Top 10 Deep Purple Songs With the Best Solos


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1Highway Star

Awesome solo to a precious song for every metalhead, especially those who love speed metal, and every more or less fast metal subgenre. - Metal_Treasure

2Child In Time

A very intense and legendary solo. I like better the live version from Made In Japan. - Metal_Treasure

3Hard Lovin' Man

2 solos - I like more the first solo but the 2nd, outro solo, is one of the longest, craziest and heaviest Blackmore solos. To the best of my knowledge, this song was the first speed metal song ever (1970, while Highway Star came out in 1972).
1) 3:40-4:45
2) 5:40-7:10 - Metal_Treasure

4Pictures of Home

This song is so special and awesome. It actually has 2 guitar solos (plus 1 bass solo, and 1 keyboards solo). - Metal_Treasure

5Smoke On the Water

A very underrated early metal song. - Metal_Treasure


The live version from California 1974 is also cool. - Metal_Treasure

9Hungry Daze

Again, 2 solos - I was surprised how many Deep Purple songs have 2 and more solos. - Metal_Treasure

10The Gypsy

Not fast, heavy or technical solo but it's very beautiful and sounds like the perfect solo for this song. - Metal_Treasure

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11The Cut Runs Deep
12Knocking at Your Back Door

Ritchie Blackmore did it again - 2 solos! - Metal_Treasure

13Sometimes I Feel Like ScreamingV1 Comment
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