Top Ten Best Dancers of All Time


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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson

King of dancer, he is the best dancer in the world, no one can beat MJ.
Best dancer in the history of history of time I loved him he is so good Michael will always rule in all of our hearts GO MICHAEL!
[Newest]Michael is the best
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2Prabhu Deva
Prabu deva is very awesome dancer
He is the diamond of India
Hats off dancer

He is awesome dancer.. No body is like him. After michael jackson he is only one who can rule on world by his dance..
Wow... He's best ever... Prabhu means god and he is really a god of dancing in india
[Newest]Best, best dancer in world
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3Hrithik Roshan
2nd rank should given to hritik reason is.. his clear steps and perfect movements. beat and his rythm goes hand in hand
Finest dancer in India... Fantastic..
The way he moves it's really please to watch and worth seeing... Just dance!
Hrithik should be 2nd best after Michael as he is the god of dance and has a very good flexible body which supports his steps. All his recent movies and dance shows show how efficient he is in dancing.
Ya correct he has his own style when comparing with prabhu so after hrithik prabhu will come
[Newest]My best actor ever
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4Allu Arjun
One of the finest talent in India. Just watch his steps he is a true rockstar
He might be confined to a region (telugu & malayalam)... Definitely he is going to rock in future..
He is the upcoming great dancer with putting great efforts,
Even dances with grace
[Newest]What a dancer look like gorgeous in his body movement
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5Chris Brown
I will like Chris brown because he moves all his body to dance including stepping and stunts. HE IS THE BEST. HE IS NEW WITHIN NEW STEPS. I LOVE HIM. WATCH STORM THE YARD AND BE CARRIED AWAY WITH DANCE LETS DANCE IT ALL THANK YOU.


He rocks I like his song yeah 3x and his dance in it... He is unbeatable after Michael Jackson he should have been there there would have been a storm if he was there he is just the best
I like CHRIS BROWN because he can do any dance move


[Newest]He should be second
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ARE you serious usher has been the man since his debut. The way he dances and the showmanship he has is fantastic. He can make the simplest move look so good. Who was the last person who could do that? I think that was mj
Usher should definitely be much higher up on this ranking. He is at least a better dancer than hrithick roshan.
Usher is the best dancer
[Newest]Usher is fly dope and ultra cool

7Jr. NTR
Ntr is very good dancer in south he should in 1st place I think he is doing good now he is 2nd rajinikanth in south
Ntr is one of the top most dancer in all indian heros except hritik rohan, his dancing skills were awesome. According to me he is the best dancer in telugu industry and also in all other actors.
NTR must be in the list of top 5 dancers in India.
How come allu arjun?
Allu Arjun is a good dancer, but don't have grace in his dance!
[Newest]He is best dancer
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8Raghava Lawrence
He is the best, according to my opinion. Dance is not about stunts but of craze, his
Dance makes enjoy every movement compared to allu, etc
He is my best dancer. Look at his different composition of dances and his expressions which vibrate masses in a great way. His effortless style, mannerisms and charisma are way better than those stars of now!
He is my best dancer because he danced very well in tamil film kaanchana. I like him very much. His style while dancing is very nice.
[Newest]He is best because of his slow motion

9Fred Astaire
Unbelieveable!, that anyone in their right mind who could think or say that anyone else is even a close second to Fred Astaire has not watched one of his films. Michael Jackson, who many think was the best dancer of all time couldn't tie Fred Astaire's shoelaces copyed James Brown and who knows whom else. All his moves were virtually the same. Take a close look at his dance moves. Fred Astaire was in a league all by himself my friends and make no mistake about that. He also choreographed a lot of his dance and was the ultimate perfectionist. Wake up people!
People will be watching, and be amazed, at Astaire (and Rogers) 1000 years from now. He is that good.
You are so right! These uninformed people all voted for singers. They don't know what dancing is about. I want to see them try something like Fred's," Puttin on the Ritz." Or, maybe they should check out the Nicholas Brothers... Wow! Besides, Fred and his sister Adele lived in Weehawken, NJ when they were young. It's right across the Hudson River from Broadway. Oh, did I mention, that's where I'm from!
[Newest]Class with style. That makes it easy, and possible... Fact is its hard as hell. Totally blessed and gifted!
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10Madhuri Dixit
Queen of Classical Dance... I Like it...


Madhuri is the queen of dancing and bollywood. What lovely and remarkable expressions. She is surely the best. I appeal to everyone to please vote for madhuri. She deserves to top the list

[Newest]Really she is best dancer

The Contenders

Shakira is number 2 after Michael Jackson. Her moves are absolutely amazing!
She is the best dancer. Her moves drives me crazy m trying hard to dance just like her... GO SHAKIRA...
What? Not number one!? Shes the queen of dancing! Her dancing is so SICK!
[Newest]I love her dancing...

12Joseph Vijay
He dances effortlessly without any strain on his face and he can do long hard steps with precision and ease.

Prabudeva named Vijay in his top 5 fav dancers

HE dances on the sets and on the road with equal precision
"the king of dance"-illayathalapathy vijay
He is very next to prabhu deva in dancing...
Makes awesome expressions n effortless dancing skilled actor
For me he should be placed in top 5 dancers list:)
Best entertainer n awesome dancer in tamil film industry
He will be a best of bests if he enters international arena... Al the best vijay
He is Pretty Awesome Dancer. His Dance was Awesome To watch... He has the Best grace and Expression to his Steps... No age Category for his Fans for Dance... The Dance was appraised Even by Small Childs. His Dance are International Standards...
[Newest]He should the number 1 in this list
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13Jennifer Lopez
I like her dance very much and I have a collection of her videos.
She is best dancer no doubt about it. She is also so much beautiful which makes her dance more beautiful. No one can dance much better than her. I do not know that why she stands at 3 she should be at 1.
She's a awesome I mean shes not really flexible but she has got the feet movement I VOTE FOR JENNIFER LOPEZ she was also amazing at the AMA's in 2011! She really tops it off with her great singing too! PS. I think she sucks eggs
[Newest]You are a really good dancer πŸ‘Έ

14Harihar Dash
He is an emerging dancing star from India. Now he is rocking in Oriya film industry by his fantastic dance moves. He is such a dancer who can do all dance moves in the world perfectly. He was the finalist of India's got talent, he had done dance in airtel 3g & recently he has made his debut in oriya film industry through the film "mu premi mu pagala" where he has done fantastic moves. If you don't know him then search him on youtube. He is a brilliant dancer. Just wait. The day is coming soon when we will see him among top 10 or even in top 5. ng top 10 or even in top 5.
He is one of the emerging talents in india... He deserves 2 be in the top 10. He is rocking in Oriya film industry by his fantastic dance moves.
Best looking and popping dancer in the world...
Fantastic dance moves
[Newest]He deserve rank 1

15Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson is an idol without her Jennifer Lopez wouldn't even have a career set for her so she need to be at number 3. She was an idol and she could always dance and still doing it at 45 so she an icon. More like number one!
the best dancer to me, the queen the only person who touch her is her brother only! period!
The best female dancer ever!
[Newest]Janet is the greatest female dancer of all time period!

16Justin Timberlake
i mean he'z a successful dancer singer and a brilliant actor
well he is my idol
watch justin timberlake tap dance nothin' else video on youtube u'll surely louve it
He must be in the top 10... He is a better dancer than many above him here... He deserves the a place in the top 10... JT rocks
Wow he's like an Usher and Chris brown caliber type of dancer, 18th is madness.
[Newest]Best original dancer... He has the moves x

Chiru is greatest dancer in the Indian industry.
Every dancer has do dance.
But chiru dance well with his face expressions.
I think chiru is the no> 1 dancer in Indian film industry. He made future generation to create interest in dance. He created tremendous sensation in dance. I think no one can beat chiru in grace in dance.
He is great dancer in Indian film industry when compared with his aged heroes
[Newest]I love his dance

18Mikhail Baryshnikov
This list pisses me off... Michael Jackson improves. He never took a class in his life. Baryshnikov studied for years, and is the true master
His technique is perfect, his moves are perfect, his dance is perfect. He is considered the greatest dancer by critics and he not on top spot. Shame on you people.
He is a dancer's dancer. Made it all look easy. Posture and technique perfect.

19Adam Sevani
Adam should be in the top 10, he dances like a boss!, he puts everything in his dancing and his moves are just INCREDIBLE!, you can't just turn your head while watching him performing or you'll miss a good thing like seriously ADAM IS THE BEST EVER!, hands down.
Adam Sevani should be in the top 12, people just don't know who he is.. He is in the Step Up movies and also has a dance battle with Miley Cyrus on YouTube.
AKA moose from The Step Up movies search his name on youtube and be impressed
[Newest]Moose is the best dancer ever

AWESOME! He doesn't need a choreographer! He's just raw!
This man doesn't even need a choreographer! He goes freestyle and his flexible.
[Newest]Prince hip hop is best in world after Michael jackson prince is best hip hop dancer

She's mastered many styles of dancing throughout her career. Although many are experts in their specific style, Madonna has changed and perfected a variety of dance forms, not to mention that she is classically trained in ballet and extremely flexible.
People forget that Madonna had a full-ride college scholarship for dance. She started as a dancer and is proficent in many different styles. She also continues to be one of the few who can sing live while dancing.
[Newest]You are awesome from hannah πŸ’«πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘©πŸ’•

22James Brown
WHAT! WHY is he at this number. This list has so many mistakes THAT it's not even funny. James brown should easily be number 1 dancer. Michael Jackson was excellent but James brown was just awesome to watch. Mj was smooth while James was smooth and energetic. One question, why is James brown other dance son not up there, mc hammer. Come on now, he should be number 3.( I can't believe what bet ranked him, after Janet Jackson? ) now I can see him beating mj in a dance battle with free styling and what not, but mj new more dance styles and combined him into his thing. But here's a good edit of that the list should look like…
5. Bobby Brown
4. Prince
3. Mc hammer
2. Michael Jackson
1πŸ‘‘ James Brown
Yeah, mc hammer above prince. There THAT'S more like it
Mc hammer= Energetic
Michael Jackson= Smooth
James Brown= Both
This list is phoney. James brown hands down the greatest dancer of all time.
Michael jackson is leading, but James brown isn't even in the top 10? For shame.


James brown at number 33? My gawd he even taught Michael Jackson... Listen... TAUGHT MICHAEL JACKSON how to dance, there for he needs to be number 1. Why is mc hammer not in the top 3 because really it was like him and mj were his sons. I would give mj 3rd place mc hammer 2nd and james brown 1st. Yeah Michael Jackson made jbs moves look better, hammer made them, energetic so basicly james brown the better dancer. Jeez ya'll need to research before making a list.
[Newest]Having James Brown at number 36 is a travesty. James is the greatest dancer of all times. His style and flair was copied by a great many people on this list (especially your number 1 Michael Jackson).

23Jenna Dewan
She's great in Hip - hop and ballet dancer
She is featured in Step up
Jenna is just an amazing dancer. Loved her in Take The Lead and Step Up and I think she's deserves to be in the top ten.
I went dance like you

Cute movements.. What a nice he is... Such a charming personality.. Have expecting a lot... Awesome... Wonderful... Splendid... Highly worthable celebrity...
Nice dancer and he shows different dance steps in his movies and fast dancer very stylish step he is taking
Young super star, dance from childhood onwards, he has fast dancing moment than any other in kollywood
[Newest]He is dance well

25Fayard Nicholas

26Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul grew up in the San Fernando Valley, California. She began taking dance lessons when she was eight. She attended Van Nuys High School, where she was senior class president and head cheerleader. After graduating in 1980, she started college at Cal State-Northridge, majoring in T.V. and radio. After joining the L.A. lakers cheerleaders, she became head cheerleader/choreographer after only a few months, eventually dropping out of college to dance and choreograph full-time. She was recruited by The Jacksons to choreograph their 1984 "Torture" video, the first in a long list of videos and movies she would choreograph. She branched out into singing with her first CD, "Forever Your Girl", which had lackluster sales until the single "Straight Up" exploded onto the charts in December 1988 and she has been a popular singer/dancer ever since, enhanced by her stint as a judge on the hit series "American Idol" (2002)
shes the first dancer I think of when I think of best dancer she is way good too good to be true and is way better than jennifer lopez who's number six at least she's in the top 100 of the lists that usually doesn't happen with me finally I completely agree what user alexandr's comment about abdul oh yeah shes the best dancer ever
I'm furious! Paula was absent in this list. She is real dancer and she proved it in her music videos. I love her dances, especially her step...


[Newest]She is a best dancer

27Gene Kelly
He's not even in the top 50...
For shame, internet, for shame.
To those of you who haven't seen "Singing in the Rain", please do. You see, the dances were done in almost one take, no breaks. It was done to show how amazing his dances were. And by the way, if you don't think tap dancing is good dancing, I suggest you get off the top 40, stop "Dougeying" and learn a little music history.
Come on Gene Kelly belongs in the top ten best dancers of all time. The man was still dancing and contributing to dance until the end of his life at age 83! I saw him live in 1976 in St Louis, MO and I was extremely impressed with his agility. Besides who else has danced with a cartoon mouse?
Just see him dance on roller skates. I am sure that no other mortal could perform that dance. He was the best in his era and also forever. He will not see his like again.
[Newest]Singing in the rain the best ever

28Jason Derulo
Jason derulo should be in the top 10 list
Best dancer of today's generation.
You Rock My World! JD Rocks
[Newest]Jason Should be in the TOP 20 list, he's also a graceful dancer

29Shahid Kapoor
He is damm good
Best Bollywood dancer
Love him
Supper dancer
After MJ ^^ Prabhu Deva, if anyone deserves 3rd position, ^^ that is only Shahid Kapoor...
He is one of the best dancer of india and world
One who an dance like mj and prabhudeva is shahid kapoor
[Newest]Shahid is the perfectionists in dancing

30Harold Nicholas

Beyonce Knowles needs to be Ranked Higher she's been in the Game and Music Industry Since the 90's with her Girl Group Destiny's Child now Beyonce as a Soloist now she Evolved into a Artiste and a Artist that has both Talents deserves to be in the top 5 not only was Beyonce Born with a Beautiful Singing Voice and can Hit High Notes very Powerful with a Voice that can Span Three Octaves Belting Soulful Song live on stage but Beyonce was also bless with another Talent which is Dance and let's face it Beyonce can Dance very well look at a Collection of her Music Videos she is a Wonderful Dancer that can Sing Great as well she is Virtuoso.
The queen bee always stings. As early as before age 12 she was already a good dancer. Her stage presence moves many. She really deserves the tittle 'Princes Of Pop'. Her most famous dance music videos like Single Ladies, Run The World, Beautiful Liar (featuring Shakira) are one of the best in pop history.
Oh come on, she should be in the top five. I mean shakira is only good at one type of dancing which is belly dancing. but beyonce can do belly dancing very well (look at the video for beautiful liar) and can also do lots of other dance styles as well.


[Newest]Come on this site is inexperienced in this ranking category...

32Natalia Oreiro
Natalia is a great dancer and always has been
Natalia is amazing and very beautiful dancer, singer and actress

33Aishwarya Rai
She is just the epitome of perfection. Not only she is known for her beauty, acting or marvelous personality but also for her dancing skills. Her dance moves in Hum Dil... , Devdas, Guru, Dhoom2 or Robot have just mesmerized the audience with her moves n expressions. She has performed on almost every dance styles n will always be remembered as one of the best female dancers in India.
Her dances are the epitome of perfection. She has such a wide range as a dancer and everything she touches turns to gold. She has acted in over 4o movies and has danced in hundreds of songs. She is my goddess and in my opinion, the best.
Everthing about her is as beautiful & magnificent as she... One of the best miss world who always wins everyone's heart with her dance moves filled with grace and poise... I m just blown away by this beauty queen
[Newest]You are so dam hot will you are dancing. Kiss!

34Raghav CrocRoaz
Id say CrockroaX can rival even Michael Jackson. His style is seriously unique. And cooler than MJs. Plus his dance requires more body controlling skill which is very rare to find. Not everyone can copy him. His powerful slowmotion dance has become a brand on its own.
He has create his own style which is very unique, his slow motion dance is best ever in world, no one can match him, he is Awesome dancer, please vote for him
He is up with his unique dance form.I. E, slow motion. He excels in his dance form. He has a marvelous body control. HE is my favorite dancer. He has give a new dance form to the world. Not only he excels in slow motion but also in speed dance forms.
[Newest]He is the world greatest dancer

35Les Twins
35? PLEASE. They deserve way higher. They were born dancers. Larry and Laurent are on a whole another level. Their musicality is so out of this world and insane, it's almost as if they're not human. They're extremely talented and original. they should be #2, right under their idol Michael Jackson. Love them.
They are just so talented and original mans. They dance with their heart and they feel the music
I don't think this is fair these boys a better than everybody does ahead of them except Michael Jackson they should be number 2 they after people on this stop would neva battle Beyonce went and got them I don't understand this someone please help me out

36Ginger Rogers

37Eleanor Powell
Greatest dancer ever... She was Born to Dance!
The best female "dancer" ever. If you've never heard of her (Google! ) In one of the all time best dance sequences EVER, Powell & Fred Astaire amazed to "Begin the Begine" in the movie "Broadway Melody of 1940." I watch it today and am blown away by Powell & her agility and rhythm. If you want to see "dancer" in the true sence of the word. Watch anything performed by Eleanor Powell!
The best female tapper ever, bar none!

38Robert Muraine
Just watch his audition and you'll understand.
He is just so awesome to watch, and the moves he does are just impossible.

Robert Muraine seems to be the only real pro dancer here. He beats anybody else I've seen on this list for sure. What is beyonce doing above this guy?
Robert Muraine is king of break dance

39Ram Charan Teja
He proved himself in a short period of time! He is a very smart and a talented person! He has good sense of dance, music, film selection, acting and many more! He is the real superstar of today's generation! Ways to move forward.. Hope he achieves the best in his life... Love you charan!
He is one of finest dancers in india with only 3 pictures done. In future films he is going to rock india with his cool and fine movements...
I think he is one of the best dancer in young generation of tollywood and his dancing steps are so simple and cool
[Newest]He is best dancer in every films


We believe it Eunhyuk definitely menang. Eunhyuk has a handsome face, multi-talented, smart and talented be super junior dancing machine. Attention! To super junior fans to please vote Eunhyuk Eunhyuk wins.

I ask that Eunhyuk wins and be the best rapper in Asia. FIGHTING... !
I am sure that eunhyuk is World New Michael Jackson. That's why we called him dance machine
I love donghae's dance too... But here I think I should support eunhyuk!
[Newest]Eunhyuk is the best

CHRIS BROWN? Ask anywhere on internet or watch an YouTube video.. any one can say that Omarion aka king of dance is one of the best dancer alive...


Omarion isz better than Chris Brown yall all hatersz
[Newest]Stop hatin on OMARION

Minzy is the best when it comes to dancing! Shes a wow! The vest dancer of korea. The dancing machine! The best dancer of kpop. And not just a dancer but has a really good voice too!
Best dancer.. A girl with attitude... I just love her so much, sweet outside stage but fiercer when on the stage. Such a superb dancer. A maknae that can eat everyone when she moves. I girl who rocks so much! GO minzy
Minzy she really great dancer she alway practice dance and alway show her great dance her dance is great and 3ne1 is great too
[Newest]When it come to dance... Minzy as it all, she has everything that a dancer needs, posture, attitude, facial expressions, and her dancing is improving so much each and everyday, this 2NE1's member needs to be on top 10

44Rudolf Nureyev
His technical expertise, plus his beauty, charisma and intensity ensured no empty seats when he performed around the world. He is #1 in my book. For the record, Rudolf thought
Fred Astaire was the epitome.

45Sophia Lucia
Sophia lucia is amazing! She can do 56 pirouttes and hold the world record! Also she's a amazing dancer! She has flawless technique and is really graceful. I could watch her dance for hours! If you don't believe me you watch her dancing to Titanium (i think her version is better then Autumn's-it definitely has better choreography) or Requim. She is my favorite dancer and a really sweet girl. She deserves to be number 1!


This girl is amazing she is so flexible and has the world record for pirouettes she is an amazing dancer who has a great career ahead of her
Hello people! You try doing 2 turns she can do 72!

46Boa Kwon
She's really talented and if she is known worldwide she could be one of the best dancers that ever existed in the world. She'd be a dancing legend.
She is definitively one of the best dancers in the world! Her steps are completed, elegant, and keep your eyes on her the whole time!
She has the greatest dance moves. Her steps are so amazing to see. This girl has too much energy to beat these.
[Newest]BOA is a Good Dancer and Singer, He can dance better than the other dancer in the list above BOA

He is considered as a one of the best dancer in Asian country, truly amazing and solid dancer that no won can beat him in his style
Dance can do by anybody but he is doing from heart and natural
He is the best different dancer in the world. I love you very much. Raj Singh. IN India GORAKHPUR.
[Newest]Govinda is the God of Dance

48Javed Jaffery
1st person from India to do break dancing. He is really an amazing dancer.


Loving his dance...
First dancer from India which make dance large in India...
He was a trend setter and like some names, from Bollywood to hollwyood he has managed to help young aspirants through his shows, probably the best under rated personality in our crafts!

49Lee Taemin
He is certainly one of the best dancers I've ever known. Although he is still young, is one of the most talented dancers in Korea, and if he was more famous, I'm sure he would also be one of the best in the world!


He is one of the best dancers I've ever seen..

50Cyd Charisse

Sri is very beauitifull and very great dancers.
I like sridevi very much
Sri devi is best dancers in india, agar top dancers ki baat hai too, sri devi koo no1 par hoona chiye.

Taeyang is so smooth, he is the master of hip hop style. If you like to know him more, just search him in YouTube.
He's one of the best dancer.. Amazing and fantastic.. He's also have a great body.. Sexy..
He is the king of dance in kpop <bigbang is the best

53Ajith Kumar
He dances like a eighty year old grandma.
He is best actor and best dancer
Thala Ajith Kumar is the Best Dancer in the World

54Remo D'Souza
He is the most knowledgeable man in dance. His dances effortlessly without any strain on his face. His movement is very clean ^^ crisp. He is very graceful dance
He's to cool! He should surely be among the top 10 dancers! Love you remo!
He dance very good.

55Svetlana Zakharova
Bolshoi's Principle dancer! Best ballet dancer ever! Ballet is the structure for all dance. She is fantastic.

56Autumn Miller
She's the best you know. Watch her solo, "Blow"
Autumn miller is my inspiration and I love her and is amazing a dancing
Best dancer I have ever seen I wish I could meet her

57Bill Bojangles Robinson

58Patrick Ron Masecampo

59Harman Baweja
One word to describe him! 1

60Chloe Lukasiak
She is the best on dance moms that is why she always has a solo
Chloe Lukasiak is an amazing dancer!
I love her because she is so good

61Britney Spears
Maybe not nowadays, but before she was THE female dancer... I can't believe she's nos higher in this list.. Look out Slave 4 U, Toxic, Oops I did it again, boys... Live performances. So much energy
Britney need to be higher. She a great dancer. All hail Britney spears. She Made MTV kool again
She is an amazing dancer. Watch her music videos. Like I am a slave 4 you, baby one more time, me against the music.
[Newest]Britney best dancer I likes

62Jayam Ravi
He is one of the best dancers in tollywood, not every one can copy tollywood dance style, because it seems quite easy when you see, but diificult when you perform
BEST dancer for ever...

The Kolaveri guy!
Dhanush is now an actor, singer and also a very good dancer...
It is no doubt that he is one of the most talented person out there...!
Way to go Dhanush!
He s an extreme dancer. His moves and a his postures are very good,

64Almar Fatim Bantilan
A fast Leaner Guy And He is so skinny But so then he presuide a techniques in dancing ^_^


65Gregory Hines
Gregory Hines was a good hoofer but not as good as Sammy Davis Jr. Or Gene Kelly or Bill Bojangles Robinson.


66Madison Ziegler
Madison ziegler is an amazing dancer and should be number one hands down
I love maddie she is my role model don't listen to anyone who puts you down all you got to do is get back UP!
She is flawless and just amazing 😘😘😘
[Newest]I love Maddie so much she is amazing. She should be #1πŸ’

67MC Hammer
He should be number 1! Nobody can beat him not even Mj no disrespect. I'm 34 so I know. Hammer is the pope of dancing. He was in better shape than mj (RIP no disrespect) now come on. I'm pretty sure mj couldn't do some of hammers moves! Hammer was the man and will always be the # 1 dancer. Here's how it should at least be
#5 Prince
#4 Bobby brown
#3 james brown
#2 Mj
#1 Mc hammer.
Just focus on top 3. Plus Mj isn't called king of dancing. He's called king of pop where mc should be king of rap. (Kinda hard to try to compare two genres of music) But who sad we were comparing. The point is hammer is better mj. Mj-king Hammer-pope
He's the greatest of all time. Mj is the best but hammer
Is better. He was a natural mj got someone to teach him
Mj a close second. VERY CLOSE
Number one no doubt he brought rappers into the dancing world ill bet even M Jackson would agree, no one compares to Hammer.
[Newest]As he said "Can't Touch This"! Nobody can!

68Phillip Chbeeb
If you don't say that Phillip is a great dancer, then you probably never saw him dance! He is amazing. The way he moves is like "Oww, don't dance like a human.. Because you're more of a superhuman! "

69Ann Miller

70Abhash Mukherjee
He deserve at least Top 10 of this list. Look after this matter. Abhash is Awesome Dancer & No. 1 Popping star of the world. His movements are very clean. His all styles are finest in the world.
Worlds No. 1 Popping star. He is the best dancer in INDIA and the World. No one can dance like him.
Awesome Dancer.
Worlds No. 1 Popping Star.
He deserves the Top 10 Dancers of the World.
His movements are very clean.
His M.J. styles is finest in the world.
Fantastic and awesome dancer. He deserve top 10 list.
[Newest]The acts of Abhash can see in You Tube and other site, He is the Best Dancer Of the World.

71Asia Monet Ray

72Christopher Mayol
Very handsome he is more sexy than Mark L but He is not good with loiue


73Ganesh Hegde
My vote you lucky
Look out for his grooves and moves, would definitely steal your heart away...
In my openion Ganesh hegde should be in the first 4 dancers from Indian film industry. What a dancer he is.

74Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif in the best dancer.All think that they are good but she better than them.I LOVE YOU YO AND Y

75Lee Donghae
So Cool And Smooth dancer in Super junior... Korea's Handsome Crush
Donghae oppa!
You are the best..

76Bobby Brown
best ever so sad to see him in the shape he is in now

77Donald O'Connor
Have you seen him perform make 'em laugh It's just brilliant!
Singin' in the Rain

78Frances Ryan Romeral
A good Leader Of The Forever He must be in 6 place because he acknowlegde his fellow Group meets Good Dancer


79Jermaine Jackson

80Agnes Monica
Still young, but she's very talented about dance, thumbs up
The way she move her body is just amazing!
Still young! But she's very talented about dance, thumbs up!
[Newest]Shes good dancer from indonesian,

81Faisal Khan
The best junior dancer in the world. His dancing skills are amazing and clean. He can beat any dancer in the world accept mj
Faisal are the best child dancer in the world

82Jay Park

What in the hell is Ciara doing under Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Omarion and SHAKIRA? This is ridiculous! She is the QUEEN of dance. Put Ciara in a ring with ANY of these people, and she will out dance any of them. The best dancers are Michael, Ciara, Chris Brown and Usher. No doubt. Shakira "Queen of Dance"?! Please.
Man y'all sleep to Think that Ciara is #74 in the best dancers category. What are y'all thinking about and she under JENNIFER LOPEZ what is y'all problem? Ciara should have been in the top 10, hell top 5.
This girl can dance. And I mean DANCE. What makes her one of the best is that she's a versatile dancer. From hip-hop to jazz funk to house-dance, she masters it. Amazing sisi.
[Newest]She's the BEST dancer of all singers!

84Akai Osei-Mansfield
He won got to dance and he can do almost any dance style and he's only 11 he should be the true champion he can spin on his head backflips and his choreography is original and he does original moves he should be number 2 at least


85Mia Diaz
She is good dancer from noida 58

What I like about Aaliyah Dance moves is that she hit the moves without putting too much thought into it she just Dance and didn't try to compete with any other Dancer out there she always made her Dance moves look like Aaliyah, and she had a gift of being very smooth and cool and laid back with her Dance moves and Aaliyah is one of the best Dancers of All Time not just a Female Dancer but in general one of the best Dancers of All Time she is very important when it comes to Dancing.
Aaliyah had a way of making her Choreography look easy, but come to find out it was not easy it was rather Hard and Difficult as well as Intricate, she moved in a way that no other Dancers could be able to Duplicate Aaliyah's Rare Dancing Ability it was more of a Natural Ability than a Practical Skill I Love Aaliyah and she was so Beautiful as WELL.
Aaliyah had a Dance Style that when you watch her Dance in her Music Videos and she is also Beautiful as Well that is what you call Major Sex Appeal and Talent, it's almost like you can't take your eyes off of her when she Dances, the "Are You That Somebody Music Video" really is one of the Best Choreographed Music Videos Ever with a Little help from Choreographer Fatima Robinson made Aaliyah what she is Today One of the Best Dancers Ever.
[Newest]#85!? Aaliyah is ranked 18 on BET's best dancers!
More comments about Aaliyah

87Ankan Sen
He has a unique style and is extremely versetaile! His body has no limit to flexibility! He is one of the bets dancers in India! But in future will the the best in the whole world!
In the future, you will beat all the top dancers. Most versetile dancer in whole world
Best dancer! Awesome hip hop, contemperory, kathak, etc. Dancer! He should deserve a place above no.5! Best! Go Ankan! Also he is extremely versetaile and has a flexible body.

88Jung Yunho
He's the sole representative in Asia for the Michael jackson's tribute concert, dubbed as the Korean Justin timberlake and he is voted the best dancer in Korea... Plus he can dance moonwalk on ice!
He was the only asia's representative for the michael jackson tribute concert, and he is dubbed the korean justin timberlake, and has been voted the best dancer in korea...
Yunho dance for Changmin and Cassies! He is very flexible and Korea's number 1 dancer. Proof: He was Asia's representative for Michael Jackson's tribute concert. He rocks! TVXQ! 's leader Yunho.
[Newest]Go, jung yunho.. Keep always the faith.

89Jayvee Flores
Very Cute Person @)#( Must of all Many Admires Him because of his skintone! @#


90Marlon Jackson

Best dancer ever and has the catchiest dance I have ever seen. The video is immense and every move he does is perfect

92Stephen "Twitch" Boss
If you don't know who Twitch is, you need to go look him up right now. He is an amazing hip hop dancer and would destroy Chris Brown or Usher.
Y is twitch all the way down here he should be in the top 5 good job dancin in So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch you have the moves.

93John Travolta
Satuday Night Fever-terrible music, but he's a dancing fool!

94Jordyn Jones

The biggest actor in Tamil movies & dancer
He is no1 nobody can reached
He is waste fellow

96Tito Jackson

97Suleman Mirza
suleman u'r awesome
love you michael and love you suleman
proud to be a pakistani :-)

98Balakrishna Nandamuri
He is a powerful dialogue king in telugu industry but very lazy dancer in telugu industry
He is super dancer in toollywood stil know in aged heroes king of dailoges

99Shakti Mohan
Shakti deserves to be on top 20! She is really the best dancer and the most unique one india has ever gotten! She launched her own dance calender and she even launched her own dance video! She is now teaching dance online n is still dancing day by day! She is really the best dance!
Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner.. She is awestruck dancer...
Nice I think shakti mohan do the best... She is superb

100Patrick Swayze
Good dancer in that word
He has a nice dance

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