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Come on people?! Tyranitar crushes anything and everything!

Epic love this pokemon defeat anything in its path

Come on! This thing is BEAST and is(in my opinion) is the BEST pokemon that is not legenday! SO Yeah

He is a pseudo legendary

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Absol is totally the best because if it weren't for him disasters would happen all over plus he is like the coolest pokemon ever and he isn't evil even though people think he is he is just trying to do what's best for the fate of the world. I love you absol you rock!

Absol is indeed a incredibly strong dark type! Tyranitar is only higher up because he is one of the most overrated Pokemon EVER! Don't evolve your larvitars! Anyway Absol is great because its the disaster Pokemon, with rather decent speed, and nice attack power! So vote Absol because Tyranitar is overrated!

Absol is awesome. It has very high attack. I had one in Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Y, and Pokemon Emerald, it's really cool. It has a great ability called Super Luck, which makes the critical Hit rate higher. Teach it Night slash, and it becomes higher! Also, if you teach it psycho cut, it also gives it a high critical Hit rate and it deals with its weakness to fighting types. Let it hold the scope lens, which increases its critical Hit rate even MORE. It's a real threat!

He is my favorite Pokemon

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I've once beaten three Dragonites by using these four moves: faint attack, sand attack, confuse ray and moonlight. Pissed my opponent off by sand attack and confuse ray... And 'if' my opponent attack landed successfully after struggling from confusion and low accuracy, I just heal using moonlight (not mention Umbreon's amazing defenses). And of course I kept attacking by the inevitable move faint attack, it was just awesome beating three Dragonites with an Umbreon! Definitely one of my favorites. - nabilbss

I loved Umbreon in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. It and Espeon made one epic team that could plow through that game and all others in double battles. Even in multiplayer, Umbreon is one of the best to have on your team just because it can last so long!

Umbreon is awesome looking, has amazing defense, and can learn quite a few different moves. All this makes him the best dark pokemon out there. Simply epic pokemon! One of the best!

He is me favorite cause he just do cool

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Darkrai is the most awesome and powerful dark type pokemon and he will always be. Beside being top dark type pokemon Darkrai is one of the best out of all the pokemon. Impressive sp. Attack and speed it is superior to the all other dark types. IN Addition it is legendary and only pokemon that can learn darkvoid

Pretty much Darkrai. I mean, he's Freddy Kruegar (Pokemon-Wise, only the killing is omitted). His appearance is also badass and overall, this pokemon is pretty powerful, is a force to be reckoned with with his dangerous abilities and is a mix of Red (My favorite color), Black and White.

But however, the reason why e deserves to be Number 1 is his portrayal in The Rise of Darkrai. I mean, a Darkrai who was hated and shunned by the people of Alamos Town (Except Alice and Tonio) risked his life protecting it from the two of the Creation trio Pokemon (Dialga and Palkia). And yes, he also has a personality and what was so shocking was that he became a hero of the town that everyone hated. That, is what makes a character a really strong one and I hope people could understand what could something like Darkrai could do :). - hussaintalib

darkrai really is the best
mine has: dark pulse, dark void, dream eater, nightmare
i ruled whole battle revolution with him!

Darkrai is the king of nightmares he should be in first place

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It took a lot of work to get my hydreigon, but it was all worth it. Mine around level 70, and knows fire blast, earthquake, tri attack and Draco meteor. It so great how it can learn so many different kinds of moves.

Even though he's hard to obtain he is a BEAST when you get him

I beat the champion with only my level 84 hydreigon

He is very strong

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Absol and Houndoom are easily the best to dark types. Fast and strong, bringing in both an amazing ATK and SPATK onto the field. Not to mention houndooms move pool. His fire moves can take out almost any pokemon, and if that doesn't work, he has plenty of other dark moves to back him up. Plus he can take a good hit or two before and delivering even strong ones going down.

this may be a dark/fire type but it still has one nasty bite - SoulSilver

LOVE BOTH umbreon and houndoom LOTS but houndooms lower in rating!

Best dark type from 2 gen and overall. I don't like tyranitar

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One of the most awesome pokemon and definitely one of my favourites! Its ability to create realistic illusions is off the charts! This pokemon should certainly be in the top ten peoples so get voting!

Zoroark is really powerful and rare! I'm surprised that he is not a legendary, he needs to be one! I love his ability to change forms!

Zoroark has had it's own movie can shape shift into different pokemon like mew, and even rivals darkria in stats how could he not be in the top ten, just look at him he's a dark werewolf!

He is affective and looks super cool

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Crawdaunt is a total beast! He has so many resistances and even an immunity to psychic! He's totally worth adding to a team!

That pokemon is a beast and to prove it he swept the entire elite four in my white 2

Let me just say this. Crawdaunt is like a bulldozer. He can easily break walls and can easily clean up. I don't even want to mention what will happen if an adaptability crawdaunt uses crabhammer on a Pokemon (hint hint, instant carnage). Enough said

Love the combo of water and dark. So unusual.

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It is amazing and that's that I mean you only have to look out for fighting types and bugs so all you do is get it to know aerial ace and that's it for all of the fighting and bug types, that is why it should be number one. Its a BOSS!

Weavile is the best in my oppinion it's a sweeper if this things taught ice punch, (get a smeargle teach it ice punch leave it at the day care with a weavile/sneasle. )and also teach it shadow claw, brick break, and dig. This thing is amazing recomended 100%!
And also weavile is very unique it has very high attack and speed rate. Being able to reach a maximum 372 attack stat and a 383 speed stat makes weavile even better. Not to mention in can also have a max of 344 hp, pretty good! Oh and one last thing like at a shiny weavile and tell me that's not cool. That's why I think weavile is the best dark type. I hope this helps.

P. S go to really good for getting info on pokemon.

With its combined, Unmatched speed and beastly attack, it is a force to be reckoned with. Its the only physical ice type pokemon, which makes it unique!

If you can get a swords dance off... Phew

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I've seen a lot of negativity aimed at the fifth generation of this game; it has been claimed that the characters were poorly thought out and created in comparison to the previous regions, but I have to personally disagree. I love the new style of Pokémon introduced in the game, GameFreak added some very good companions that look cool and battle well. This is one of those Pokémon, and it deserves to claim a higher spot on this list.

With Earthquake and Crunch at STAB and stone edge plus dragon claw, you already have the makings of a good Pokemon. Add excellent ATK and SPD, decent defensive stats, and the ability Moxie, and you have Krookodile, the greatest Dark type available. He defiantly deserves a higher spot on this list.

Max his speed and attack, give him a Choice Scarf paired with Moxie, and he wrecks. He may be a bit of a glass cannon, but he's fast and hits like a truck. Great physical sweeper and an awesome design. My favorite Dark and one of my favorite Ground types.

Wow krookodile is my favorite Pokemon with hydreigon ( we are not talking about mythical or legendary Pokemon

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Bisharp is just a complete beast, this thing is even super effective against dragon type moves thanks to its dark/steel typing. Should be numeral uno by far

Bisharp is so awesome. Guillotine can deal with tough opponents while iron head gets them to flinch. This knight can pack a punch.

Loved the blade man. As long as you avoid fighting types, this guys unstoppable.

I love the blades of doom!

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Honchkrow is the boss! One of the best dark types, with it's great attack and the ability moxie ( or super luck if you can't get moxie) it can murder it's way through any team with brave bird or super power, also because it does not have loads of speed you could have a move like tailwind to raise it's and your teams speed.

Honchkrow has an awesome attack stat and with fly it swamped Cynthia's spiritomb being10 levels under it. Not to mention it looking awesome and being an awesome combo of dark and flying. An great sweeper

With 505 base stat and over 100 for special attack and attack, this guy can easily be put into any group and turn it into a competitive online group. It gives you the best of flying and dark, not to mention it can learn ghost type moves, making it an awesome Pokemon. This guy was my first level 100, my first to take the elite 4 on its own, and my first to one hit ko an Arceus. Don't tell me that honchcrow isn't an awesome pimping Pokemon killing machine... Trust me I will be laughing at your Pokemon's funerals. HONCHCROW FOR THE WIN!

Why is it low it should be higher it's defense sucks but it's attack is 125 base :0 tAke that weavile!

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I have always wanted to catch a Poochyena and train it into a Mightyena. Now I know that I can. MIGHTYENA ROCKS! She is really strong and I suggest that you get if you had a Sapphire or Ruby game. She is my favorite Pokemon and she is one of the strongest dark type and I think she should be number 2.

I think myghtyena is one of the top dogs another full dark type - SoulSilver

You can't beat a Whole pack.

Mightyena is useless in elite 4.

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A shark that destroys everything in its path

Forget Sharknado, they should make a movie called Sharpedo. There I said it.

Stop on that lousy Sharknado, when we could be watching sharpedo. There, I set it

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As of ORAS it has access to low kick and gunk shot. Low kick takes down Kangaskan and Snorlax and Gunk Shot OHKOS any Azumarill. Greninja can learn Water shutiken a priority water type move. This allows Greninja to take down a Gale Wings Talonflame and Bkaziken. If Water Shuriken hits up to 5 times it has 75 base power. Greninja can defeat water types as well with grass knot taking out Blastoise. If Greninja has Hidden Power Fire it will take out a Scizor since Scizor will go for the Bug Bite or U Turn. Greninja can learn Uturn which gives it momentum in battle allowing it to switch in and out. Greninja learn ice punch and ice beam taking away the value of all dragon types other than Kyurem which is BANNED as well as Greninja itself.Greninja can be used as a return Pokemon with max happiness and a revenge killer. It might even receive a potential Mega evolution in the sequel to Pokemon XY and it would carry over its protean ability. Greninja is the best dark type. Greninja is the best water type. Greninja is the best starter in Pokemon history. It should without question be ranked number one on this list. It's shiny is the best of all shinies as well for shiny hunters and hackers. It was chosen to go into Super Smash Bros 3ds. Vote for Greninja. It's the BEST competive Pokemon standard rule Pokemon. It's the best Glass Cannon. If it Greninja is an ice type the opponent could use a fire move then Greninja could use rock slide which is not very effective towards a Protean Greninja and would result in an OHKO on a Charizard for example. Greninja is the new face of Pokemon competitively. Vote for Greninja its BANNED for a specific reason:Its BROKEN! Greninja vs Everybody result Greninja wins. Greninja has the biggest movepool and can use focus sash life orb choice specs. It's a utility Pokemon. Build the perfect team around Greninja and you will win. I have a Greninja And I win 87.64% of the time when its in my party. I rely on it and it single handily has at minimum 3 kills a game. Greninja wrecks house. Greninja is boss. Greninja is sneaky. I run low kick U turn Ice Punch and Gunk Shot and I rarely lose on 6V6 Single or Battle Spot single 3V3. I win because Greninja is good. I don't have any Pokemon experience I have only been plying for a year. Vote for Greninja it has the nicest looking tongue.

Frog Ninja plus Protean = pure destruction. Grass type? Ice Beam, changes into Ice Type. Water Type? Grass Knot. Changes into Grass. Psychic Type? Dark Pulse. None stood a change to this Type Changing Ninja Frog with the awesome Tongue Scarf.

How do you not like him, he's faster than alakazam, it has one of the best shinies ever, and it is INSANE for battles, if you don't know what it has and it has protean, and you thing, "well oh, I think I will just go for a super effective move when he is not protean. (Close combat) greninja used extra sensory (______ held on its focus sash, ) _______ used close combat it's not effective" it is also great with spattack and attack -spattack ice beam dark pulse (water move like surf or scald etc etc. ) and extra sensory- -attacking rock slide, you turn, waterfall, and Something else I forgot name of. But it's protean is getting people of guard.

Why this is down here! It is op!

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Ghost and dark that takes away the super effective fighting attacks like he's the bomb

Should definitely be higher up, only one weakness and immune to three types.

So cool! Not only is he a great fight, but what an awesome design to top it off!


Why is THE Destruction Pokemon left out? First off he has a stat total of 680 and is almost unbeatable with his phantom force move! Second of all HE IS A LEGENDARY OF Pokemon Y just catching him makes you feel legendary! Plus he looks almost as epic as DARKRAI! (Almost, you can't beat the badass)

He is the stronger than darkrai. He is the destruction Pokemon he can destroy everyone of them

Spencer is awesome! (Yes I named my Yveltal after one of the users on this site.) - RiverClanRocks

One of the best!

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No super effective weakness, that should be enough to out Spiritomb somewhere in the top ten.

I don't consider generation 6 a thing. So in my mind there's still no weaknesses.

But then came the fairy type

My arms are sore.

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A hard choice to make, but I have to go with Shiftry. I love the whole evolution line, and suddenly a dark pokemon! He looks very cool.

Even though shiftry is annoying and hard to find it is worth getting

He looks so cool! He shines out in a field of ugly bad dark Pokemon...

It's a big head with arms and legs.

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It is creepy, it's a walking scarecrow, in battle it is not effected by sandstorms it can learn super cool moves and it was in the top ten creepiest Pokemon list so please vote for this one thanks

As of Generation V, no other Pokémon have same dual Egg Group as Cacturne and its pre-evolution. In this case, Grass and Human-Like, are unique.

It's Awesome! Plus it gets a million benifits from sandstorm.

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