Cutest Electric Type Pokemon

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I love my Emolga she is a blob of cuteness and I love the noise she makes. If you put your pen on the screen for a little bit and hold it there it tries to slap it it's so cute I ❤ Emolga!

He is a great combo of flying and electric but is bad against rock! He's so cute though!

Emo emo emolga super fan love it

It is so cute I'm so happy it's in the top

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Come on, Pichu should at least be in the top 4! He is the baby version of Pikachu, SO CUTE!

Picture is one of the cutest Pokemon CREATED seriously people why not pichu

Pichu is the best and very best pokemon so why he do not come first I was very angary with you so please pichu get first

Vote for this more! Pichu needs number one, number two is good, but Pichu is cuter than Emolga!

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3Plusle / Minun

These guys are adorable! There's no telling to who's the cutest! Their so cheerful and there pretty much little cheerleaders! Their voices are so cute in the Anime and they look so adorable when they make their pom-poms!

Mathematical little Pokemon that are so cute! Two cheer leading Pokemon that are twins! YOU GOT TO ADMIT THEY ARE TOTALLY SO CUTE VOTE FOR THESE GUYS!

These two are the two little twins who have mathematical symbols on them but anyway you have to admit that they are cute!

Out of the way annoying rats make for these little bunnies

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Dedenne is the BEST Pokemon out of all the other Pokemon! It's the most chubbiest and cutest Pokemon.

Its to cute. A little chubby hamster.

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Joltik was my favorite when I started Pokemon, back in Black and White. He is so cute and I love his cute little voice in the anime

Search for one on google and you'll see how cute she can be! - Neonco31

JOLTIK FOR FIRSTT! Some one gimme electric safari zone, I need Joltik!

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Why is pachirisu not first? Seriously evolve? Is that the best the can do? Pachirisu is not only mega cute but he is powerful as well. If you want to finish a battle quickly then just use super fang 2 times then you win! Who can't think he's absolutely awesome!

Someone says pachirisu is rubbish! That is just pure lie! Pachirisu is 100 percent better than emolga! Seriously the people who hate pachirisu obviously hasn't seen the anime! Pachirisu is just way better than emolga!

It is adorable and cheeky especially in the anime when it made poor Dawn have a bad hair day

After watching the anime, my heart melts whenever I see it...

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7Pikachu / Raichu

Why is pikachu #4 it is so adorable but raichu is only kind of cute but still... PIKACHU!

Pikachu is the cutest see the 49 episode of season 8 and tell me what you think then

Pikachu is cutest. no one can beat him in cuteness

Pikachu is the cutest, smartest and most intelligent pokemon

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Yeah I love all eevee evolutions and Jolteon Is my second favorite after leafeon! He should be first! Sorry joltik fans but Jolteon is just too cute! ( he is strong and has incredible speed too! )

I absolutely LOVE Jolteon it is SO cute and ADORABLE!

Jolteon and Joltik, definitely. Pikachu too

Jolteon is the best

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What's not to like? He's strong he's cute. He can learn crunch, he's got an adorable roar! PLEASE VOTE LUXIO GUYS, HE ROCKS!

To be honest, the whole Shinx evolution chart is "cute" and "powerful" all over!

Shinx is my favorite Pokemon and I love the whole evolution line

So much better than emolga, isn't it just a flying rat?

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10Mareep / Flaafy

Mareep is just too adorable, you can't resist its cuteness, I have always wanted a real one. This fluffy electric ball of wool must get a better place than #9! Go Mareep!

I always caught mareep in gold or silver. After I restart the game, I'm like, ok... You don't need this mareep, you can do it... Don't catch it... BUT I NEED TO CATCH IT EVERY TIME IT'S JUST TOO DANG CUTE

Daw, Mareep is so cute! It's so fluffy and just adorable. But sometimes when I count Mareep, they jump over the fence too fast... But they're still cute!

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This little thunder cat is actually based on a T.V. show! But I do like that he can learn dark type!

Shinx has the sweetest little face ever and its shiny is stunning too!

Come on, Shinx is adorable with those big yellow eyes!

To be honest, the whole Shinx evolution is cute!

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Looks like an ugly fish that's been trodden on. Ugliest electric type

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So cute with its floppy ears. Makes me want to cuddle it!

This thing is so cute. I have a heliolisk but I missed the cuteness of Helioptile so I caught one and I'm not letting it evolve. Why did I have to add Helioptile to te list?!

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He is an electric type and a water type actually.

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I can't think of many electric type right now so please add!

Dude magnemite is so adorable

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Very cute electric eel I am the creator of this list and I am sory if you disagree with me about some of the rankings! I think all are cute! So please add to my list

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He is so cute if you watch the anime plus a bundle of happiness and good moveset

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19AmpharosAmpharos "the light Pokemon": an electric type which evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30, it is the final evolution of Mareep . Ampharos also has a mega evolution which is dual dragon/electric type .

It so CUTE! It my favorite pikachu clone and one of the only electric and steel type! SO CUTE! YAY TOGEDEMARU!

It's sooo CUTE! It's a ball. With a face, ears, tail, hands, and feet. How much cuter can ya get?!

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