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Come on, who doesn't think that azelf is cute?

Azelf is SO CUTE! I know I've said that about like, 100 Pokemons, but really! What is he doing all the way down here? Come on, peeps! VOTE!

122MimikyuV2 Comments

Shuppet is one of the most awesome yet cutest pokemon on any game or film. He is a ghost type whitch is one of my favourite types of all 18 including fairy type. He should be in the top 30.

At least

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I can't get over him, he is the cutest pokemon ever, great attitude too

This is so cute where is he? I mean he's a little orange otter that waddles about in Gen 5!

Buizel is my favorite! Don't be under estimated it has great moves and CUTE LOOKS! It is only 87 but it is ADORABLE! VOTE FOR BUIZEL!

I love buizel

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Why is pidgey wayy down here? He should be at least number 4! But noo ralts made it! Why do I even bother?

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Adorable twitchy nose and it evolution is a badass so rank it higher


Its little bulb head makes it irresistible.

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Out of the three evolutions, this one is the most adorable. I mean, it's a bunny, it already has something undoubtably cute about it. I just thing that the entire way it's designed just scares that it's cute. I feel this isn't higher here is because it's a fully evolved Pokemon. If that's the case, that's dumb. Things can still be cute despite fully evolving, like towel is. But obviously I think azumarill is a lot cuter. I mean it's a water bunnies. That's cute! I do have one in my team as well, it's very good. Also Pokemon amie just makes this thing even more adorable.

How is it so low..? It's my favorite Pokemon. It's not because it's a bunny, it's because of the size + design. If you wanted a litwick, it'd be the size of half your shoe. (The heel portion.) Azumarill is half the size of an average 10 year old. THAT'S adorable. Plus, the bubble pattern and it's tail. Considering Azumarill is also the same practically as Azurill and Marill, I am going do SUBTRACT those numbers from azumarill, making it TECHNICALLY #3. Basically, Azumarill is in the top 3 due to this.

Azumarill is a ROUND, cute, rabbit pokemon that should be WAY up in the rankings. It's little blue tail is so cute, and it's whole body is like a big fat circle, which makes it even cuter. People... VOTE for this amazing thing!

It looks like a cross between a bunny and an Easter egg!

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come on the thing about luvdisk is that its a heart that is cute enough and that if you see it with your gf or bf you fall in love its awesome

Dumbest Pokemon design I ever saw

Luvdisc is ugly duh its too flat! That's why it got last!

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130RockruffV1 Comment

This Pokemon is adorable, but so underrated! I think it's cuter than Jigglypuff by far. - xMagnoblade

Cute little fluffy balls SO CUTE

OH MY GOOODNESS! This thing is just too cute. The smile and how it looks! You could just squeal at first sight!


Poor little guy, all the way down here at number 167. Espurr should be #1!

Espurr is NOT creepy. The poor thing may be found in a haunted house but it will be lonely and it won't be his fault he is really cute

Espurr is so spookily cute! I love spookily cute Pokemon! It's evolution boy or girl is flawless!

This is my cutest most precious pokemon - Annieshellred

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You gotta admit, if this thing was real you'd be hugging it all day

Litleo is my kind! Me and Litleo equals friends for life baby!

Litleo is always at the top of my party! Just look at it! And if you touch it's little flame head thing in Pokemon Amie, aww!

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Togekiss is the most cute and a powerful Pokemon
Its fantastic dazzling appeal always make me won every battle (almost) and contests

Togekiss is magnefique! It will protect you! And dawns togekiss is just adorable, who can't love those wings?

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Oh my gosh I love his eyes! I mean, I'm glad MY eyes don't look like that, but still. I love how serious patrat always looks. He probably doesn't realize that whenever I see his angry face I start laughing because of how cute he is. Come on, peeps! VOTE!

Everyone seems to hate this pokemon for it's eyes. Come on! His eyes are sort of weird but he's still kind of cute.

He will stare into your soul the he will kill you then he will win the Pokemon league

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, they're like the most adorable pokemon EVER!
I love their little stripy tails :3

Sentret and Azumarill would get along.


This Pokemon is superb cute! She is one of my top listed Pokemon. Shes so beautiful that every girl wants. I better like this than buneary. I can see a picture of a woman in this Pokemon. So cute for me! I know for you too. This Pokemon deserves at the top of this chart!

Why is Lopunny over here in #125? It is obviously a good Pokemon. Well, in my eyes.

Is the most beauty of the Pokemons, she deserves to be the number one!

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Google a picture. You will find it cute.

Who wouldn't love a tiny pig with a spring for legs and an obsessive passion for pearls

Of course Spoink is the cutest especially when he says "Spoink"!

Spoink is the cutest Pokemon

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139VenonatV3 Comments

Cutest dragon I've ever seen. It looks so harmless and gentle just cute little bundle of slime :3

How is this cute Pokemon not in the top ten? should be beating Mew

This is my 2nd favorite. Azumarill and Goomy would get along.

Goomy and axew are the best dragons they're so cute

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