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61 Caterpie Caterpie

He is so CUTE! I remember when Misty didn't like him, and he was crying later. POOR CATERPIE...

It's caterpie, the most awesome adorable thing ever. You cannot hate the look of Caterpie. He just looks at you all adorable and stuff and then rolls over and you're like, D'AW. You can't go wrong with Caterpie.

Caterpie is such a great Pokemon. Once I lay my eyes on him, I can't look away.

My friend doesn't like bugs but loves Caterpie (Crystal)

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62 Turtwig Turtwig

My First Pokemon Ever! How Can You Look At This Thing And Not Say It's Cute? It Should Be #1! And That's Not Even Mentioning That It Evolves Into Torterra, My Favorite Pokemon Ever! Also, Ash's Turtwig Is The Cutest Thing Ever! Keep Rocking Turtwig, You May Be #27 Now But You Deserve #1!

. This kid. This Pokemon. This turtle. CUTEST. THING. EVER. Not to mention it is very strong and evolves into an absolute beast of a Pokemon. How could anyone choose Chimchar or Piplup over Turtwig. It is my favorite. Pokemon ever and not only do I and many other trainers have one, but ASH HAS ONE!

Turtwig is a Cute, Lovable, Tiny, Plant Turtle. Eco-friendly I must say. Also, in the 'Pokemon Diamond & Pearl' Comic, Turtwig's character is a cute, hungry, ( and somewhat derpy ) which fits the little 'wig!


Turtwig is just so cute with the twig on his head and his little eyes

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63 Joltik


I remember one afternoon where I spent the WHOLE afternoon searching for Joltiks in Chargestone Cave. You wanna know why? Cause he's ADORABLE. Look on Google, you can see images of the little guy chomping on everything.

Joltik is extremely cute! This is probably the first time I called a Pokemon cute. Seriously! Also it has a very good type combination. ^__^

Look at the lil' guy and tell me he's NOT cute with a straight face.

Joltik is one of my favorite pokemon I even stopped it evolving so it would stay cute!

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64 Purrloin Purrloin

Everybody loves a little adorable devil kittle who steals. And who wasn't amused when Meowth and Oshawott had a crush on a Purrloin that was actually a boy.

I really can't believe that Meowth and Oshawott fell for a male Purrloin I mean Seriously they should have fainted. And Meowth was calling ear baby and cutie and other boyfriend/girlfriend words.

I love purloin! And who doesn't remember the episode that almost turned Meowth and Oshawott gay? When I watched that, I laughed so hard that soda came out my nose!

I want a real life cat that looks like this

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65 Dragonite Dragonite Dragonite is a character from the Pokémon franchise by Nintendo. It is a dragon and flying type Pokémon created in the first generation of Pokémon. It is a Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.

Compare him to all of the other dragons. The difference of other dragons is, it looks like they want to kill you. Dragonite on the other hand, it looks like he wants to give you a BIG hug. - RebelGamer

A have a dragonite and he is at level 98 and I didn't get him until about 3 years after I got the game I loved him that much. He is so cute - ThunderdrumsRule

Dragonite is the best, he will give you a nice big hug and your enemies a taste of death! What's there not to love?

What about dragonite!?! All it wants to do hug you! And completely destroy all your enemies with a single blow!

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66 Raichu Raichu

You bet I love Raichu. I first discovered it while playing through Red and have been in love with it since. The other kids would sometimes give me weird looks because I evolved my Pikachu, but I didn't care. Part of my love for it is because of how it's been in Pikachu's shadow for 20 years, and I just kinda feel sorry for it. But with the upcoming seventh generation and the even more adorable Alolan Raichu, I'm gonna get these games as soon as I can!

Raichu is my favorite pokemon why isn't it number one?


Raichu is the cutest for sure!

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67 Jolteon Jolteon

Actually...Jolteon is VERY cute! Second cutest evolution of eevee under Glaceon, also my favorite evolution of eevee. GO JOLTEON!

Yes! Jolteon is so cool AND really cute all at the same time! - Derpstervictini

Jolteon is not cute but jolteon is cool - JolteonIsAwesome

Jolteon is pretty cute. - Oliveleaf

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68 Mantyke

Not enough appreciation for Mantyke. Not the best evolutionary line, but it's extremely cute. Extremely.

This guy is adorable. He needs to be higher up

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69 Treecko Treecko

I think it is badass rather than cute. I mean just look at the official artwork! All the other starters look so cute you want to hug them. But Treecko...HE LOOKS SO BADASS! He looks like he is about to murder you with that smile on his face. He is so awesome!

AWWW! (Insert High Pitched Simon Lane voice here) I AM DYING! The more I look at my favourite Pokemon in 63 The more I feel awful because... IT IS THE CUTEST Pokemon EVAH! Sorry... I just love him so much. Thank you Treecko For being the cutest Pokemon ever! Thank you.

Well, there's a good reason it is #90. Ash's treecko ws not that cute. It was very emotional about that dying tree. that's all. Tree treecko!

Treecko is awesome

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70 Poochyena

My 2nd favorite Pokemon so cute the show its on is a bite to remember

Come on this is one of the cutest Pokemon ever... Why is it not in the top twenty at least

It's pretty much a cute little wolf puppy. Come on, this should be way higher up.

Poochyena is awesome its like a wolf cub it's so cute

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71 Vaporeon Vaporeon

SO CUTE! Eevee is my favorite, but I love all of her evolutions too.

It's cute and beautiful.. It's also strong..

Come on people how can you not love Vaporeon! Its super strong and is super cute!

So adorable! It like super powerful as well

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72 Oddish

Oddish is just so adorable and I can't believe Oddish is way down here when Oddish has not only the most adorable cry ev but also is really powerful and even is in a few shows in the anime

Go Oddish! Go Oddish! Go Oddish! Seriously, how can you not want to cuddle with this delicate little fruit creature? I mean seriously! It's so adorable, and EXTREMELY underrated! I wanna hug it so tight, but I don't wanna pop it. It's an adorable little WALKING BLUEBERRY. A WALKING BLUEBERRY! How can you not love that? I HATE blueberries but I still love Oddish! It's the cutest thing ever.

Honestly? How could it come this low? It is like a jolly little blueberry that you wanna cuddle with. GO ODDISH!

His cute little smile his cute little legs his cute little leaves his cute little everything how is Oddish not number one?!

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73 Magikarp Magikarp

Magikarp is adorably helpless! He just wants some love... poor little fishy. He also evolves into a beast! :D

It may not be powerful (yet) but it is so cute why would anyone dislike that little guy and plus if you dislike magikarp because he is weak don't because it's cute little mustache makes me happy plus Karen says: "weak Pokemon strong Pokemon the selfish opions of people true Pokemon masters try to win with their favorites" or something like that so vote 4 magikarp

When I first saw this thing I was crying with laughter

Magikarp, I just hate him he's so lazy.

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74 Wooper

Wooper is so cute, with his adorable smile and cheerful attitude. He's definitely #1 on my list! -

its cute because it doesn't have any hands

Wooper should be way way lower on this list like in the top ten

Cute. Too cute! Just... Adorable. Full stop

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75 Phione Phione

Very cute. I like how Manaphy is its mom and Ditto is its dad.

I love this thing! Why does no one remember it?

It's a cutie why did it not get top? It's so ADORBS my sister calls it cutie she says hello cutie hello! When she plays her Pokemon game

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76 Castform Castform

All Castform forms are adorable! How can you not love its little smile? CASTFORM RULES! How is Castform 68? Open your eyes to the best of the best Pokemon!

Love his winter form or is it a wind form

I like castform because it has forms.

Castform is OP it can know 3 attacks that do 110 damage.
The disigh it was floating BALLs who came with idea.

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77 Cosmog Cosmog Cosmog is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. The most iconic appearance of Cosmog in the Pokémon franchise is the one owned by Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon, nicknamed Nebby.

This pokemon is awesome. Also who doesn't want a legendary?! This pokemon is a defiant eyes to get

Cute little space orb... One of my favorite new additions in sun/moon

It's so small, and I want to protect it!

Why, a legendary Pokemon that is super duper cute! Why wouldn't I choose this? I understand why Lillie want to save it from her mother!

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78 Happiny

Super cute! The playhouse Pokemon is strong and cute! Check out brock's happiny! Cute cute cute!

HOW!? HOW IS THIS POKEMON #110? It makes no sense. This IS, and always will be, the cutest pokemon of all time. People say it's a togepi clone, but I don't agree. Eevee? Pikachu? How!? These Pokemon aren't cute when compared to Happiny. If you have a soul you'd vote for this little bundle of joy

It holds an egg. What? How is this not number one?!

Happiny makes me so happy!

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79 Wynaut

Why is wynaut all the way down here.-. Its cuter that 90% of the pokemon before it

Look at its face! It's so totally cute! Like what's any cuter than Wynaut, so go on Why Not vote for wynaut!

It's cute but in the Pokedex he either fails at the whip or the dab. Can't decide which one.

Why Wynaut is not in top 10? Why Not?

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80 Spiky-eared Pichu

So cute! it is like a Pichu except cuter

Anyone loves this baby she is cute naughty and fun anyone can see she
Is special all that's bad is she can't go in the union room...
Shes cute and travels with celebi that's making celebi a cutie too! 😍

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