Top 10 Desert Enemies In Mario Games Excluding Bosses

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that fit very well in the desert. No bosses included.

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1Angry Sun (Super Mario Bros 3)

The Angry Sun is what makes the desert very hot! If it sees you, it'll leave orbit and chase you! This makes the desert a very dangerous place to be for humans, but not for the Angry Sun. - Super-Eric1993

2Fire Snake (Super Mario Bros 3)

This fiery enemy hops around the desert with fire all around it. Since it's 100% fire, it has to stay in the hot desert to survive. - Super-Eric1993

3Tweester (Super Mario Bros 3)

This tornado can trap stuff like sand, bones and rocks inside. Whatever is inside this desert enemy, it'll spin and spin and spin! - Super-Eric1993

4Panser (Super Mario Bros 2)

This desert flower absorbs desert heat to generate and release fireballs out of itself. - Super-Eric1993

5Sandmaargh (Super Mario 3D Land)

This is a monster that hides underneath the desert sand. It'll sneak up on you and then pop out of the sand to gobble you up! - Super-Eric1993

6Cobrat (Super Mario Bros 2)

This desert enemy lives in vases. When it wants to go out, it goes fast on sand. - Super-Eric1993

7Klepto (Super Mario 64)

This bird flies over the desert to quickly steal hats above people! It's a kleptomaniac! - Super-Eric1993

8Pokey (Super Mario Bros 2)

It's the most common cactus in the desert. It stands tall thanks to its spiky body segments. - Super-Eric1993

9Dry Bone (Super Mario Bros 3)

Some Dry Bones like to be in the desert. They can survive the hot desert without food or water. - Super-Eric1993

10Cluckboom (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)

This fat bird flies over the desert and drops egg bombs on the sand. - Super-Eric1993

The Contenders

11Morton Koopa Jr. (New Super Mario Bros. U)
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