Top Ten Best Detective Conan Movies

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The Top Ten

The Private Eyes' Requiem
GOOD ONE. but I like the most is 11th striker gahgahgah. but this one got Heiji in it plus its really good. I just want to see many explosion stuff

2Quarter of Silence
This is my personal favourite.


3The Eleventh Striker

4Sniper from Another Dimension
Really awesome, Conan Really comes to action.
And Subaru/Akai also appears. "The Real Silver Bullet Appears"

5Captured In Her Eyes
Great case and great Shinichi and Ran moments.

6The Last Wizard of the Century
That moment when Kaito kid disguised himself as Shinshi, Priceless!

7Crossroad In the Ancient Capital

8Countdown to Heaven
I like this movie the most! Every second of it fulls of mystery and make me nervous! Especially at the moment when they escaped from the explosion in the car flied from the skyscrapper! I never tired of it! Never!

9The Phantom of Baker Street
Just... Wow! A must watch for Detective Conan lovers (and anyone up for a great mystery! )

10The Time Bombed Skyscraper

The Contenders

11Magician of the Silver Sky

12The Raven Chaser

13Full Score of Fear

14Private Eye In the Distant Sea

15Strategy Above the Depths

16The Lost Ship In the Sky

17Jolly Roger In the Deep Azure

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