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Who put this on the list? It is ugly as hell.

Elk he's UGLY! AND probably the most STUPID Pokemon ever!

Actually, it being ugly is just an opinion, and animals don't know the human definition of ugly because they were raised around dog ugliness, which is indeed a thing. So when people say something is ugly, it makes them seem immature and judgeful, but that's just a hunch :3


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He is the god of Pokemon and he is really so cute

Ugh arcues us is just overrated and ugly
It looks like a giant stick bug

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She's a fairy on a flower why is she all the way up here?

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244BreloomV2 Comments

It's okay, shells is #3 for me. Really cute though

I was the one who was very excited about this in another comment... AHH I STILL can't GET OVER HOW CUTE SHELLOS ISSS!

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246ClefableV1 Comment
247MarshtompV1 Comment
248ZygardeV1 Comment
249FloatzelV1 Comment

I don't think that moltress is cute but it's beautiful and intimidating

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Weezing is so cute and the cutest - brachio-oddish

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This pokemon is so ugly when it looked in to the mirror it broke

Ugly why is it on this list should be number 1 ugliest Pokemon look at its back in Pokemon go lol what

Kabuto! It's fun to say the name and it's very cute

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Haha, it's so cute, but it could break your spine

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Carvanha is SO CUTE! I'm pretty sure he's based off of an angler fish come on! I can't be the ONLY person in the entire WORLD who thinks he's adorable, am I?!?!?!

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My #1, all time favorite mon. End of story. You deserve #1, Blossom.

Chikorita was my starter Pokémon on SoulSilver and I do not regret it as it evolved into Meganium! H eis so sweet with his little leaf around him. - coolfluffle

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257GulpinV2 Comments

It's a tiny little turtle? How could you not think its cute!

Possibly one of my most favorite Pokemon of all time, and one of the cutest!

I am a shuckle supporter... Turtles rule! Especially this one!

Shuckle actually wrecks face. It can deal over 4 billion damage with bide.

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Raticate is a big rat. not that cute

Anyone who voted raticate is really insane

Why is this here, it's the ugliest pokemon ever ivented, Rattata is much better than this crap.

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Cherrim is in the top 5. It's so cute! With his pink flowers seems it's very cool! I love Cherrim!

Sunny form is just utterly adorable. It's outcast form is cute to, it looks like it's shy.

Come on :( It looks weird with Overcast Form but it is ADORABLE in Sunshine Form

OH MY GOSH WHY IS CHERRIM 149 it's so cute in sunny form

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