Rahul Dravid


He was not born great.. But with hard work and dedication.. He is the lone winner in test matches next to bradman.. No sachin no kallis or ponting.. When it comes to batting 2nd or 4th innings (which ismost difficult) he is master of all times.. He can absorb pressure like sponge.. All major partnerships are because he is at one end... In test no 3 is the most important apart from one dayer which is 1 or 2... And no 3 is dravid.. And he has been in this position for long time.. When dravid arrived tendulkar was already legend... But if you compare from year 98 t0 2012... Dravid is definitely the great.. Its just from 89-98. That's add to sachin's average and record.. But less the 7 yrs of carrer compared to sachin and he has done the most miracle.. One man who comes close to him is lara because he was not surrounded by great batsman from his team.. So wenever he comes to bat there was plenty of pressure and he has to deliver.. Imagine he playing in aussie and batting without pressure.. So I think thse are the 2 greats dravid and lara that comes next to bradman.. You can't pick particular games because obv sachin has played more matches so his success and failures tops the list... But as I said less then 7yrs of carrer you have to compare in that way sachin's 23yr carrer vs dravid's 16 yr carrer.. The achievement.. Not the no of runs scored.. Common guys b smart.. If you consider bevan great although he his not top run getter.. But because of the situation.. So dravid is the greatest

DRAVID Stands for,

A Wall that stays unbreakable for decades.

He is the best batsman cricketing world has ever seen. He plays graciously and calmly even in the most demanding situations.

Simply the best since he has played the most number of series defining knocks in test cricket. A batsman must only be considered the greatest only when he has made match winning contributions and dravid is second to none. Its a shame that people often neglect him. But people are imbeciles and the truth is that he is the greatest at least of the modern generation

He is the only batsman after sachin in all form of cricket success. In Indian cricket team His contribution for victory is more then 40 percentage.

My opinion dravid is the lot of strike and success in the matches and great companion for other batsmen long time in stand on the pitch and calculate in the ball choose the batting

He is Great Player and Good Classical batsmen. Still he is the Indian wall. Has the talent, and is definitely bound to reach the heights of other batting greats we've seen in the cricketing arena.

All Indian must realise he is nothing less then sachin tendulkar. He is the wall of Indian cricket. Imagine what Indian cricket would be now without him and sachin.

He is just an amazing player! If anyone need to know what is class batting, they must watch dravid's batting! Great spin player! Even England team watched his videos for how to tackle spin bowling! His foot work is just amazing to watch! Hard off to him!

The Great wall of India! HE HAS Rescued India most of the times, when others players, including the god of cricket failed to perform well! My all time favorite Rahul dravid!

He is known as wall and he is best player in every format of cricket even in t20. He played his major role in many of the best Indian victory. He also share his role in 2 record partnerships of 300 and more with sachin &ganguly.

Rahul dravid is not only great wall of India, but he is great wall of cricket world, because many player are watching him closely & trying to learn his skills to become better and perfect.
Long live dravid era.

Technically he is sound & India depends on Rahul, so should be stand on top... He has been out while running b/n wickets... So its highly difficult to take his wicket while he is @ crease... He is Mr. Perfect...

The wall has the commitment, patient, responsibility, humble and passion. That is called wall. He will stay as wall, for ever till cricket will be in this world.

Its not all about figures ^^ averages but its about coming good when your team needs you the most... That's what is RAHUL DRAVID for the Indian team ^^ World Cricket

I love him simply because he is great he is the mr dependable the whole team can depend on him 4 a win he is the master of masters number 1 can match his strength.

Wall stands tall earlier, now ^^ forever. A Solid batsman with great technique ^^ a lot of patience. He is so fit that he can play upto 50 years of his edge.

Great Indian Wall. I think no body can take place after his retirement. May be Virat Kohli and suresh raina take place

He should probably be in the list right next to Sachin. I think he is an exemplary player with an impeccable batting technique and his contribution to the Indian cricket is extraordinary. He has played some match winning innings for India and that is why is rightfully known as 'The Wall".

I think it's a great joke ever to put umar akmal, javed, sorav, kevin over The Wall. infact test cricket is the real cricket and no one can match Dravid in this era. if we see reality he should be above all because he is the batsman after whose debutant India learnt how to fight, how to save and how to win test matches. if we are so narrow minded that we appreciate one two three or only few innings then I am surprisred why our VVS Laxu couldn't get any place in this list.
Over all Dravid needs no place in this list, he is beyond these kind of lists.

Please play ipl for next more years and for me
You are the wall and don't allow anyone to break it
And I am sure no one will be able to break it... !
Dude! Its not about your luck its about your talent
So play till your last breadth

The Unsung hero and the deputy god of batting...Dravid was always there whenever team needed him...he did Wicket Keeping, Bowling, Is best test fielder and of course an awesome batsman...he is the best Cricketer in all angles...

Definitely he is the best batsman in the world. Because he can play in any order opening to 11th batsman.he can preserve wickets, he can rotate strike, also he will throw the bat when team need runs. Don't forget he involved each and every World record Partnerships.

Dravid is technically perfect than all of other's. If the BCCI had given him more chances as Sachin by recognising his talent, than he would be in the top spot...

He is a true match winner n d great wall of India... Mr. Dependable, Mr. Relaible. Mr. Consistant. A true team man who made many sacrifices for his team like opening in test matches, wicket keeping in one days.. Batted lower down d order just for his team