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I just think of misty and her horsea and I makes me happy. Horsea is just cute and freindly looking with those

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He looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Rucka Rucka Ali looks like JOseph Gordon Levitt as well (says KSI)

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Evolve your bayleef into FLIPPING MEGANIUM!

Bayleef is SO cute! I do not understand what he's doing all the war down here! He is si cute! Oops
Made a ot of typos I'm typing and eating cerel at the same timr


Worst Pokemon ever, cutest card ever, best tasting mushroom ever. Goods outnumber the bads if your not him

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How could this have not been 1? This beats eevee by far!

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I've always thought living things without faces were cute for some reason, and Staryu is no exception! I just think he's so adorable! And should be a little higher on this list.

I think Staryu should just stay right here.

It can't be cute, it has no face. But still awesome though.


Dwebble is SO CUTE! How come I'm the only one who thinks so?!?... Of course, at school when there was a huge spider on my desk everyone else was screaming while I was saying "aw... ! Your so cute! I'm gonna name you Jeffery" to the spider... But whatever about Jeffery the spider. I'm supposed to be talking about dwebble. But yeah. Dwebble is so cute it's hard too look at him he's so cute. Come on, peeps! VOTE!

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Should be higher on the list! One of the cutest Pokemon in my opinion

Inkay is a derpy Pokemon like Piplup and its face is so cute!

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I'm gonna become a breeder maniac this way

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171LaironV1 Comment

Seadra is cute and is very good water Pokemon he is


Oh my gosh nose pass is awesome! He deserves to be higher on the list! Come on, peeps! Vote!


Mystery Dungeon has ruined my life HAHA but you know, after it, some pokemon in this universe start to be the best out of them all. Chatot THANKS FOR (spoiler haha but we all know it) US IN THE CAVES ;;

How on earth is chatot all the way down at 162nd!?!?!? He is really beast in battle and has the best face with his little quaver head*! Trust me

* his shiny variation is so much better!

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Swinub is the cutest thing in the world

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Aipom people... AIPOM WAS MY FIRST POKEMON CARD I GOT :D he is the pokemon!

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I think Sewaddle is cuter than Caterpie and Weedle - Cubea

Sewaddle is so cute.. I love sewaddle's cute face!

180SlurpuffV6 Comments
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