Top Ten Most Disappointing NCAA Football Teams of 2015


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1Auburn Tigers

-They were number 6 in the preseason poll.
-They almost lost to FCS Jacksonville State, which made them drop from 6 to 18.
-They got creamed by LSU after the Jacksonville State game.
-They finished the season 7-6, including their bowl win against Memphis. - EpicJake

2South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks are my favorite team. And I was strongly disappointed that our record was 3-9. Hopefully we will do better next year - Jonerman

-Finished 3-9.
-Embarrassing losses to Kentucky and The Citadel.
-Only won 1 game in the SEC. - EpicJake

3Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

-They were number 16 in the preseason poll.
-They got monster wins against Alcorn State and Tulane, but had a 5 game losing streak after.
-After their Suprising Florida State win, they had another losing streak.
-Last year:11-2. This year:3-9. - EpicJake

4Nebraska Cornhuskers

-Suffered final second losses to BYU, Miami, Illinois and Wisconsin.
-Finished 6-7.
-Embarrassing loss to Purdue. - EpicJake

5UCF Knights

-Embarrassing losses to Florida International and Furman.
-Got creamed in their final few games.
-The obvious reason: They finished the season 0-12. - EpicJake

6Arizona State Sun Devils

-Ranked number 15 in the preseason poll.
-Finished regular season 6-6.
-Lost to unranked Texas A&M in their first game. - EpicJake

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7Arizona Wildcats

-They won the Pac-12 South last year.
-Finished 7-6.
-Started losing a few games after starting 3-0. - EpicJake

8Kansas State Wildcats

-Good last year, this year, not so much.
-Finished regular season 6-6.
-Embarrassing losses to Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech. - EpicJake

9Texas A&M Aggies

-Started losing a few games after starting 5-0.
-Embarrassing loss to Auburn at home.
-Quarterback issues. - EpicJake

10Missouri TigersThe Missouri Tigers athletics programs include the extramural and intramural sports teams of the University of Missouri, located in Columbia, Missouri, United States.

-Same as KSU, good last year, not this year.
-Bad offense.
-Won SEC East last year. - EpicJake

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1. South Carolina Gamecocks
2. Nebraska Cornhuskers
3. Auburn Tigers
1. Auburn Tigers
2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
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