Top Ten Deep Purple Songs

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The Top Ten

Smoke On the Water
Legendary song!

Class apart! Bow down in respect for Sir Blackmore!
I love the guitar in this song. smoke on the water is the best from deep purple
this tune was stolen by many... this shows it's popularity... Deep purple Rocks!
[Newest]The first Riff that almost every Aspiring Electric Guitarist starts with. Its Epic

2Child In Time
one of the best, if not the best song ever
starting off softly, you can hear the increasing power and emotion in the screaming, leading to the solo(witch is the best ever) continuing to increase in power
now expcting it to climax, you will only find it comming to an abrupt stop
still bown away by the sheer power of the solo and confused about the abrupt end, the first half of the song softly kicks in again
but this time afer the screaming it is transitioning to the outro in a typical Deep Purple way
now in the outro the screaming starts again, but now its different, sounding like its getting more and more out of control as its progresing
almost at the end you will hear the extreme uncontrolled insane powerfull screaming climaxing this musical masterpiece

this is what it felt like the first time listening to Child In Time
and it still feels the same every time I listen to it
now that is music
Perfect mixture of heavy metal and hard rock. Tons better than Smoke on the water. Actually this song should be compared to Stairway to Heaven or November rain.
Most epic song ever!
Sends chills over my spine EVERY TIME I listen to it
[Newest]One of the best songs ever

3Highway Star
This song is the epitome of rock and roll. Anyone that likes speed metal can thank Highway Star.
This song includes everything - great organ, great guitar, great vocals...
The Made In Japan version, of course. The energy and momentum of that performance is absolutely flooring.
[Newest]Best song ever. I had I to listen to only one song for the rest of life, this would be it.

Amazing song! Great drumming they just blew their tops in this song... It should be on the top along with smoke on the water
The drumming in burn is the best drumming in a rock song ever. Smoke on the water, highway star and this song HAVE to be in top three! So I hope the people that haven't vote yet will follow me and vote for burn. IF NOT: I think the damned women will BURN you!
Lovely drum rhytim... It's has harmony and speed and POWER... I'm a drummer, and hack, I don't know any deep's song, until my friend forced me to cover up this song... And I like it very much.. BUT, this song always makes my drums go wild and splatter all around wahhahah
[Newest]Bloody fantastic vocals and drumming!

5Soldier of Fortune
In my opinion, this one share the 1st place with child in time. Do not forget that popularity of a song does not show that it is the best.
One of the greatest slow rocks tracks ever. Definitely belongs to first place.
great intro and great vocals
[Newest]The best song, such a beautiful composition...

6Black Night
Not only is this song unique in every way possible, but it also is My favorite song of theirs! Screw smoke on the water! The lyrics are heart warming and you can tell that the instrumentation is at it's finest!
Black night is a long way from home. These lyricks are driving me insane
This song gets my blood pumping and it's made for that! Somebody wrote before me "it's more metal than rock - fine! "
Yeah, baby, bang your head - it's one of the best songs for this business!


My fellow rockers. WHY is this masterpiece so low? Ian Gillan's vocals here is perfectly timed and perfectly uttered and the bluesy piano soloing of Paice is unmatched. Don't forget the blues-based guitar solo of Sir Ritchie Blackmore. ! This should be number 2 or 3 cause it contains the DEEP PURPLE spirit and style. God damn you guys.

second best deep purple song, next to Child In Time
why is this so low?
should at least be above Smoke On The Water, that song is thier best KNOWN song, but not thier best

also why arent Anya, Burn, Gypsy's Kiss on this list
I constantly practice that wicked Pull-off part of the first solo. Wow, what a masterpiece this song truly is. My favourite for sure.
[Newest]Not a Deep Purple fan per se. I'm more of a blues fan. I was getting out of my car and this song came on and I was wondering who it was. Had to stay and listen to the whole song. Super impressed. Great song. New respect for Deep Purple.

8Perfect Strangers
excellent riff great chorus and gillan's voice is at its best I believe that this should share the first place with smoke on the water and hush
The most underrated song ever... Epic song with a riff better than smoke on the water... And there's not a single doubt about their vocal excellence
This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. The vocals are simply amazing, the way Gillan makes his voice mysterious. As said above, it is a perfect song.
[Newest]Love love love this song! My favorite of all time!

The best Deep Purple's song with Rod Evans
Their first hit. One of the best debut songs I have ever heard.
I love this song... Smoke on the water is a legendary, but this is their best song ever.
[Newest]Awesome song done! I would put this one #2 on the list after Smoke on the Water.

10Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
I think the song has the best intro. amazing voice of gillan
I love the solo by Steve Morse. It is impossible to get more feeling in one guitar solo than Steve Morse got here. I can listen to it for hours...
This song is full of feelings. It's one of the best musical compositions of "Deep Purlpe". The guitar solo is truely epic and has reminds me at a solo from Dream Theater (What ist really virtuosly).
[Newest]Incredible, can't stop listening...

The Contenders

Agree, drums are awesome - it's double bass. Can you imagine, Ian Paice played double bass in 1971! Go beat Deep Purple when it comes to inventing metal and metal subgenres, and using advanced metal techniques in every area - vocals, drumming, guitars...

Lars Ulrich of Metallica attended one of the DP shows in Copenhagen, Denmark (he was 9-10) and was mesmerized by this double bass on Fireball (he saw such thing for the first time).


Should totally be ranked higher. The drums totally blow out "Burn" The chorus is very exceptional!
One of the most underrated DP tracks. Listen to the drums, they're gonna blow your mind!

12Knocking At Your Back Door
Such an EPIC intro, an EPIC solo, EPIC vocals (as expected from Gillan). Soo its an EPIC song.


this song has a different feel. the solo and and vocals take you back to 80's era. this is one of my favorite songs
Amazing chorus and vocals, awesome atmosphere! :D
[Newest]Always makes me feel good, seems like DP knocking at my back door

Not my favorite but it shouldn't be 18th, it should be at least 6th... The guitars are amazing and the vocals are incredible and incredibly catchy... Can't get the "RIDE THE RAINBOW! " out of my head


These guitars. That intro. Truly awesome! Always makes me feel like a stormbringer... Coming out of nowhere... Drivin' like a-rain
This song was called by experts a "goth metal treasure".
Goth metal = gothic metal


14When a Blind Man Cries
Everyone knows Smoke, but Metallica's cover of this brought me to the deeper side (Pun intended) of Deep Purple.
Great bands can play any form of music,deep purple prove themselves here
It's so beautiful song!

15Space Truckin'
This should replace Soldier of Fortune in 4th place and then the top 5 will be perfect. The studio version is amazing and Deep Purple always used this to end their live shows where they would stretch it out to 20 minutes.
Top five without a doubt. Simply a fun, jammin' rocking' tune. Why complicate music?!
At 13? Y'all doing it seriously very wrong...

16Strange Kind of Woman
It's one of their best songs!
MIJ version of this song is one of the most entertaining pieces to have come from Deep Purple.
This song is wayy too good to be number 14! Amazing solo, amazing vocals, amazing tune

Great voice control, fantastic guitar climax, excellent drumming, good tempo;one of the best purple songs ever from mk 3. Great depression break up song
The opening guitar line is so cool, straight in the amp no soup like all the guitarists today. Stunning original riff yet again from Ritchie and a great vocal too.
This and Led Zeppelin's Since I've Been Loving You are the best blues songs I've ever heard.
[Newest]Amazing song by deep purple, one of their best (and one of my favorites with since I've been loving you and high hopes)

18Speed King
I love DP and this song might not be a number 1 but it surely should be in the top 10 cause it's the first speed metal one, precedent to Highway Star and maybe even better than HS.

19Woman from Tokyo
Man, this song is amazing. Great vocals, great solo, nice keyboard all the way through, not to mention the great bass all the way through the song!
Such A Catchy Riff And In Guitar Hero 5


This should definitely be in the top 5. One of their finest!

20Kentucky Woman

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