Cutest Five Nights at Freddy's Characters

I love the horror game five nights at Freddys so I made this list about the male characters (FYI : the characters are in human form )

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You gotta love Bonnie the bunny! Who doesn't love a bunny creeping up on you at your door? PLUS she's lavender! Lots of people think Foxy is the cutest but COME ON THIS IS MY OPINION! Foxy and Bonnie are basically tied so that's why he's number 3, consider him a number 2 :3

Bonnie is adorable, Chica is um surprising, Freddy is cute and Foxy SUCKS

Who's a good little Bon Bon who's a good Bon Bon

Bonnie can suck a fat one.

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Foxy is great, he looks cute and wears shorts! He's a pirate to so you have to love em'. Foxes are natures greatest warriors (next to tons of other great hunters), their cute and fluffy and the kinds of animals you want to squeeze to death. Plus Foxy runs down the hall which is pretty rad.

No he is not adorable he's overrated and sassy he can't be the king of everything

Why the hell is Foxy even on the top? People love him way to much

Foxy is awesome I'm sorry if you don't like him.

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3Balloon Boy

He is cute... You can't blame the poor guy, you know? If you were a young child getting chased by others, scared of the dark and you find a flashlight that belongs to someone who isn't paying attention to you right now, wouldn't you take it? I would. And his voice is adorable. This guy may be annoying and he might decrease your chance of surviving, but he's still one of those adorable little cuties!

Uh..Right! Not an animal, a young boy. Think of the fan art! They can make him adorable!

I Would Not Call This Ugly Creature Cute

Me when I see this guy aw

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4Toy Bonnie

Balloon Boy is not cute. Foxy isn't cute. Why is he in 2nd place? Foxy is a hideous turd or wires. Toy Bonnie is cute. - BonnieRules

When he plays the guitar and when you put the mask on and see his face it's so adorable!

This ugly creature can go die in a fire. - KennyRulz244444

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5Toy Chica

Especially when she removes her eyeballs and beak. - KennyRulz244444

Who the frick thinks she's "sexy"? You, my friend, need to see a therapist.

I hate how she's always portrayed as sexy. People need to go see therapists. But she is cute and feminine, which is why I ship Toy Freddica. :^)

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Plushtrap should have been higher

He's So Cute Because he's A Baby SpringTrap. Fun With Plushtrap Is Not Scary... Its Fun With Balloon Boy

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You guys know the cupcake right? The cutey who stares at you in the office. Chica also has one in her hand if you look close enough on the show stage camera you can see his little head. I love his face! Huge eyes and two tiny teeth YOU JUST WANNA EAT HIM LITERALLY! I have no idea if Scott came up with his name or if it was some dude who liked the name Carl. I guess you could say Carl being number 1 isn't really counted because he's a cupcake and not technicly an animatronic, but he is a character so forget what I said.

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Nope, this ugly + overrated creature can be scrapped. - KennyRulz244444

I hate mangle overall she ugly mean and rude. Plus gross. WhaT ecen is this creature.

She isn't that cute. But she looks scary in a cool way.

I hate you so much

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Yeah that's right. I'm AGAINST ALL THEM HATERS, HATING ON CHICA! Chica is adorable, she's a chicken y'know? Yellow is a great colour, orange is also a great colour. She wears a bib saying "LET'S EAT! " so how can you not love her? Always disables my doors so fast though... But this list is about cuteness, not the game.

God jeez don't yell I could here you from here

Chica again with the cupcake. she needs to stop with her cupcake situation thing

Her Jaw Is Cool Looking

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11Phantom BBV2 Comments
12Toy Freddy

Adorable as heck! Why don't people like him? He's cuter than BONNIE, FOXY, CHICA, TOY CHICA, TOY BONNIE, MANGLE, BB! Get a life if you don't know that he's the cutest,you obviously have no taste in who's cute and who's not.

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13Golden Freddy

In human form he's adorable enough said

He just sits, but it's pretty cool when he pops up and crashes your game. The noise is cool it's like; GAARRR! He's got three names people call him, which is pretty radicool. He looks a lot like Freddy which is why I also like his face.

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14FreddyFreddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Freddy is my favorite and in the picture it looks like he is raising his eyebrows at you. LOL

Freddy is my favorite and in the picture it looks like he is raising his eyebrows at you

Freddy looks like he is about to spank your ass.

Freddy is the cutest and he should be higher.

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15Foxy (human form)

Same with "human Bonnie" there are literally thousands, which human Foxy?

Living in that pirates cove must be so hard.

Foxy just wants to be noticed as hell

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16Bonnie (human form)

There are a million human forms of everyone everywhere. Post a picture, please.

That's in MMD. I just realized that already after I posted my last one

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17Nightmare MangleV2 Comments
18Funtime Freddy

Dude that Bonnie hand puppet is adorable along with his design himself

19Phantom Freddy

I wanna give him a hug! And yank off one of purple guys legs and put on P. Freddy

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20Spring Bonnie

Looks so cute and beside he's just like Bonnie

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