Top Ten Cutest Animated Characters

A list to find who people think is the CUTEST animated character EVER!

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He was so cute

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2Jerry Mouse

The only character possibly cuter than Jerry is Nibbles/Tuffy. Coincidentally, Nibbles/Tuffy is in the same cartons as Jerry sometimes.

The rodent half of probably the greatest animated duo ever created. Jerry was always one step ahead of Tom Cat.

He's the cutest, and best cartoon character ever, I personally dislike Tom. I'll always root for him to give that stupid cat a hard beating.

This guy is so cute I just want to hug him.

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The cutest character is definitely Snoopy.

Hontou ni kawaii desu! (He's really cute) - Nejixchan

I can't get the Peanuts original theme song! DO do do do do doodly doodly then it goes over and over again! But it is still cute!

He and Woodstock are my favorite Peanuts characters. They're adorable and funny.

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Those divers should get grounded for catching him and placing him in a fish tank

Nah. You're lying. Nemo's not that cute.

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5Butters (South Park)

In a cartoon that isn't supposed to be cute, butters is so adorable and acts like his age (4th grade) unlike the others laugh out loud. He's so clueless haha

Come on he was a pimp who handed out smiley faces and stormy clouds to his prostitutes

He is one of the most sweet and adorable character in cartoon history! He's just so innocent!


Come on gyus vote for the ever cutest animated character EVER MADE!

I have no idea why Wall-E is at the top of this list when you have a choice of Pikachu.

This ugly bastard isn't cute at all. It's annoying. All it says is it's name all the time and it never shuts up. This character and show are one of the most overrated things ever.

It should be in top 3. - Zab

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7Gir (Invader Zim)

Most adorable cartoon character and he is my THIRD favorite character of the show I love all characters and it was so hard for me to chose

Invader Zim is my favorite show and Gir is awesome! And adorable, obviously.

I have four shirts with him on them. He is the cutest character I have ever seen.

I agree. GIR is adorable! Should be at least in the top 5.

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Boo is adorable! I love her reactions to monsters! And her voice is so cute, innocent and delicate!

I looked like Boo when I was 3. That's just one reason why I love her.

I'm Sorry But Boo Is Tolerable at First But I Personally See Her As A Distraction From The Main Plot
Respect My Opinion

I wonder what Boo would look like if she were grown-up.

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9Puss in Boots (Shrek)

I love it when he does the thing with his eyes.
He's adorable - Celestius

Puss in my favorite Shrek character. He's adorable and funny. I love it when he takes off the hat and makes the sad puppy dog eyes. Even the enemies can't resist. Then he tears them apart.

He is a very good handler of his sword... But the best his adorable eyes thing it makes you wanna do what he wants!
He eyes can hypnotize because of the cuteness!

Makes me smile every time. Literally.

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10Gary The Snail

Gary is most likely to be the cutest thing with a shell you'll ever see. - Garythesnail

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11Mort (Madagascar)

It's cute when Alex accidentally makes him cry, try's to cheer him up by acting silly, and makes him SCREAM. That was funny.

Yeah he's adorable too bad Julian keeps being a douchebag to him.

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12Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

She's the cutest character that I know of! No other character can top her!

Totally the cutest, especially when she's scared. Also her "yay! "

She is definitely the cutest character I have ever seen.

She is my favorite character! - Pegasister12

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13Agnes (Despicable Me)

So cute. That's all I have to say. Wait I'm pretty sure I know which one they're talking about with the cute hair sticking straight up.. I like a little tomboy one too.. So cute. :) In fact all 3 girls are cute together hehe.

She's so cute! Especially in Despicable Me 2 when she dressed as a princess. so cute!

She is super cute, adorable cheeks and funny, if she was real I would marry her

I hate unicorns, but Agnes is cute.

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14Minecraft Baby Pig

Yep. They are pretty cute. - Minecraftcrazy530


Bambi is the most adorns character EVER! Vote Bambi!

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16Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls)

Oh my gosh. How is Bubbles number 18? She represents cuteness! She is called "the cute one." People are losing their minds.

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17Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon)

Okay wait, you have Hiccup and Astrid but not Toothless for cute? What?

He needs to be higher! Just rewatch "Forbidden Friendship" all you'll see what I mean.

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18Chilly Willy

Holy smokes I love Chilly Willy to DEATH! I love the Chilly Willy plushes from Universal the most.

Chilly Willy is so cute. He also has the most legendary dialouge EVER!
Polar Bear: You saved my life!
Chilly: Yes I did.
Polar Bear: I am very greatful.
Chilly: that's nice.

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Soo cute when he does the big eyes thing

20Vanellope Von Schweets (From Wreck-it Ralph)

Vaneelope has a certain cuteness behind her over-confident appearance but shows her full potential when Ralph smashes her car. I think she's the only one who can bring about genuine sympathy and sadness from the people watching the movie. She deserves to be in the top 3

I know I'm not the only one who ships adult Vanellope with Ralph.

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