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2White Noise

This single first dropped in the UK in February, but it might be the best song of the summer (and not just because it sounded eerily reminiscent of Bananarama's 80s hit 'Cruel Summer'). The song was a collaboration between Disclosure and AlunaGeorge, whose recent 'Body Music' album is another one of the better pop albums of 2013 (so far). Aluna Francis slipped brilliantly into the throbbing, snaky beat and delivered a playful, charming, crisp vocal performance. With AlunaGeorge's help, Disclosure pushed away all the static. -- Red Bull Music

3Help Me Lose My Mind

I'm not usually into house music. But this is different. I really love the vibe and the lyrics. AND YOU AND ME (very annoyed it isn't you and I) THE FLUME REMIX IS PROBABLY THE CHILLEST SONG I'VE HEARD IN A WHILE. GO LISTEN TO IT. FLUME REMIX. NOT THE ORIGINAL ONE. You're gonna thank me for this.

One of the BEST electronic songs in modern music today. It has that vibe you don't get in most songs. Surprised this isn't #1

4What's In Your Head
5F for You

Because I Played The Fool For Ya

6When a Fire Starts to Burn
7You and Me

Featuring vocals by British artist Sam Smith, this lead single from 'Settle' came out in October, 2012. It hit number 11 on the UK Singles chart, and stayed in the top 40 for 15 weeks. When the chorus drops, Smith hits a sharp falsetto, as the brothers Lawrence unleash some (restrained) melodic wobbles and a ticklish beat. -- Red Bull Music

9Defeated No More
10Grab Her!

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Love this one, off the Caracal album!

16Blue You

Best song from Caracal ; really dope beat, nice vocals from LION BABE and a really fun drop.

19Confess to Me

So many great things about this song. Amazing vocals from Jessie Ware, nice lyrics, and one of the best, if not the best, beats that Disclosure has ever made.

20Holding On

How is this way down here. Should be top 5

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1. What's In Your Head
2. White Noise
3. Help Me Lose My Mind
1. Latch
2. Boiling
3. Voices



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