Cutest Dogs In the World


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The Top Ten

Pugs are just too cute! so happy I am getting one :D I just couldn't get a better dog! they are small and wrinkly and cute
I have a pug and she is so cute! She is so funny all the time! She knows when shes going to get fed and she tramples over me when I feed her!
the pug is cute I like the way the snort with there cute little mouth


[Newest]I think pugs are the best because their cute little crunched up faces

I LOVE BEAGLES, SOMEONE GET ME ONE FOR Christmas! They are the most adorable animals ever, I want one now otherwise I will be said the rest of my life
my friend had one she said he was very energetic


Cutest puppies and are still cute when they're adults.
[Newest]I have my own beagle beagles rock

Awwww they are so cute they're like a little fluffball! I also love their lazy eyes its so CUTE! I cannot believe they're not in the top 10.
I have a pom pom/pomeranian and his name is Austin and he is the world's cutest dog and not to mention he is my alarm clock!
Pomeranian's are the cutest dogs in the world! #1 HELLO!
[Newest]I don't have a one but they are so so cute, adorable too!

4Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
I have 1 (Rainbow) they should be #1 they are the best there cute cuddly way cutter than pugs. They love to snuggle!
There so fluffy and just the cutest thing ever
I love there cute long ears!

Chihuahuas are adorable little dogs who often get a bad reputation for being nippy and loud. While it's true that a large percentage of them are one person dogs, good socialization, training and veterinary care can keep these behaviours at bay. They are great for people who live in small apartments and can be taught a number of tricks.
Chihuahuas are dogs and not toys, however, and should not be carried everywhere or babied like a human child. Your dog would benefit from having a job to do. They make great therapy dogs for people with mental or physical illness, have been known to be good at predicting seizures and are great service dogs for the deaf.
They're one of the longest living breeds of dog and have very few deadly genetic illnesses. Bad knees, eye problems and rotten teeth are very common problems with this breed.
They are cute and adorable they are the best
Those little rats and people don't put them in PURSES its ABUSIVE AND OFFENSIVE
[Newest]Very cute and are good pets to have

First time I seen a husky was on snow dogs when I was a little kid. Ever since I wanted one and I finally got one about a year ago. My akino is the cutest dog ever. Huskys just have beautiful eyes and there coat are gorgeous. Cutest dogs out there in my opinion.
Huskies are a great dog for the family especially when you leave in the snow like Alaska, You can even enter your cute little husky in a sled race contest, I'd recommend huskies for the families!
They're just do adorable and FLUFFY! Siberian huskies sometimes have one red eye and one blue it just seems so cool and CUTE!


[Newest]I love them so much!

7Yorkshire Terrier
York shire terriers are so cute. I absolutely adore them. They are perfect for little children. I wish I had one. It is impossible for someone too hate these sweet dogs. They can be so funny.
What are you people thinking 6 % of a yorkie come on people yorkies are totally adorable. Beat that you unreal people. And I am a girl and I am only 9 years old. And I no more than you teenagers
Yorkies are like my favorite dogs. They are so adorable. I think they should be the number one cutest dogs. I really want a Yorkie.
[Newest]This is an adorable breed! One of my friends have one and she is so cute!

8German Shepherd
German Shepard's a so adorable and greet family pets because they are protective and intelligent and cute!
German heard are some of the best dogs ever I don't have 1but they are the best for guarding they are great work dogs as well
German Shepherds are the most loyal dogs you can have. They are also very cute and really good family dogs.
[Newest]Playful perfect and pugs are ugly

Shih tzu their are cute, adorable, good for indoor pet. Lovable it is like real baby.
There just so adorable and small!
One bit my face
[Newest]There awesome! And cute!

Maltese are the cutest dogs in the world. Plus there just to playful for words
I have a Maltese myself and her name is Snowflake. She has gunky stuff under her eyes but I still love her very much! 😍
My Maltese Annie is so sweet and playful! She can also dance and walk on two feet! So cute

The Contenders

I have had a couple of red and currently own a black and tan. After owning one I will probably always have one or two. I love these dogs, they for sure love their humans. The dachshund should be at least in the top 5.
Dachshund is the cutest dogs ever. Hard to house train though, but you won't find a more loving and loyal companion that won't stray from your side
I love dachshunds they are the sweetest dogs and the cutest!

12Toy Poodle

13Cocker Spaniel
Cocker spaniels are adorable and full of energy and very soft and nice to cuddle
Two of my friends have the breed. They are so cute
Howdy I have 24 and that's just in hunting

14Border Collie
Border collies are easily the cutest. Just look them up on Google Images and you will see!
border collies are like so cute and really nice I have one he just loves every body


border collies are cute, a good farm dog and companion


16Basset Hound
Whenever I see one I feel like I'm gonna die of cuteness
They are so cute! They should be #2! (I love pugs. )

lokks like a husky also acts like one


18Labrador Retreiver
Their the most caring, loving animals in the world
These dogs rule! And are loving caring animals with lots of energy and are very low demaned! All in all I love these dogs!
They are the cutest! I have one and she's adorable and so loyal to her family.

19Coton de Tulear

My we westies are hilarious

I was looking for golden doodle but this is close enough


22Pit Bull
pitbulls are also cute even though they can get rough but I still think they are cute


I think pitbulls are the best dogs in the whole world! Most people think they are fighting dogs and that you shouldent get one because they might hurt you or your family and friends, butthe truth is they are REALLY SWEET and LOVING!

23Scottish Terrier

24Welsh Corgi


26Great Dane
the great dane it might be a litte big but they are good watch dogs


27Jack Russell Terrier
Jack russell are sometimes not very nice to kids cozs I had one and it bit my kid and it drew blood

28Australian Shepherd
Cutest dogs ver I have 3

I love that they are part Golden Retriever and also there curls and that the word "Doodle" is in the name because I love to draw and I am very good at it. I have a golden retriever named Rosebud.

the rottie is a very playful dog I also owned one of them


They r really cute I mean and protect and loveable"

31Shetland Sheepdog
Shelties are so cute. Miniature size, elegant face, cute ears, long fur, bushy tail, flashy colors, adorable!
These dogs are awesome

32Boston Terrier

the greyhound are also very playful also a handful but adorable


34Bichon Frise
I love my dog cloud she is so cute and cudly and I would recommend them to people who are allergic to dogs that sheds hair because my dad is and he never sneezes with her around

35Golden Retriever


37Dobermann Pinscher
Extremely good guard dog. Your house would definitely be safe. Although it is very aggressive it is also very loving. Perfect dog if you live in a place with a lot burglars.
Very good guard dog. Looks very cute too.


38Border Terrier

39Airedale Terrier

40Blue Heeler


42Shiba Inu
Shibas are fifty pounds of cute in a fifteen pound package.

43Norfolk Terrier

44Russian Black Terrier

45Miniature Australian Shepherd
Just as smart and beautiful as the standard aussies. Great not only for a single person, but awesome also for a family. Very loyal, obediant and loving.
Mini aussies are the best and they are adorable I have one her name is lili and she is white, black and really light brown she loves snuggling and is very pashent

46Tibetan terrier
My dog has been voted the cutist dog in the village

47Bernese Mountain Dog

48Shar Pei

49Rat Terrier

A shorkie is the cutest dog in style
Adorable little mix with Shih-tzu and yorkie. they are very lovable and rare =

51Apricot Poodle Mixed With a Miniature Poodles
Cute lil things they are very loving and soft just keep care of their fur and teeth.
Other than that they are amazing lil pups =D

They are just too cute!

53Miniature Shorty Bulldog

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