Most Disappointing Nintendo Video Games of All Time

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1Metroid Other M

They just had to turn Samus Aran into some emotional wimpy crybaby... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Seriously, Did You Think Anything Could Top This One? This VideoGame Was So Bad It Had Failure From Fans Who Wanted This Franchise To Be Good, Like They Had To Turn Samus Into Some Crybaby And Annoying Controls With Very Laugable Costumes With Bad Graphics That Don't Look Good At All! I Mean Just Very Very Bad Controls That Feel Sloppy With Bullcrap Just A Very Terrible Installment That Is Very Bad And Unintresting, 18/100 - VideoGamefan5

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2Super Mario Bros 2

The First Super Mario Bros Is An Absolute Classic To Fans in The Nes From Nintendo To Make, Then The Sequel Came... Ugh This VideoGame Is So Darn Hard! I Mean This Also Has A Different Japanese Verision That Is Different But Other Verisons like The Normal One Are Very Hard Just One Of The Most Hated Mario VideoGames And Just Super Hard To Complete Very Hated And Badly Made And Very Bad Level Designs - VideoGamefan5

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3Mario Party 9

The Mario Party Series Was An Absolute Blast From The N64 For Fun And Fans Were Happy For It And It Got More Hype Then Mario Party 8 Came Out Which Was Actually Pretty Good And Fun And Cool, This Was Such A Disappointment To Fans This Video Game Is Just Boring And Unintresting Just Very Very Hard I Mean Come On! Why Are The Levels And Stuff Very Hard It Looked Cool But It Sucked a lot I Mean Just A Very Huge Disappointment Just The Boss Battles Looked Good But They Weren't Even Good - VideoGamefan5

Mario Party 10 should take this spot, actually. - Mcgillacuddy

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4Mario Kart 8

I respect that you dislike this game. I get why you dislike it. I really love this game. I love the tracks and the graphics and gameplay are awesome but the only two things I don't like about it is the Battle Mode system and the roaster a bit because of babies, Koopalings, and too many clones. Some of the DLC was good such as Link and Dry Bowser. Nearly 100% of the people who played Mario Kart 8 hated Pink Gold Peach and I don't think she's ever gonna be in Mario Kart 9. - Metts

I am Very Disappointed at this where do I begin? Let Me Start of with the Roster, The newcomers Are Probably The Most Disappointing Roster In Nintendo VideoGames, I MEAN pink gold peach and baby rosalina suck the koopalings take up to much spots the DLC Characters Are Alright I guess and nintendo Said They Would Give Us New Dlc Since Like December 2014- February 2015 (I don't know when they said it) And its July 2016 And still Nothing Wow What A Letdown. - VideoGamefan5

This game was awesome! The only thing wrong with this game was the Battle Mode... I think this deserves to at least be lower or not on this list at all.

I Hate This Crappy Game - VideoGamefan5

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5Castlevania II: Simon's QuestV1 Comment
7Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Looked Intresting It Had a Fun And Cute Concept There People Looked That It Had Amiibo Support For A New Line Up Of Amiibo Which Sounded Good But Then It Sucked Beacause It Was Just So Boring And Unfun This Was Just A Huge Cash Grab To Make Amiibos From Nintendo Very Disappointing It Looked Good But Sucked - VideoGamefan5

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8Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Sonic boom is not a Nintendo game it is a Sega game - ikerevievs

Ahajaba... WHAAAT?! People were more disappointed in this than Lost World (I actually like lost world by the way)?!?!

9Mario Party Advance

Mario Party Advance Was Where They Took Mario Party And Into A Portable VideoGame, That May Sound Good, But This Wasn't Even That Good It Was Just Very Boring And Hard For A Mario Party VideoGame Beacause This Was Just Not Good It Sucked And Very Lame And Just Very Not Good I Just Think This Was Very Bad And Boring I Didn't Like It So It Just Was Bad And that's It - VideoGamefan5

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10Kid Icarus: Uprising

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11Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

This Was Very Cool Looking But It Just Sucked For Some Reason The Pokemon Franchise Is Very Successful And Fun But This Is Just Boring Crap That Isn't Even Fun Just A Way To Make Money Cash To Crap On For This, Its Just Boring And Lame Controls That Aren't Even Cool Just A Very Huge Way To Make This Franchise Look Not That Good But Still Just A Lame Installment - VideoGamefan5

PMD Explores of Time/Darkness/Sky are some of my favourite games of all time. Everything from the dungeons, to the characters to even the surprisingly dark and deep story I loved and played over, again and again. Needless to say, I was hyped for this game, but then it came out, and was a huge step backwards for the franchise.

An Amazing series got a disappointing Spinoff - VideoGamefan5

12Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
13The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Phantom Hourglass Is The Weakest Installment To The Zelda Series (Besides The Cdi Ones Which Don't Count For This) Don't Get Me Wrong, I Kinda Like It But Its Weak Compared To The Other Zeldas So Basically Just A Weak Installment For This Series It Isn't Bad But Its Decent At Best For It Just Weak Compared To The Others So It Isn't Bad But Its Just The Weakest Zelda - VideoGamefan5

It isn't that bad but there's better zelda videogames and its kinda weak compared to others - VideoGamefan5

14Mario Party 10
15Superman 64
16Ju-On: The Grudge
17Yoshi Topsy-Turvy

A disappointment to a lot of yoshi fans - VideoGamefan5

This Was A Very Big Disappointment To Yoshi Fans Just A Very Lame Unintresting Title That Isn't That Good, I Mean Really Just Boring And Unfun I Thought It Was Just Lame And Unintresting It Wasn't Fun But Its Supposed To Be But It Isn't So Basically Just A Weak Installment To This Very Good Series Just Boring Unfun Lame Title It Is Just Lame So Basically Very Disappointing For Yoshi Fans - VideoGamefan5

18Super Mario Maker
19Star Fox Command

As much as I like the game, I wish it had a true ending

20Pokemon Ranger

This VideoGame Had A Decent Concept But It Was Just Crap And Just Unfun And Very Boring And Uncool I Just Thought It Was Lame And Suckish For Pokemon Fans For This It Looks Decent But Its Just Lame And Suckish And Its Just Lame For Pokemon Fans Its Just Bad With Ugh Controls And Stuff Just A Very Big Disappointment I Just Think it Wasn't Cool Just Lame. - VideoGamefan5

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