Most Difficult Actors to Work With


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Marlon Brando
His arrogance and his voice make me ill...
I don't like him as an actor. the ONLY good movie is the godfather.

2Qwyneth Paltrow
What a twit. Keep your pompous arrogant mouth shut for once in your privileged life.
Only got a brake because of mum and dad
She will not be an iron woman, Ha

3Dustin Hoffman
Would not spend my last dime to see him... But he is OK. One of the better actors from the 70's.

4Angelina Jolie
She is just a BITCH anyway
Homewrecker. I don't see why people say she's beautiful... Jennifer Aniston is real and BEAUTIFUL
Has been actress. Stick to adopting kids, everyone is tired of you.

5Charlie Sheen

6Bill Murray

7Gary Oldman

8Jennifer Lopez
It's not that hard to work with Megan Fox, but working with J. Lo is the hardest thing to do because one time she stole one the producer's wallet! Better hold on to my pockets!
You can't even look at her when she's on set, we where all asked to look away anytime she enters our area!
A has been. She only became something because of the movie Selena. I avoid all movies with her

9Meryl Streep

10Christian Bale
he always must have his way even though the director is the one who makes the choices and his attitude SUCKS! Listen to what he said to a staff member in the film of Terminator Salvation on Youtube.


He didn't want Robin to be in the Batman series because it would take away the darkness of the films he threatened to not play Batman if they put Robin in and I don't blame him, putting in Robin would take away the dark theme to the new Batman film series


I can't get over what he did on the set of Terminator: Salvation. TNZ got a tape showing in audio how hard he was to work with. I can't see him the same way again.
[Newest]He is an actor?

The Contenders

11Megan Fox
May be difficult to work with but at least she is pretty (Meryl Streep ew! Snap).

12Mel Gibson
Has a hot temper and likes to smoke and drink...

13Edward Norton

14Steven Segal
He's unfunny un talented, a bully (example: he likes to kick stuntmen in their privates if they do a stunt he can't do). He's a lire, a sexiest, he has a habit of founding and harrasing the females on the sets. If you prove to be be better or to laugh at him you get bullied or fired (a stunt man (who was at least twice Seagals age) choked him out causing him to crap his pants after Seagal challenged him, he fired the entire crew that saw this, and had a gag order placed on the crew).

15Lindsay Lohan

16Val Kilmer

17Tom Cruise
Oh is he an actor?

18Judy Davis
Horrible bitch on the set sabotages all others... Avoid!
Saw how she tormented River Phoenix
She has no heart and is very selfish! Karma does come back around!
[Newest]Just sued someone publication for $140,000 because they called her heartless and other things she didn't like. She's a foot faced moon cricket anyway. Who cares what she thinks.

19Sean Young
She'll be the least-known actress on the list, but she can only thank herself for that. After starring in "No Way Out" and "Stripes", apparently Young thought she was the second coming of Bette Davis. She walked off sets, threw tantrums, yelled at co-stars, grips, assistants, make-up artists, extras, (you get the picture). Apparently she pissed off the wrong person and was never heard from again.


She had an affair with james woods, and after it ended she would NOT LET GO, stalked him, THAT'S the wrong person she pissed off.

20Rip Torn

21Bette Davis

22Barbra Streisand

23Alec Baldwin

24Debra Winger

25Warren Beatty

26Joe Pesci

27Shia LaBeouf

28Anderson Cooper
Jerkwad, and all around scum. Avoid at all costs. Eats jellybeans like he breathes air. Fat.

29Jane Fonda

30Bette Midler

31Kathy Bates

32Russell Crowe
Hell beat the crap out of you if you don't cooperate
Hates his fans... Arrogant... Rude to interviewers... A legend in his own mind

33Jack Nicholson
Yes I think he would be very demanding and easily blow a fuse.
You can't schedule him to look during a laker game


34Mila Kunis
Eyes as cold as ice

35Jim Carrey

36Katherine Heigl
Who publicly puts down the people writing a show that made you a star! Really!

37Juliette Binoche

38Isabelle Adjani

39Emily Lloyd

40Sharon Stone

41Patrick Dempsey

42Scarlett Johansson
Scarlet fights with every director and movie she is in and does not want to be photographed then why are you in movies?

43Faye Dunaway

44Robert Blake

45Bruce Willis

46Peter Fonda

47Klaus Kinski

48George Clooney

49Dennis Hopper

50Don Johnson

51Kathleen Turner

52David Keith

53Bronson Pinchot

54Karen Black

55Mike Myers

56Wesley Snipes
Waste of unabridged talent... Not an actor at all!
Do you remember what happened with blade trinity

57John Travolta
Total waste... His only claim to any thing "Michael"... But I would not waste my hard earned money to go see a movie of his... Maybe see him on Netflix... Like most losers... That thought they were actors.

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