Best Dangan Ronpa Characters

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1Ishimaru Kiyotaka

Just watched the "Dangan Ronpa Abridged Thing" I can't help it... - Fandom_Lover

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2Naegi Makoto
3Kyouko Kirigiri

Kirigiri is my favourite character! I've only started watching the series and I love her attitude and how she's so calm and serious. She is an elite and always takes in different points of views when investigating. I also really want to cosplay her, and I hope she doesn't die sooner in the series!

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4Fujisaki Chihiro
5Asahina Aoi
6Junko Enoshima

SHE IS JUST SO AWESOME! I also love moonbeam too... so

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7Oowada Mondo
8Togami Byakuya

The ultimate badass. Some of the funniest quotes, and one of the smartest characters.

9Sayaka Maizono
10Kuwata Leon

This guy died in like, the 3rd episode, I don't think he has a very large fanbase...

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11Genocider Syo
12Yamada Hifumi
13Celestia Ludenberg

Why she is down here? She has a large fanbase and is my favorite character too - Sassy13crown

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14Oogami Sakura
15Touko Fukawa
16MonokumaV1 Comment
17Yasuhiro Hagakure
18Mukuro Ikusaba

Just because we barley know her doesn't mean she isn't awesome

19Kiyotaka Ishimaru
20Alter Ego
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