Top Ten Most Disappointing Animated Movies of All Time


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22Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical WorldV2 Comments
23Cricket On the Hearth
24Ice Age: The Meltdown

Much better than Collision Course. - ad48

25PlanesV1 Comment

I loved Fantasia. Who put this on the list?

28The Jungle Book 2
29Return to Never Land

Jake and the never land pirates is better than this.

Better than some Disney sequels...

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30The Angry Birds Movie

It looked good, but it was basically like every kids movie out there. There are good guys, they live their lives, bad guys come, hero is a nobody, they fight, good guy looks dead, everyone cries and gives up, then he comes back, everyone is happy the end

What? Good movie. It was funny. The birds didn't know that "The Pool Of Wisdom" was Mighty Eagle's pee pool. Bomb and Chuck were swimming in it and spitting it into each other's mouth. It was so funny and graphic. Mighty Eagle was like " Mm." "The pool of wisdom? " Red asked. "More like the pool of wiss.

That's one of the least funny things I have ever heard in my life. - RalphBob

It was cute enough, not my favorite, but not disappointing. I went with my friend, brother, mom, and her friend and we all enjoyed it as a silly kid movie.

This movie suck

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What?! Take This Down! If Anything, I Think It's One of the Best Animated Movies Of All Time! I Love this Movie! - ChiefMudkip

Okay How Was This Disappointing

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32The Lego Movie

How is this a dissappointing movie. Perfect ending. The guy gets the girl, finds his purpose and the universe is no longer frozen by the end.

This Movie is incredibly disappointing. It stars a annoying Chris Pratt, who stars in a film which feels like a 90 minute commercial. The only good part of the film is the stylized animation

33Tripping the Rift: The Movie
34Norm of the North

We all knew this was gonna be bad. - RalphBob

I expect I would not hear somebody say that he or she likes this movie, not even a bit.

I hate this movie so much. Don't even get me started on the fish tank, plant, or fart scenes.

It felt bad

Thankfully they made a mistake in the movie box

They put in scarface instead of this

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35Happy Feet Two

"I was hoping for this film to be like an improved version of the original with even more spectacular dance scenes. This is not what happened. Not only that they took out the dancing scenes, which is what makes the first one good, but they also gave us a plot that they took from other animated films, even from the first Happy Feet, and make it less interesting! They also turned the characters into a group of generics, adding in even more generic characters, and bombarding us with filler that has no point to the story and often times would go unfinished! The biggest example of that is the one with the two sexually-confused krill that take almost half of the movie! It's either they are a horribly-failed attempt to make the next Scrat from Ice Age, or the writers are just too tired of writing about Mumble the worrying dad and the three kids. The only thing that's good about it is the animation. Sometimes, it can look really nice and it can take us for a ride, but without those dancing ...more

36Shark Tale

Really dumb and boring and pacing is SO SLOW

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37CarsV1 Comment
38How to Train Your Dragon

I cannot see how is this movie bad.

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39Alpha and Omega

Did the people making this study how wolves work? Because it makes the characters move in ways a wolf cannot. Anyways, it's a cliche party, basically.

Yep one of the most disappointing movies ever

40Spirited Away

Are you kidding, this movie went BEYOND my expectations, it was absolutely amazing. - Jackamalio

This is my favorite anime movie! Why is it so high on this list! How is it above Frozen?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Wow, people just randomly put great movies on here. Just wow.

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