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Who couldn't love that puffy tail and large black eyes that belong to Flareon. Seriously though. Who doesn't. Please tell me. - ThunderdrumsRule

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Vulpix is the cutest Pokemon ever! - wildcat9

I don't think it the cutest. But still, so cute!


Oh my my favorite Black and White Pokemon of all time!

It's probably the best starter Pokemon of all time!

I love TEPIG please vote TEPIG for me

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He is not cute but in power he needs to be number 1 he is more powerful as charizard but as charmander he is cuter

This is my opinion I hope you agree with me

He is not cute. Charmander is. But charmeleon is so powerful it can burn my head off.

He's totally first man come on please

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Victini: small, bunny-like with pointy V shaped ears. It has huge blue eyes and a round cream head, which is generally big, compared to the rest of its body. (kinda like a kitten) it's cream except for its ears and chest. It has 3 fingered hands and 2 toed feet. It has 2 sharp teeth on upper jaw, and 2 wing-tails. That's pretty cute if you ask me. A tiny, big eared, flying BUNNY.

I watched the movie Pokemon black and white victini and reshiram

VICTINI for the win! How is He not adorable?


It's Growlithe. What more is there to say. - NobodyFamous

It's Growlithe the cute Pokémon. Who always grows at me. But I don't care. It's so adorable!


How is ponyta cute? Especially his/her ponytail. (I guess it's a pony. It says ponyta) I think charmander is way cuter.

10CharmanderCharmander, known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.V2 Comments

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12TorchicV2 Comments
13FennekinFennekin is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Fennekin is a Fire type Pokemon, and one of the starter Pokemons in the Kalos Region. It is classified as the Fox Pokemon. Instead of eating snacks, Fennekin chew on twigs. It can be temperamental, but does it best more.

Fennekin is so beautiful and cute! How could one NOT love this Pokemon?! It's cute and strong! (If you raise it right)

Fennekin is SUPER strong and adorable! Obviously the best fire starter of all time! It was my first ever Pokemon card and Pokemon in the games! The 2nd Type for it is 2x damage on the other fire starters! These make Fennekin OP and adorable in my opinion!

Fennikin is SO CUTE it's cute fluffy flame ears and cute tail make it so adorable fennekin is my favorite starter and it can learn psychic moves so it's strong too

Fennekin sneezes so cutely.

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The latest, most ADORABLE new fire starter! I was waiting for Litten the beast! I mean, it's like, "Look how tough I am! " Gosh, Litten, I'm preparing for your cuteness in Sun and Moon! You and the Sun Legendary (I forgot his name) shall be my top favorites!

I think Litten is cuter than Rowlet. But I am gonna choose Rowlet as my starter. I'm so sorry Litten!

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Moltres is in the top 16? Wow. Well it's true that he is not cute.

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