Cutest Video Game Characters

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Bird, bird, bird is the word...

Why get a horse when you can ride big bird

42Cat MarioV1 Comment

Eevee should be way higher than 60

44Toon Link

Yes! This is the cutest character ever!

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45Waddle Dee

The ones in Dream Land 3 and Epic Yarn are the best, not to mention Bandanna Dee. - Garythesnail

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52 place... Really? Are you retarded? This little girl brang smile to my face every time I would play TWD.

49Cream the Rabbit

As long as she isn't portrayed in a sexual way, I'm fine with her being cute.

I Hate Cream With a Burning Passion, And This Is Why!

(Sonic the Hegehog series)
Very very cute. The way she dresses her face and her voice. Great choice for a cute game character list.

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50Portal Turret

Ain't These guys are such a cute little guns. The turret has to be the cutest thing in portal. Their voices make them sound almost innocent like they are not trying to kill you, but they still are :( I always feel bad when I tip them over.

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51Asriel Dreemurr

You jerk this should be tied with my opinion on mew NUMBER #1

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53Jack (Cave Story)

Glasses for the win - xandermartin98

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54Parappa the Rappa
55Adorabeezle Winterpop (Sugar Rush)
56Odd Sock
58Wrecking Ball (Skylanders)
59Billy Hatcher

Guys, Billy Hatcher is so damn underrated, not to mention ADORABLE. The whole game is cute, but the main character himself just takes the whole cake!

Dang, Billy is just adorable. The chicken suit, his shiny eyes, everything...

(This is about the Billy Hatcher from the SEGA game. Not the baseball player)
I just love how he looks. When he smiles, especially in the CGI cutscenes, it just makes me faint.

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60Shy Guy
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