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Why in the world does a pretty cat evolve into an ugly one?

Purugly is so cute I can't stand it! What is she doing all the way down here?!?! Come on, peeps! Vote!

I see we are running out of ideas for cute pokemon...

So cute I love purugly

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Missingno creeps me out so much when I see its disturbing forms. its form that scares me the most is the Kabutops skeleton form that scares me a lot. The only thing cute about it is its black ghost form because it looks like its smiling at u!

That's not a Pokemon nor human this is a glitch

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Munna is very cute... With its flowery pink body... Tiny red eyes... 'swoon! ' it's so nice and perfect! I love it!


Most adorable Pokemon ever I want to hug him so adorable

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386SolosisV2 Comments

I hate the fact that he can't be used for much but he is adorable! He is also kinda good because of his evolution Bibaral.

I'm sorry... I used to like Bidoof but now I hate it cause my friend said it was better than Treecko. Sorry guys... TREECKO RULES!

Bidoof is the cutest little thing! I don't see anything ugly about it :/

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390DelibirdV3 Comments

Its cry sounds like the word SALSA.

It looks like he ate tons of oreos

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392TrubbishV5 Comments

Is.. is that a worm in his hand or something?

His ears kinda look like dirty cookie dough with giant pieces of pop rocks

I would not want to cuddle with it

It is so stupid

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Jynx is ugly why would anyone put it on this list I mean come on people you should know better

No! You should know better! Don't just judge by looks! You piece of crap why did you reply anyway

Someone said don't judge by looks, did he even read the title? This list is only about looks and Jynx is UGLY (weak as well)

All I see is Nicki Minaj every time I look at Jynx

Should be number 1

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