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Age 8 he is so cute and little and cuddly he's a little mechanic

Tails is my favourite and cutest sonic character! If Tails was real, we'd be best friends and I would hug him and as Sonic does, play with his bangs/hair

I think tails is the cutest thing in the hole universe

I wish I could meet him he's so sweet and cute

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2Ray the Flying Squirrel

He looks so cute in that blue jacket.

Ray is cute, he deserves a lot more fans.

I just like ray, he's pretty cute, and you can't help but feel sorry for him when he fails.

3Cream the Rabbit

I guess Classic Tails doesn't count. Anyway, everybody seems to dislike Cream for being useless or whatever, but then again, they forget about it because she's just so cute that it doesn't really matter anymore. Cream is so cute!

Age 6 the cutest thing ever she is very nice cute cuddly little loveable adorable happy creative and can kick bad guy but!
She babysits every chao at chao garden and they grow up perfecty with all stats at 99 even when there a baby I love cream and you should to!

Cream the rabbit is cute and should appear in more sonic games!

Cream is the most adorable character out of all the Sonic characters - Sonamy

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4Big the Cat

He is so cute like so cute and he is very fat

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5Silver the Hedgehog

Age 14 its no use You have no choice but to admit I'm cute

He is the best because he says its no use

Damn it his chest fluff. He's so fluffy... And cute... I love himm... I choose him over my boyfriend... So yh laugh out loud

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6Marine the Raccoon

Age 7 she is so cute and little and cuddly shes a little sailor

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7Charmy Bee

A lot of people say Charmy Bee is really annoying, but I think he's really cute and funny

Age 6 he is so cute and little and cuddly he's a little detective

I agree charmy is actually my favorite chaotix character. He's just so cute with the potbelly and those little feet

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Cheese's cute thing, please cheese!

9Amy Rose

She is so cute & would be the greatest drummer in the whole Sonic franchise - even better than Tails & Manic the Hedgehog!

Amy has an adorable voice to me and is my favorite colors. She wears rings (like shadow does) she wears a dress,boots and luvs sonic... Okay shes over obsessed. But in the Sonic boom series shes not as obsessive.

You don't have to tell us what they look like. (geez)

Amy is the best

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10Rouge the Bat

Whoever put Rouge on the list is probably thinking of the other definition of "cute". E-e

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11Emerl the Gizoid

Emery is very good at fighting

12Blaze the Cat

Age 14 adorable kitties + fire powers = adorable fire kitties yay

Erwin (from Pac-Man World 3 & Pac-Man World Rally) would hate her, but Katy Perry would strongly love her.

Blaze is adorable! (when she's not angry)

Best and cutest sonic character.. And go shadaze

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13Tails Doll

Tails doll is the most adorable character! He's so fluffy and cute like a stuffed animal! He has big gorgeous eyes and who wouldn't want to hug this cutie? Tails doll could easily win cutest character in world!

R u insane? This thing is ugly! It had a wire sticking out of its head, and have you heard the story about him attacking some guy?

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14Tikal the Echidna

Tikal, I love it. I have lots of fun with her, and make noises such as a yelling sound? We love Chao

Age 14 she is very adorarble cause she plays with lots of baby choa

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Where do I start? cute, high voice, small size, shiny little eyes, big ears, and of course, the childish personality and the ability to burst into tears so easily, that makes him look young and adorable.

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16Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

Wow...I am so surprised that Sonic is so low on this list! Eh...I might as well throw my opinion in, and try to get him higher up on this list. First off, he is the main character in the franchise. I can't help myself. I usually say "main character" to state a fact. Next, his voice is ADORABLE. It doesn't matter who voices him, I just find his voice utterly cute, especially when he laughs or chuckles. I love his attire, emerald green eyes. He's cocky, a good guy, and adorable overall. Go, Sonic!

Check out the size of Sonic's eyes!

Age 15 sonic is nice to everyone even chris thorndyke

He's the cutest gaming character EVER

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Chip is the cutest sonic character ever! He is adorable and you just want to squeeze the cuteness out of him.

18ChaosV1 Comment

Yep I think he's cute if he was real I'd hug him very much (I don't think he would like it)

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20Wave the Swallow
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