Top Ten Cricket Teams of 2014


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India is the best cricket team ever. They have the coolest captain, best bowlers, batsmen and fielders... - paasadani

India is the best and I think every one agrees with that. jai hoo

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2Sri Lanka

They are the best you can't deny it.

Sri Lanka has the best cricket player in the world

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3South Africa

I love Pakistani team very much

Pakistan is always at top

I love Pakistan team

It is the best.

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6New Zealand
7West Indies

Bangladesh has improved a lot quicker than other cricketing nations within this 14 years of acheiving test status than other teams of their first 14 years. This shows a lot of promise from the players coming in to play for Bangladesh and in future. Rock Bangladesh. We were always with U. We are with U. We will be with you until death.

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Zimbabwe is a team that showed a lot of promise till 2000s L. But the current team has left a question mark on their future. This does not mean that they do not have enough talent in their pipeline but maybe due to economical crisis and other issues. Its just matter of time and surely Zimbabwe is one of the emerging teams in the world.

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