Top 10 Custom Mario Power-Ups That Should Be Introduced

Got an ideas for new Mario power-ups? Here are some. This list will exclude items that are exclusive to Mario RPGs, party games & other spin-offs.

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1Thunder Flower

Care for a thunder storm? Bad guys beware! Thunder Mario is about to stun you with his thunder power.

The thunder flower needs to happen. It is basically the duuh option.

2Phoenix Suit

A Phoenix is a mythological bird. I looked it up on & I had an idea of what Mario can do with it. A Phoenix Suit can help Mario fly & shoot fire balls. It's like having a Tanooki Suit & a Fire Flower at the same time.

3Iron Suit
4Metal Mushroom

This one works like the Metal Cap from Super Mario 64.

5Paper Mushroom

It turns Mario into Paper Mario.

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6Wind Flower

Wind Mario can blow away enemies.

7Fice Flower

I made this one up. The Fice Flower allows Mario to shoot both fire balls & ice balls. Pretty cool, huh? There's something you should know. Mario can't shoot a fire ball & an ice ball at the same time. He can shoot them one at a time. He shoots once, out comes a fire ball. He shoots again, out comes an ice ball. He shoots a third time, out comes a fire ball. And the pattern continues.

8Bomber Suit

BOMB ATTACK! Bomb bomb bomb. Throw the bombs!

9Blooper Suit

If Mario gets one of these, he will turn into Blooper Mario. He can swim better & shoot ink balls.

10Spike Mushroom

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11Classic Mushroom

According to the Fantendo wiki, the Classic Mushroom turns Mario into his classic self allowing him to "let? Blocks appear everywhere he jumps." I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound useful, unless you had to reach a high platform. My suggestion is that Classic Mario should play just like his NES counterpart. That should sound better. Of course, I am thinking that the Classic Mushroom should give Mario the ability to do both. It's hard for me to choose, so go ahead & decide which power you think the Classic Mushroom should give to Mario.

12Space Jump
13Polterpup Bone

Nick knack patty whack. Give a dog a bone. Mario can turn into a dog with the Polterpup Bone. Get one of these bones, and POOF! Mario turns into a Polterpup. We might as well have him be Polterpup Mario. WOOF WOOF!

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14Sign Flower
15Crazy Mushroom

This can make Mario tattle things

17Fire Cape Feather

Why do the fire flower and cape feather change you to one of the after the other and vice verca in Super Mario World? Well, a combination of that should be introduced in a future Mario game.

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