Most Disappointing NCAA Football Teams of 2014-2015 Season


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Not only did they finish with a record of 5-7, but they fired their coach Brady Hoke. - EpicJake

2South Carolina

They used to be so good but now they aren't as good as they used to be. - EpicJake


Same as South Carolina. - EpicJake


They had a 5-1 record after beating Louisiana-Monroe, but after that, they had a 6 game losing streak - EpicJake

5Notre Dame

Golson had to face a lot of turnovers, plus they had a bad loss to Northwestern at home. - EpicJake

6Virginia Tech

Even that good win against Ohio State didn't help. But their still in bowl games. - EpicJake

7Texas A&M

Not doing so well. They were scoreless against Alabama. - EpicJake

8Texas Tech

They were good last year. What happened? - EpicJake

9Oklahoma State

Same as Texas Tech - EpicJake

10OklahomaV2 Comments

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