Top Ten DCI (Drum Corps International) Shows

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21 Cavaliers 2010: "Mad World" V 1 Comment
22 Carolina Crown - Relentless 2016

3rd favorite show of this season! Absolutely loved watching the Crown!

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23 Cavaliers 2016: "Propaganda"

One of the best DCI closers of all time

24 Carolina Crown 2014: "Out of This World"

Great show, horn line leaves you in chills. Although lines don't hit all of the time this show is beautiful.

25 Bluecoats 2011: "A Brave New World"

I can personally say that the opener, "Creep" blew me away.

26 Blue Devils 2004: "The SummerTrain Blues MIX"

This one may come as a surprise to many. Well, they won almost every caption in 2004, but the Cavies were so close that the few they won put them over by.175. The Brass was just ridiculous. Received a perfect score in semis. Score: 98.525 Placement for the Year: 2nd

27 Blue Devils 2009: "1930"
28 Blue Devils 2010: "Through a Glass Darkly"
29 Blue Devils 2013: "The Re:Rrite of Spring"
30 Cavaliers 2006: "The Machine"
31 Blue Devils 1996: "Club Blue: A Gangster Chronicle"

Best music. CLEAN, EXCITING (every time), COLORFUL (sound and visuals)

32 The Academy 2014: "Vanity Fair"
33 Cadets 2000: "We Are The Future"
34 The Cavaliers 2011: "XtraordinarY"

Although this is not MY personal favorite show, I still believe it deserves a place in the top 10. The sheer amount of volume the brass put out that year, plus the amazing drill make this show hard to not consider. The drum break with the "planking" bass drums, upside down tenors, and THE pit splits. Definitely has never been done before and caused quite the fan reaction as well!

35 Blue Devils 2003: "The Phenomenon Of Cool"

This show is INSANE! By far my favorite BD show and perc feature of all time!

36 Carolina Crown 2016: "Relentless"
37 Bluecoats 2010: "Metropolis: The Future Is Now"
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