Most Dangerous DC Comics Characters

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The Top Ten

We give a standing ovation to Heath Ledger to played as the Joker, which this Joker is sick and murderously twisted. Why so serious?
He's a complete psychopath!


He's invincible but superman is my favorite
Superman had history with this Apokolips maniac, plus his omega beam is hard to dodge from.

Krytonians are meant to be toughest, strongest and dangerous, but Superman is bad-ass.

One of the greatest terrorist Batman faced and Bane's the one who breaks the bat's back.

For what happen to the death of his parents, Batman takes out the whole crime of Gotham City.

6Superboy/Superman Prime
Remember when you saw Prime though Superboy several rounds during the Infinite Crisis, he's a psychotic Krytonian.

He now's everybody's every move. He kicked Batmans butt and could probably kill Superman if he got his hands on some kryptonite.



9Harley Quinn
Do not piss of Harley! She has unpredictable, uncontrollable ways!


Dude, she's like " wannabe" of the most dangerous dc comics characther. Make her in second place okay


The Contenders

11Killer Croc

12Fire Fly

13Wonder Woman

14Lex Luthor
He brainwashed Lois Lane and almost married her!



He can make all shots hit their target, he knows how his shots will bounce of the walls to hit you, he is an excellent marksman, etc.

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