Best Crush the Castle Weapons

The original Crush the Castle has some neat castles and weapons. But which weapon is the best?

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1Three Big Bombs

Only seen in the Players Pack, but three big bombs will make a huge BOOM! Times three! - TopTenJackson

2Big Bomb

Only seen in the Players Pack, but a big bomb would definitely do some damage to a castle! - TopTenJackson

3Three BombsV1 Comment
4Three Large Stones

Imagine being in a castle, and then all of a sudden, three huge boulders come flying towards you! - TopTenJackson


A bomb is much stronger than any of the three types of stones. - TopTenJackson

6Three Medium Stones

Wouldn't destroy the stronger castles, but they are pretty strong stones. - TopTenJackson

7Large Stone

If you used a large stone in the first level, you would pretty much win right away! - TopTenJackson

8Medium Stone

Not very useful, but it's better than a small stone. - TopTenJackson

9Three Small Stones

This could damage three different areas of the castle. - TopTenJackson

10Small Stone

The weakest of them all. It's also the first weapon you receive! - TopTenJackson

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1. Three Big Bombs
2. Big Bomb
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