Top Ten Damage Dealing Plants In Plants vs. Zombies

The Top TenXW


Good in night long range cheaper than cherry bomb in night levels

2Cherry Bomb

Kills all zombie in range cheaper than doom shroom in day levels you get it early good for late roof levels

3Gatling Pea

Sorry left text on caps lock anyway it kills all zombies in lane melts ice from zombonis but one use only making gatling pea and torchwood better.

5Potato MineV1 Comment
6Winter Melon

Both fire melon that deal 4 melon pult cheaper wintr melon freezes


Only good for football zombies


Free and fast recharge

10Magnifying Grass

I know that this is in pvz2 but still good 50 sun for one beam is kinda bad and a waste of sun GET TWIN SUNFLOWERS BEFORE PLANTING

The Contenders

11Crazy Dave

Powerful shots but expensive and you should get more plants first

13Bomb Cannon
14Lawn Mower
15Primal Potato Mine
16Coconut Cannon

Huge damage but has to recharge after shooting.

17Electric Blueberry

It has great damage,only 150 sun,but is 1 of the 2 slowest recharging plants in the game to date.

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