Top 10 Deadliest Types of Cancer


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Lung Cancer
This cancer will kill you faster than Kim kardashians first marriage. Its the TRUTH!
My best friend smoked and died of lung cancer, IF YOU SMOKE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PLEASE QUIT


My grandmother got lung cancer about a week ago and she is about 79

2Pancreatic Cancer
The most people to die from a certain cancer should not be the determining factor for if it is deadliest or should be the percentage of how many people get it, and die, therefore putting pancreatic as #1. More people die from lung cancer because there is a large amount of people smoking and giving others second hand smoke, it has nothing to do with the actual cancer. Pancreatic cancer is almost a guarantee that you wont live:/ I lost my dad when I was 10 to it
Personally I don't understand how you can vote something like this. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survivability rate, and thus it is the deadliest type of cancer. The deadliest type of cancer and the type of cancer that claims the most lives are two different things, and studies show that Pancreatic cancer has a higher mortality rate than Lung cancer.
Steve Jobs, the APPLE genius, had died from this VERY deadly disease. That is why I think it should rank very high as per mortality rates.
[Newest]My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within two to three week she died and I truly think this is the worst cancer a person could ever get and now my granny is in heaven 😇

3Brain Cancer
An absolutely devastating cancer.

4Colon Cancer
I have just been diagnosed with a tumor on the large intestine colon help please advice would be helpfull
My mom has stage 4 colon cancer. My advise is to get to a good doctor and fast!

5Breast Cancer
My girlfriend has been diagnosed with this horrible disease, she has no hope for getting better but I hope she fights it. Breast cancer and all other cancers are absolutely horrible.. I wish the best for all cancer fighters

6Skin Cancer
it's proved it's the deadliest
My dad has it
You really think not having skin will keep you alive?

7Ovarian Cancer
It is a silent killer and disease with so little awareness. Even went I went to my primary care physician she did not even consider ovarian cancer and I was in advanced stages.
Yes, I remember my godmother when she was suffering. However, I really do not understand why I feel different. But now I realized that I was wrong. No miracle would come. :(


My mom just passed away from ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed just under 9 months ago. Horrible stuff.

8Prostate Cancer

9Bone Cancer

10Cerivical Cancer

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My grampa has it!

Oh. Has anyone heard the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes? It's about a girl who has this type and tried to make 1000 paper cranes because a legend says if you do you will be healthy again


12Naso-Pharyngeal Cancer

13Stomach Cancer
It was also caused by some microbe which is now becoming rare


14Eye Cancer

15Blood Cancer

16Liver Cancer

17Hand Cancer
Thank god it's rare

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