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21 Wooper

Whooped is adorable! When using it in battle in gen 4, it looks back at you! Whooped is the cutest thing ever!

Wooper is so adorable and its always happy, therefore making you always happy

It's so cute. Vaporeon is not cute. But the cutest water types are piplup, azurill, marill, wooper, azumarill and squirtle

22 Poliwag
23 Totodile Totodile V 1 Comment
24 Clamperl
25 Feraligatr V 1 Comment
26 Phione

It is so cute I will die for it it should be 1

27 Milotic Milotic

I agree, however I don't think Molotov is cute, I think she /he is cool.

Come on guys why isn't Milotic in the top 5?!

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28 Ducklett
29 Dewott V 1 Comment
30 Krabby

Krabby, not SpongeBob. laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

31 Gyarados Gyarados
32 Keldeos V 1 Comment
33 Staryu
34 Starmie
35 Frillish

You know is you read the frillish's pokedex entry you'd think a lot different

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36 Corsola

It is possibly the cutest Pokemon of any type

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37 Omanyte
38 Kyogre Kyogre

Don't know about u guys but I think Kyogre is so cute... Search up cute Kyogre pics on the internet and see if u agree with me.

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39 Finneon

Finneon is the cutest little fish!

40 Shellos

Shellos is so underrated Its adorable!

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