Top 10 Batsmen of All Time (Cricket)

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141Adam VogesV9 Comments
142Robin Singh
143Umar Aziz

He was one of the greatest cricket player in Pakistan team.7000runs in t20 with an average of 70 390 wickets and 300 catches and 120 run outs and 300 strike rate total average rate of all is 90good cricketer

144Jesse RyderV1 Comment
145Hansie Cronje

Think best captain ever

146Abhimanyu Mithun

He is the worst bowler and a batsman in the history of cricket is the last player in the cricket

You are not very good bats and you cannot be good batsman

V1 Comment
147Santosh Kumar
148Navjot Singh Sidhu

He is hero of Indian cricket team...
angre player of India cricket team...

149Mayank AgarwalV1 Comment
150Desmond HaynesV1 Comment
151Stephen Fleming

Jesus! He should be higher than Sir Viv!

V1 Comment
152David Boon

Thanks for coming to town hope you come back soon

V3 Comments
153Andy Flower

Hero of Zimbabwe, he should be a lot higher. - AGK

The best ever left handed batsman

V2 Comments
154Junaid Khan

As bowler better then ishant sharma

155Saeed Ajmal

Best spinner in the world right now.

V1 Comment
156D. WarnerV5 Comments
157Sunil Narine

Just because he is from a huble background you should not put him on 151

V1 Comment
158Glenn Maxwell

He should be 1 or 2! He is my favourite cricketer. He's the six star

He is a great attacking batsman..

Best reverse sweep player I have seen

V5 Comments
159Steve Smith

He is best batsman... As he won awards in 2015-16. As he broke records of great players. He is best player.

He is best batsman in test cricket

He is the best modern test player

Steve Smith is a great player

V10 Comments
160John Anderson

Anderson must be top tree. More handrad or avrege not impotent. Must win match.

V2 Comments
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