Top 10 Batsmen of All Time (Cricket)

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221Mohammad Azharuddin

He is really best batsmen we love him

He must be in top ten. The person who know the history of cricket surely put him ON TOP CATOGORY

Definitely of the most stylish cricketer of all time, should be to 10

The most stylish batsmen in the world

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222Sujith Somasunder

He is such a great batsman who score 7 runs by wasting 35 balls

223Lahiru Thirimanne
224Taj Sultana
225Marcus Trescothick

, he was very brave and wonderful batsman

226Vinay Kumar
228Raj Vaishnav
229Don Grant
230Cheteshwar Pujara

Good player. I don't understand why rahul Dravid2 Is behind this stupid robin uttappa.

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231Ahson Afzal
232Andrew Flintoff

Definitely he is amazing

233Ravindra Jadeja

One word "SIR" is enough to describe his class and Quality.. Performs both with bat and ball and clearly deserves to be a legend after 10 or 15 years

His a good slogger and finisher of the team. And can win you matches

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234Eoin Morgan

Morgan is a destructive batsman who can win games evenhandedly. He is one of the most feared batsmen in world cricket.

Am amazed why he is at 231,he should be in top 20

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