to be like in a dream. I feel that he is the only player of all time. he make some shots which 7to8 years children think.

His way of playing shots was different from other batsmens. He can hit big shots in both off side and leg side. He plays both ODI and test matches with consistency. His way of playing attracts everyone. He also performs well as a captain. He stands front and lead the team as well as he pushes his team from back.

Who cannot hit the ball in all directions, unless his name is AB DE VILLIERS just like a compass

Best modern day batsman!

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3Mahendra Singh Dhoni

He is the best skipper in cricket, at the same time fastest wicket keeper & great hitter also in slag overs. so he is the best of my knowledge

I like it because he is always cool & it's batting style is very attractive in audience.

Worst player... I am shamefull that he doesn't only represents my nation but he is captain... He is more money eater... He can do whatever he wants.. Because bcci is in his hands... Selects player which r closer to him... If he remains captain, Indian cricket is undoubtedly in danger!

He is an old selfish man

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4Glen Maxwell

I Like his batting and playing confidently
I Like his thought
I like his stamina powee

Maxwell best hitar of the worlds good hiting for panjab team this time my good bat maxwell orangzaib form Pakistan

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5Suresh Raina

S for super batsman for supreme batsman s for suresh you want to India India is the best suresh do not in the match India is the west

I like it's straight drive short & he is chocolate players in India

East or west raina is the best
North or south raina puts lose in opponent's mouth

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6Kumar Sangakkara

Very very very very very very good batman

To be best batsman ever...

He is the one good players

The best batsman in the world

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7George Bailey

He is the best captain
He was a smily when either win or loss in the match

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I know you have you have the rights of being the Pakistan captain.

I think he is a best and talented batsman. I love you Misbah ul haq.

He is I think very sensible knowing well that how to play the game when the team is really under the caush...

You are my very best batsman and captain.

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9Quinton de Kock

You are so good

Very talented young man

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10Yuvraj Singh

The best player of 2011

King of fast & furious runs...

No matter how he performs, he is the King

Bast batsman in the world

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11David Warner

He always best and opening player for aus cricket
He is the best player always in History

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12Hashim Amla

Best batsmen in the world fore shore go hashim

13Ajinkya Rahane

He is a great batsman for India.

Younger man of power in India...

Not only a batsman, a fielder

14Angelo Mathews
15Philip Hughes

RIP Philip Hughes.. Not Out Batsmen of All Time - paasadani

RIP "rest in peace" not out#63

16Rohit Sharma

Longest batsman in the worldwide

He is the best cricketer

He is my best cricketer

He scored 264 in this year - paasadani

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17Alastair Cook

He is the one of the best bats man in English cricket...

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18Virender Sehwag

He is the batsman this time not in India team but the ranking is 14 and I hope he was go in 2015 world

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19Chris Rogers
20Brendon McCullum

Made New Zealand a better team... Plays with ausm strike rate... Better captain... Best player

Super man of newzeland he is top class batsman in all the formats

His batting syle is best in all over th world!
He is very very very stylish batman!

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