Cute Members of Asian Boybands / Girlbands

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1Bisma Karisma - SM*SH (Indonesia)

I love him because he give 2 finger for his haters

Energic, multitalent, humble and awesome too. He is very love his fans with another way that he show his fans. I LOVE HIM... BISMA KARISMA...

Bisma is a motivator for his fans... He is the best... - eilisashafina_

Charismatic, patient, and amazingly, no one could match him

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2Chunji - Teen Top (South Korea)
3Luhan - Exo-K (South Korea)V1 Comment
4Sungmin - Super Junior (South Korea)
5G-Dragon - Big Bang (South Korea)

G-Dragon is the cute member boyband in the world

6JB - JJ Project (South Korea)
7Sandara Park - 2NE1 (South Korea)Sandara Park, also known by her stage name Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actress, model, and host.

She is super pretty in South Korea...she is adorable girl..she is funny and sweet korean girl.she has sweet voice and great face.

8Jr. - JJ Project (South Korea)
9Rafael Tan - SM*SH (Indonesia)

Rafael, a member of the most handsome and cute of course

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10Jo Kwon - 2AM (South Korea)

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11Ninomiya - Arashi (Japan)
12Jeje - S4 (Indonesia)

Jeje members cute and sweet in S4

13Siwon - Super Junior (Korea)
14YeYe - S.O.S (Indonesia)V1 Comment
15Lee Taemin - SHINee (South Korea)

He should be placed as the top cutest bb member! Can't argue with his androgynous looks that both sexes will fall!

16Ryan Hartanto Tedja - Nu Dimension (Indonesia)
17Arthur - S4 (Indonesia)
18Ilham Fauzi - SM*SH (Indonesia)
19Iqbaal - Coboy Junior (Indonesia)

He's the most handsome!

20Yoona - Girls' Generation (Korea)
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1. Chunji - Teen Top (South Korea)
2. Luhan - Exo-K (South Korea)
3. Sungmin - Super Junior (South Korea)
1. Bisma Karisma - SM*SH (Indonesia)
2. Siwon - Super Junior (Korea)
3. Ninomiya - Arashi (Japan)



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